Monkey which killed baby shot dead

By | October 7, 2010

Monkey which killed baby shot dead

A monkey which snatched a four-day old baby girl from a house in Happy Garden Rasah, Seremban on Wednesday and killed the infant by dropping her from the roof, was shot dead by officers of the Wildlife Department (Perhilitan).

The yet unamed baby was bitten on the head, ears, neck and face by the macaque in the incident which happened at about 1.15pm when her mother B. Revathy, 28 was in the bathroom.

Revathy’s father A Valayutham , 75, said he noticed that the baby was missing after leaving the hall of the single-story house to get a drink from the kitchen.

He said he was shocked to see blood stains, adding that his daughter panicked and ran out of the house shouting. The monkey, alarmed by her cries dropped the infant from the room where it was holding her. …

Ishak said he believed that the monkey could have been attracted by a female macaque kept in captivity as a pet by the family. …

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“Capture my woman and keep her in a cage,€  I’ll capture your baby and keep it … uh… on the roof. Oh no, here they come! Oops.”

Obviously, the people had to have the monkey shot and then plopped dead next to the live caged monkey. (Perhaps the same one the family kept in the house?)


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