NASA and LCROSS according to the secret ancient lunar dome people…

By | October 28, 2009

I heard Richard Hoagland several times on Art Bell’s Dreamland a few years ago. Very interesting speaker. Enjoy listening to him. He never seems to get his theories about Mars and the Moon definitely proved, however. Huge cover up, or bad luck, I guess.

… LCROSS’ secret lunar mission turns out to be, in fact, designed — from the beginning — as nothing less than “an official, clandestine, NASA multi-sensor search for … and scientific characterization of … artificial ruins on the Moon”

This objective, of course, being deliberately complimentary to the primary “hidden mission” (again …) of its companion lunar spacecraft–


(What did you think the “reconnaissance” part of “LRO” really stands for …?)

Intriguingly, snippits of this primary “LCROSS/LRO hidden agenda” were deliberately leaked — and from inside the LCROSS Project itself … — in its first close-up “lunar swing-by” observations of the Moon last summer, on the morning of June 23, 2009.

At that time (again, as we reported in Part I), some astonishing infrared images were released (leaked …?) by the LCROSS Team itself (below) — which revealed for the first time hard, scientific evidence for the existence of “a semi-transparent, heat-radiating substance …” stretching over (and along) much of the Farside lunar limb …. In other words, some kind of “ancient lunar dome … or domes” — precisely as we have been describing ….

What’s producing that?!

“That” is the combined effect of “countless numbers of semi-transparent, heat-radiating, ancient lunar structures …” all blending together … along a substantial section of the horizon of the Farside of the Moon ….

They have “given themselves away” by their intrinsic thermal heating from the Sun … and then, re-radiation of that heat back into space … which the sensitive LCROSS’ IR cameras immediately picked up — and then displayed as that “room temperature” yellow-arc stretching above the real, higher-temperature (red) lunar surface.

The potential extent of these artificial lunar structures — stretching along a major segment of the total visible horizon! — may surprise some new to our lunar investigations; it shouldn’t.

Mike and I first predicted this possible major extant of the “Farside lunar domes,” based on analysis of a visible light Apollo 15 image (AS15-88-12013) — which showed MAJOR “back-scattering,” stretching all along the lunar limb, in visible light … recorded as Apollo 15 was climbing away from the Moon (below); we published our preliminary analysis of this crucial Hasselblad image in the original editions of Dark Mission — as “Color Figure 16.”

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4 thoughts on “NASA and LCROSS according to the secret ancient lunar dome people…

    1. E. A.

      I have taken around 5 thousand pictures of the moon from videos and from photos of the “Lunar Atlas” and I can tell you that you will find “structures” (towers, domes, spheres, tubes and rectangular shapes)is amazing that not a single media outlet or newspaper has picked up on these things. It is like a screaming secret. Are we that stupid? all you have to do is grab a camera and take a picture of any photograph of the “MOON” or “MARS” to see all these things. I found out that the main entrance to the inner core of the moon is on the south pole. There is another that is very visible on the Clementine color edition in which you can clearly see several towers around it. My conclusion is that what we call the “MOON” is nothing less than a giant metallic (titanium “SPHERE”- craft)with and inner atmosphere brought here to stabilize the
      ocean tides and cycle of bio-life. Also there are different entities (life forms)using itas a base. If you compare the type of buildings or structures found in “MARS” you will conclude that they are the same EBE’s at least by the structural similitude

  1. Sepp

    There is definitely something to what Hoagland says.

    [Enhanced] images of the dark crater where LCROSS impacted show a well visible and clearly structured background.

    (By the way, the images of this post don’t seem to load)

    The impact itself did not produce the expected flash or the plume of dust that NASA promised in the times leading up to the experiment. While I don’t agree with the assessment of a “smoking gun”, there is enough strangeness to keep looking further. And Hoagland is one of the very few dedicated to doing so.

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