Mystery of Shambhala

By | March 9, 2011

Mystery of Shambhala

… The idea of a hidden world beneath the surface of the planet is a very ancient one indeed. There are innumerable folk tales and oral traditions found throughout many countries speaking of subterranean people who have created a kingdom of harmony, contentment and spiritual power.

The early European travellers to Tibet consistently told the same tale of a hidden spiritual centre of power. Adventurers recounted fantastic tales of a hidden kingdom near Tibet. This special place is known by numerous local and regional names, which no doubt caused much confusion among early travellers as to the kingdom's true identity. These early travellers knew it as Agharta (sometimes spelt Agharti, Asgartha or Agarttha), although it is now commonly known as Shambhala.

Taking the legend in its most basic form, Agharta is said to be a mysterious underground kingdom situated somewhere beneath Asia and linked to the other continents of the world by a gigantic network of tunnels. These passageways, partly natural formations and partly the handiwork of the race which created the subterranean nation, provide a means of communication between all points, and have done so since time immemorial. According to the legend, vast lengths of the tunnels still exist today; the rest have been destroyed by cataclysms. The exact location of these passages, and the means of entry, are said to be known only to certain high initiates, and the details are most carefully guarded because the kingdom itself is a vast storehouse of secret knowledge. Some claim that the stored knowledge is derived from the lost Atlantean civilisation and of even earlier people who were the first intelligent beings to inhabit the earth. …

It would be easy to dismiss Agharta/Shambhala as pure fantasy, were it not for a very credible explorer who searched for, found and returned to tell us something about his experiences.

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), a Russian born artist, poet, writer, mystic and distinguished member of the Theosophical Society, led an expedition across the Gobi Desert to the Altai mountain range from 1923 to 1928, a journey which covered 15,500 miles across thirty-five of the world's highest mountain passes.

As Victoria LePage puts it in her book Shambhala:

Roerich was a man of unimpeachable credentials: a famous collaborator in Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, a colleague of the impresario Diaghilev and a highly talented and respected member of the League of Nations.€  …

… In the summer of 1926, Roerich reported a strange event in his travel diary. He was encamped with his son, Dr. George Roerich, and a retinue of Mongolian guides in the Sharagol valley near the Humboldt mountain chain between Mongolia and Tibet. …

moving high in the cloudless sky, a huge, golden, spheroid body, whirling and shining brilliantly in the sun, was suddenly espied. Through three pairs of binoculars the travellers saw it fly rapidly from the north, from the direction of Altai, then veer sharply and vanish towards the southwest, behind the Humboldt mountains.

One of the lamas told Roerich that what he had seen was "the sign of Shambhala," signifying that his mission had been blessed by the Great Ones of Altai, the lords of Shambhala. They had also been witness to a classic UFO, twenty years before the "official" beginning of the phenomenon with Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947. …

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I was really into this years ago, but gave up trying to get in when some freaky stuff happened. I believe one entrance to the Great Underground Empire is up at Mt. Shasta, where I found a huge skull face carved into the side of a cliff.

9 thoughts on “Mystery of Shambhala

    1. Xeno Post author

      I learned too much about UFOs. I was like Gary McKinnon, but I did it legally. I visited places, interviewed people, did the PI work (HUMINT) and used intelligence analyst tools I borrowed and modified to create probability nets to model the different possibilities. When I hit limits, I did something that economists do, created shock waves and listened carefully to the echos. Then I had new leads, and I followed them. And of course, I tripped alarms. And they responded. There is always a price you pay.

      Someone who talked to me was run down, it was an attempt to kill him, but he got lucky. A friend of his told me it was because of what he told me. A bold neighbor then caught two men surveilling the house of a friend where I’d done some Google searches for keywords that tripped alarms. Local police confirmed that they were MIB. My finding this out required my adjustment. After a white van pulled up next to me and fired a gunshot (all this was within a few days?), I destroyed my UFO evidence in a public landfill and stopped looking. You can’t learn anything if you are dead.

      Things calmed down, and I proceeded much more indirectly. While doing this, I came to see the MIB in a positive light. Some guarded secrets must remain hidden because we not morally ready. You don’t give a loaded gun to a 2 year old. This is, I feel, why we have and need a secret government within our own government, why even the president can’t get some information.

      But without checks and balances, things happen that should not happen. The free pass must exist, I’m clear on that, but it is sometimes abused. A win-win solution is elusive. Capisci?

      1. Cheng

        White van man is upping his game a bit.
        It used to be just tailgating, not signalling when changing lanes and passing on the near side.
        It’ll be parking in no parking zones next!

      2. Xeno

        Be on the look out for men in hats too. I just saw the Adjustment Bureau last night. A lot of parallels to reality, minus the angel stuff. I was successfully adjusted.

  1. stowaway

    So you actually traveled to this location? Have you written about all of this anywhere? Sounds like it would be a really interesting read!

    1. Xeno Post author

      I’ve been deep underground in tunnels, some man made and some made by other forces, in the US and in Europe and I have seen sights that would amaze and horrify. Puts life in perspective. Shambala is a type of school. You can find it yourself if you are willing to pay the price.

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