Video: Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal video

By | July 8, 2009

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Last Concert RehearsalMichael Jackson’s last rehearsal video.

It seems that everyone wants to see Michael Jacksons last rehearsal video.

I have been following all of the latest news on Michael Jackson’s death through the ABC News website. ABC has reported that two days before Michael Jackson’s death, he was rehearsing for his big come back tour. This rehearsal was video taped. Jackson seemed to be in good health. But yet, he died suddenly of a cardiac arrest, two days later.

You be the judge. Watch Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal video.

From the€  Examiner’s recap of Jackson’s service:

Michael Jackson’s memorial service involved television and the internet equally. So many people streamed it online that it should end up as the most watched real-time event in human history. All other hyperbole regarding its participatory nature aside, it was obviously a strange, lavish moment in the culture. Whether or not it was a fitting tribute still isn’t clear.

In terms of the television coverage, there was initial confusion over start time and some unfortunate dead air the networks tried to fill in various hysterical ways: reading from Lisa Marie Presley’s MySpace page, for instance (Fox News) as if it held vital information. NBC‘s Lester Holt, in conversation with Brian Williams outside Staples Center, referenced “all the people” Jackson touched. Universally awkward silence ensued–followed, no doubt, by a sea of snark.

Upon running out of ways to bathe Staples Center in appropriately dour light, the networks caught a break when the service was finally allowed to begin. There followed a string of remarkably disparate performances that at least, by being episodic, reiterated that this was, after all, television. Mariah Carey did an American Idol version of herself; Stevie Wonder, typically, induced shivers by being very much himself.

John Mayer played Jackson’s “Human Nature”, for which he has so far been panned. Usher, one of contemporary r&b’s more obvious MJ approximations, sang “Gone Too Soon” utterly without subtlety; near its end he approached Jackson’s casket, dropping his, Usher’s, hand briefly to it. At this point the histrionics were already way past exponential.

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