NASA meets Star Trek fans

By | March 30, 2013 you watch Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters this May, you may see some scenes from space that weren’t made in Hollywood.

In just six days, a space industry lobbying group has successfully raised enough money on Indiegogo to get a 30-second ad trailer about NASA played on the silver screen. The trailer will be played before the latest Star Trek movie starts on 59 screens in major U.S. cities.

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), which represents 350 U.S. aerospace and defense companies, has beat its $33,000 Indiegogo campaign goal and will create a 30-second spot about the nation’s space program from a longer “We are the Explorers” video about NASA.

The association said its wants to raise awareness of what the American space industry can do in the next era of space exploration:

When the Space Shuttle landed for the last time, many Americans thought NASA was closed for good. Nothing could be further from the truth. Right now, men and women from the space program are designing and building next generation space vehicles to go to new destinations in space, farther than we’ve ever gone before.

With 33 days left to go in the AIA’s Indiegogo campaign — which is not officially endorsed by NASA — the trade association is shooting for the stars: It’s now hoping to raise $94,000 so it can get the NASA trailer out to 750 screens across the nation. Funding had reached almost $33,900 by Saturday afternoon. …

As part of the U.S.’s budget sequester that went into effect March 1, funding will be cut from NASA. Though NASA’s estimated budget for fiscal 2013 is $17.7 billion, it accounts for only a tiny percentage of the overall federal budget.

Star Trek Into Darkness opened in U.S. theaters on May 17, 2013.

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We are the explorers. Here’s a nice NASA commercial, something you don’t see very often.

2 thoughts on “NASA meets Star Trek fans

  1. jim carlin m d

    my uncle vance carlin was quality control officer over the repair and certification of the planes that flew the astronauts around the world to their duty stations and the weightless training plane–he flew on each plane to assure it was properly repaired-
    on those flights he met and recorded notes about the conversations with the astronauts-the scriptwriter for “the right stuff” borrowed vance’s notes to write the script-gave no credit to vance-vance said “that’s just the way things are”-he was my hero-jim carlin m d

    1. Xeno Post author

      Cool job, neat story. Well, he gets credit now because you told us. Anyone keyword searching The Right Stuff could now find this fact if my blog is indexed.

      I like the shift information is making with the Internet to having everyone with the ability to broadcast facts. This is a fairly new development and it may save us.


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