Math formula wins $13 M in lottery

By | October 25, 2006
lotterydons1pa_228x204MOST of us believe winning lotto is down to the luck of the draw. But a syndicate of university professors and tutors in Britain thought it could also be related to the principles of mathematical probability….

A syndicate of mathematics professors in Britain develop a formula for picking lotto numbers. .. they win $13 million.? … The syndicate then set up a computer program to check the numbers every week.? It took four years and a total outlay of $8700, but on Saturday, the formula succeeded. Matching the winning numbers and the bonus ball, they hit the jackpot. .. The syndicate, made up of 17 staff members at Bradford University and College, bagged the big prize by using two boxes, 49 pieces of paper and a large amount of brainpower.- more

Here is the method they used:

Instead of each member randomly choosing numbers or relying on birthdays and significant dates as they had done this time they came up with an unbeatable formulae. All 49 numbers were written on pieces of paper and placed in one box. Each syndicate member in turn then picked out six numbers, until eight lines were filled, using 48 of the 49 numbers. The remaining number was then used to start a new line by the next syndicate member, who picked from a second box where the pieces of paper already drawn had been placed. As a result each number appeared at least twice in the syndicate’s 17 lines, with four numbers appearing three times. –mailonsunday

The article is misleading. The formula / method they used did not increase their odds. There is always a 1 in 13.98 million chance of winning. You can’t increase those odds because the motion of the balls is random. As one commenter put it:

This is a simple system that anyone could have used. It has no more to do with any ‘mathematical formula’ than sticking your finger up your nose.

Here is the real scoop on lottery math:

In a typical 6/49 game, six numbers are drawn from a range of 49 and if the six numbers on a ticket match the numbers drawn, the ticket holder is a jackpot winner–this is true no matter the order in which the numbers appear. The probability of this happening is 1 in 14 million (13,983,816 to be exact).

Don’t email Dr. Jordan or myself because you think one of us knows a secret formula for increasing your chances of winning the lottery.

273 thoughts on “Math formula wins $13 M in lottery

  1. Dr. Jordan

    Good for them. But can they win consistently? That is the question. If they won only once, then it is pure luck. If they can win consistently, then it is very interesting.

    I have developed a method in 1991. And it only took me one week, not four years. And I am not a mathematics professor, but I hold in PhD in medical science from a respectable university in USA.

    What I can do is trap the jackpot in one third of all possible combinations. I also trap hundreds of thousands of secondary prizes, and not only the jackpot. For example, in the Canadian 6/49 lottery a week ago, I trapped the jackpot and 360,000 secondary prizes in 5 million out of the possible 14 Million combinations. This means that I have almost TRIPLED the chance of winning.

    And there is not magic formula. Simple mathematics is all I use. And I have an 80% success rate tested over a period of 17 years.

    So people would ask: why then have I not won a big prize? Because I only buy a few tickets. If I had a syndicate of say a 10,000 people we buy each $20 worth, I have no doubt we would have won substantial amounts of money.

    I would be glad to show those professors what I can do. I will also welcome any willing syndicate to use my numbers.

    If there is a professional and capable marketing/public relations company willing to cooperate with me in a lucrative business ventures, I am willing to travel around the world and give one week courses to willing individuals on how to do it. It will create a sensational revolution in the lottery business when my methods become public. Lottery will not be the same !

    Dr. Jordan.


      Hi Dr Jordan,

      finaly one person who is speaking about proper things related to lotto numbers. I like your explanation very much since it is in total congruence with Dr Jung’s syncronicity experience! People talking about probability by lotto,simply DO NOT understand SYNCRONICITY /RANDOMNESS/ EVENT at all!

      What makes me confused is mathematical method you are using, which means, probability calculation, isn’t it!? Sorry, but at this point your “system” sounds controversal to me!

      Your system should be OUT OF MATHS since maths is UNABLE TO ACHIVE SYNCRONICITY / RANDOMNESS/!? Am I wrong?

      I do play once a week on regular basis approx. 50 combinations per draw.

      My serious proposal to you Dr Jordan:

      Let’s try your system prove and start IMMEDIATELY playing 100 combinations per draw for 2 months and see if we get respectful winning amounts!Fair play?


      1. lamont

        Mr. Dr jordan i have studying the pick 3 lotto in the U.S. for S.C. and seen were they use days and years + odd and even nunbers in patterns, have you seen such

    2. Gaurav

      Dr Jordan,

      I was wondering if you could give me a number to try my luck at India Super Lotto .

      It follows 6/49 pattern.


    3. Ereola J. Ogundairo

      Dear Dr. Jordan,
      I am truely amazed and very delighted on your spectacular discovery on how to win lotto using your own derived mathematical method. I have played the mega millions/california super lotto,daily 3,4 and 5 for years but no winnings yet, I have always had the conviction that I will win the jackpot.
      I am absolutely convince now that I coincidentaly bumped into your site that you are the GOD`s sent. Please help me out.
      Thanks in anticipation,

      1. joe blow

        Ereola J. Ogundairo, you are an idiot. Dr. Jordan is also an idiot. There is no way of increasing probability in a randomly generated lottery system. Don’t be fooled and everyone please stop wasting your time, go get jobs, and vote Republican.

      2. nick

        I have been playing for couple years now with hours put in of time almost daily of research on pattern and groups past presents draws etc. and there is no formula at all! it all comes down to how much efforts you welling to put in reading pattern of numbers and understand numbers and see numbers as positions , that’s my approach! I often buy few tickets a week so far I did won more than the average player! I managed to repeatedly predict the first (positions) numbers correctly , some times the back last few positions in couple case in lotto max draws in the 3 row numbers on two occasions I have the correct 7 numbers scattered in 3 sets of numbers generated based on my first row pick, also if you been tracking all the three big lotto draws you will notice similarity in numbers patterns of similarity that has happened at least once a month an influence!!!

  2. Xeno Post author

    “I hold in PhD in medical science from a respectable university in USA.”

    My advice: Let it out. Don’t hold that PhD in, you’ll hurt yourself. 😉

    Good luck with your scam, I mean plan. Unfortunately, as the country goes deeper and deeper in debt, more people will be vulnerable to “money for nothing” schemes like this.

    People, if you need money, start working on a career that will provide needed goods or services.

    Some hints: Even in a depression, people will need food and water, heating and cooling, shelter, clothes, transportation medical care and ways to communicate.

    Computers are not a luxury item, they’ve become extensions of ourselves, prosthetic brains, in a way. The economy will get worse before it gets better, so, cheap computers that consume low amounts of power will be increasingly popular. See the One Laptop Per Child project, for example.

  3. Dr. Jordan

    I am shocked at your language.

    There is no scam. If you read what I said carefully, I mentioned that I am willing to PROVE to any groups free of charge that I can do what I claim to be able to do.

    So rather than read carefully, you started an attack.

    I mention my PhD qualification in order to give credibility to the subject, since I am a scientist and not a crackpot.

    Please don’t lecture me on the economy !

    I thought I was writing to a decent medium, but obviously I was wrong.

    You need to grow up !

    1. G

      Dr Jordan,

      I am a strong believer of the capability of mathematics to reveal anything, infact ive been myself trying to figure out the winning numbers of the china state lottery.
      its a 6+1 lottery in which we’ve to pick 6 numbers between 1-33, and 1 number between 1-16.

      Of course with a 33,6 game u have a possibility of 1107568 combinations.
      Any idea we can figure this out Mate and we can work together to winning n sharing it:)

      Please write on my private email to talk ab t this further.Here’s a link to the last 200 winning numbers.

      (link removed, possible virus.)


  4. Xeno

    No formula or method can change the odds of any truly random game of chance. The motion of the balls in a lottery sphere is random.

    But here is my real point: Take a look at the 30 fastest growing occupations from the US labor market statistics: Lottery winners did not make the list this year. Most people have to work hard to put food on their families. 😉

  5. Dr. Jordan

    Thank you for a more decent response. So I will give you a detailed answer.

    Yes indeed the lottery outcome is random. That is why it is predictable, because of its randomness. I know this is hard to understand, but why argue about it when I have the solid proof to back up every word I said. I will give you an example. The Canadian 6/49 has 13.9 Million possibilities. Just a few days ago I created a list of 4 million combinations, which is less than one third. The jackpot and 250,000 other secondary prizes were trapped there in my list. At least 20 million tickets were sold for that draw across Canada, and no one trapped the jackpot. There were only about 220,000 winners of the smaller prizes. So using less than one third of the total possible combinations, I trapped the jackpot plus I also trapped more prizes than all people across Canada buying unguided from the total pool of 13.9 Million combinations.

    This feat was not achieved only once. It was achieved consistently since 1992 until today with 80% success rate. Sixteen years of no failure !

    I assure you, such results are not an accident. Most people think that because a process is random then the outcome is not predictable. That is so untrue. If you throw two dice many times, the process is random. But you will notice that you can predict the frequency of the total being “7” from both dice. The only reason you can make such a prediction is BECAUSE of the randomness. When a water drop falls on a pool of water, the ripple effect is in the shape of concentric circles, and the reason for that is the random Brownian movement of the molecules. That is why you don’t see pyramids or squares or triangles or irregular shapes. So there is perfect order in randomness. We are alive because of the random movement of molecules within our cells and bodies. When you take medicine, you owe it’s effect to the random movement of the medicine molecules within your tissues to reach the place where they are needed. Randomness is the basis of life. The entire direction of science nowadays is based on the uncertainty theory and quantum physics. And this uncertainty or randomness creates the entire order of the universe, from atoms to vast galaxies. And what perfect order this is…so perfect that you predict with 100% accuracy when the Moon will show up and when the sun will rise and when Mars will be closest to Earth.

    So based on theory as well as concrete solid research since 1992 I defy any human on the planet to prove me wrong. I can indeed tell you with 80% accuracy where the jackpot and other winning numbers will be within one third of the total pool of possible combinations. And it applies to any lottery in the world ! You cannot argue with results. You cannot argue with success. You cannot argue when you see with your own eyes 80% of the time the jackpot and hundreds of thousands of other prizes staring you in the face in my small size pool of numbers.

    As for the economy and careers and hard work, I totally agree with you. People have to work hard. But I have never seen a person quit their job and try to earn a living buying the lottery. People buy the lottery for only a dollar or two, hoping to win. It’s a pleasant dream. And you know something? There are millions of people winning all over the world every week. They don’t quit their jobs. They continue do play and keep their jobs, happier to have a few thousand extra dollars to support them. No one takes it seriously enough to make it a gambling profession. People know the odds are slim, but they do play anyway because SOMEONE does win! Why not then help them get 300% closer to winning? What is wrong with that? They are buying anyway, so they may as well get closer to the winning numbers.

    And incidentally, I am giving my numbers free of charge. Anyone writing me will get numbers free of charge. So again, there is no scam. In fact, I have a big chartered accounting firm willing to issue a certificate that they have seen my numbers BEFORE the draw date and that indeed those numbers contain the huge number of prizes (including the jackpot) that I claim.

    So, for the sake of the truth and science, I am here to declare that it is indeed possible to predict the outcome. To say it cannot be done is simply a denial of the laws of nature. Randomness is predictable simply because it is random. That is the beauty of the argument. It’s like tossing a coin. Do it a 1000 times and you can predict that you will get 450 times Heads and 550 Tails within 99% certainty. Try it!! And you know why you can predict that? Simply because it is a random process ! If it were not random, it will be impossible to predict, because it will have a hidden agenda behind it. it will be “rigged”.

    One last point. I don’t have a formula. I don’t have a system. I don’t do wheeling. I use pure science and mathematical tools to arrive to my list of numbers. No hocus pocus. No magic. No future or Tarot or horoscope readings. No nonsense. I don’t sell software. I don’t sell books. It is a very complex process and it employs a huge variety of skills. It takes me five hours to do it for each draw. My list of numbers is not fixed…it changes every single time for each draw and it has to be done fore each draw and tailor made to fit it perfectly. But is sure is powerful. Because it gives incredible results of corning winning numbers, including the Jackpot !

    I am grateful for the lottery corporations for being so honest and for keeping the process totally random. That is exactly why I can predict the outcome, and that is precisely what I am counting on !

    1. PECASA

      I am both open minded and skeptical. May i have a copy of your winning combinations? I want to see the results for group of lottery players in Philippines. Thank you!

      I believe in you! in Lottory your not only Winning jackpot also helping other people. its a charitable foundation also.
      Please give me your formula for winning lotto!
      God Bless and Gud luck!
      Please send me at my email.

    2. Derek Kinsella

      Good evening Dr. Jordan

      You seem like a very interesting and intelligent man, I am extreemely curious about your theory and would be very greatfull if you would let me have a look at your formula.

      Wish you the best of luck,

      Derek Kinsela

    3. diane

      Well Dr. Jordan, it’s a year since you posted your article, can i still get your numbers ? I was working on a similar system several years back , but i hit a bit of a wall, would appreciate yours, might provide some inspiration. Thanx:)

    4. James

      Dr. Jordan,

      Please send me some numbers either for the future Powerball in the U.S.A. or Cash 5 drawing for North Carolina.

      Thank you!

    5. Anthony Guilbert

      Dear Dr Jordan,

      I am very interested in your numbers system and would appreciate it if at all possible if you could email me your system or point me in the direction where I can ascertain your system.

      I have played lotto for nearly 20 years in Australia and I am always looking for new ways to increase my chances.

      Your system sounds great but from what I understand you are talking about extremely large amounts of tickets to get your winning guarantee?

      Anyway if you could send me anything I would appreciate your efforts.



      1. Xeno

        “Randomness is predictable simply because it is random.” No. Randomness is random. If the outcomes are limited, a distribution is predictable, but you aren’t playing a distribution of lotteries, you are playing one.

        Put another way, if you get heads 20 times in a row, what is the probability you will get a tails on the next flip?

        It is still 50%. Really. 1000 heads in a row does NOT increase your odds of getting tails on the next flip. Not one bit. Sorry, I know you think it seems like it should, but it doesn’t. Random. Your brain has a VERY difficult time accepting that randomness exists, doesn’t it? Yes, it does.

        If you don’t understand this, then you will be ripped off.

        Every single time the lottery is run, your odds of winning are random. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandom. R a n n n dd d doo ooo mmm. mmmm.

        1. Tiger

          Wow…sounds genuine….Reality is such a potent convincer

        2. Anne

          The reason you can increase your chances in the lottery is because with lotteries, the order of the numbers that you picked doesn’t matter- so it’s like rolling dice. Each of the numbers on each individual die has an equal chance of being rolled… but the probability that you’ll roll a 3 and 4 is greater than the probability that you’ll roll a 1 and 1. With two dice, you can roll a 3 & 4 in two ways (switch the numbers on the dice), but there’s only one way to roll a 1 & 1.

        3. Anne

          ….And note… Next time you decide to try and insult someone’s intelligence, make sure you’re right, and don’t do it rudely. Otherwise you just sound like some kid on the nets who doesn’t know much of anything and make a living out of trolling, and we wouldn’t want that.

    6. Mary

      I am quite interested in your formula for the lottery…I am a big believer that anything is possible its been proven to me time & time again, so i would love to have a closer look at it. Thank You 🙂

    7. Lee

      Call me crazy but is it not as simple as taking all the possible number combinations and then simply use the process of elimination.

      6/54 system there is like 25 million combinations
      Eliminate all in line numbers combinations like 1-2-3-4-5-6
      Eliminate all odd combinations like 1-3-5-7-9-11
      Eliminate all even combinations like 2-4-6-8-10-12
      Then, eliminate all combinations that have been picked in the past

      That would simply bring your odds of winning alot higher!!!

      I believe you could take it further and eliminate combinations that are 5 in a row
      Seriously what would that change your odds to???

  6. Engineer


    Dr. Jordan, I generally agree with your approach. Since the lottery is random, we can know a lot about it if we apply the right tools. By using statistics and working from an independent model that fits the game, the randomness can be used in favor of the prediction. The coin toss model you described is the perfect example – if you toss a coin 1000 times, it will land a certain percentage of times on heads and a certain percentage of times on tails to within some degree of certainty. If you toss it 2000 times, that certainty goes up even higher.

    I have only just started testing predictive algorithms against the expected outcomes of the game, but have looked at many approaches. It can indeed be computationally intensive, but that’s what computers are for! I’d love to compare notes on approaches I’ve tried and the outcomes achieved.

    I also agree that unless we can develop a much, much, much more sophisticated model with enough computing power to back it, we’ll never hit the lottery jackpot “every time” with a “single ticket.” That is ridiculous given the odds of game and the sophistication of the model it would entail. If such a model came into existence, the people running the lottery would have to inject additional “randomness” into the game.

    But since the return from a winning ticket is so high, and I’m learning a lot and honing my analysis skills, it has been an exciting experience trying to predict an event with such staggering odds!

  7. Student

    Very interesting…I’d love to know more about this method of yours.

    I must admit, I am skeptical. Assuming that the lottery is truly random, I don’t see how any amount of science or mathematics could narrow down the list of possible winning numbers. Random is random. To use your example, you could flip a coin 1000 times and get 450 heads and 550 tails, but what does that say about your 1001st coin flip? The odds are still 1:2. If you were to somehow get heads every time, you could predict the 1001st flip will be tails since after enough trials, your results should show 1:2 odds. But the probability of that 1001st coin flip being tails is still 1:2. It behaves independently of past results, like any random occurrence.

    I hope you can convince me I’m wrong as I’m dying for a mathematical challenge.

  8. Damaxta

    Total Nonsense.

    The dice analogy is a perfect example of your blatant lack of understanding.

    7 comes up on two dice so often because there is a greater chance of 7 popping up.
    Work out the combinations..! The odds of throwing a 7 are 5:1, the odds of a 2 or 12, 35:1.

    You have an 80% success rate using 1/3.475 (about 29%)of numbers. To increase that to 100%, you would STILL need to put on all lines!! ALL LINES…! Your current odds are at best in line with guessing 400,000 combinations…!

    If you have captured the jackpot every week for 10 years, THAT, would be clever, but you haven’t.. because you’re writing on internet forums, trying to find ‘investors’ for your SCAM.

  9. francois

    I believe that lotto numbers can be mathematically determined. No doubt. The problem is many claim to be able to do that, only in order to part people from their money. I speak from experience: Believing it can be done and believing that people are honest I have twice bought programs that people claimed can work the lotto winning numbers out. Both times it was a sham!!!!

    It can be done. I am not that good at maths to formulate the right formula but, there is no doubt that some mathematicians can and did to my certain knowledge. Problem is where does one find this formula?? Who can you trust to tell/sell you the real thing??

    1. Jovi

      It is true that lottery numbers can be predicted but, so far so good i have only come across
      one program which can actually predict lottery numbers and its not consistent but it works.
      on fairly basis it predicts 2 to 3 numbers per draw.And one thing to note its very time consuming but its fun to work with.if any one is interested about the program here is the
      name Visual recurrence analysis just google it out and this site explains how to use it and

  10. chau nguyen

    Dear Dr Jordan,
    I’m very interesting about your topic. I have the same thoughs as you. My ideas is that the numbers are random, so they never cannot be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 2,4,6,8 and so on. By doing this way I can reject a lot of draws from my list to make it smaler.

  11. john bichard

    Over a period of 2 years I developed a number programs which analysed all prior results each week in the u.k. lotto and had 10 winnings in that period then I found I had a feedback loop which skewed the results. When I adjusted the program the
    ‘patterns’ disappeared , so my winnings were chance.
    I know that you cannot predict lottery results but ‘feel’ that there are unlikely combinations like 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 44-45-46-47-48-49 . Am I wrong ???

  12. Xeno Post author

    Yes, John, according to my understanding, you are incorrect. The human mind is very bad at understanding probabilities. We don’t get “randomness” because our brains are designed to extract order from chaos. When there is no order, we invent our own. This is the brain basis of superstition. Just as we have a physical blind spot in each of our eyes that we ignore, we also have computational blind spots which result in our superstitious nature. This in turn makes us often overly optimistic and susceptible to scams. This explains many things about us as a species, including our over population, the depletion of the oceans as a food source, Las Vegas, and why we get so much spam telling us that we have won millions of dollars.

  13. ARJAY

    Numbers are spooky when you try to find a pattern from random picks in a lottery. I agree each pick is independant of any other. Here is fun way to see how your mind works to find order in random events. Make a list of all the lottery numbers and then asign a color, animal, plant or a basic element, whatever you like for each number. Then try to work with your new list to pick a winner. I bet you will miss the numbers as your mind rejects finding order in things that are not normally thought of in that way.

    Dr Jordan says:

    “What I can do is trap the jackpot in one third of all possible combinations. I also trap hundreds of thousands of secondary prizes, and not only the jackpot. For example, in the Canadian 6/49 lottery a week ago, I trapped the jackpot and 360,000 secondary prizes in 5 million out of the possible 14 Million combinations. This means that I have almost TRIPLED the chance of winning.”

    I would like to see just what this means as far as winnings verses cost of tickets. How would you pick say 100 winners out of the 5 million? I can’t imagine anyone buying 5 million tickets. If you had 5 million people each give a dollar to one person to “pool the bets” how do you avoid corruption? Are you going to provide this service for free?

    I would have said I trapped 364,248 secondary winners.

    Just a thought – it’s all in fun right?


  14. Jalen

    I agree that using a statistical and quantum approach especially with the knowledge of Brownian (random) motion, the lotto can be indirectly predicted. I said indirectly predicted because you can’t predict an exact drawing, only a set of drawings with a guarantee that the winning numbers falls within those sets of drawings. This is done purely by process of elimination (eliminating consecutive number combination, squared number combination, previous drawings, etc)due to the fact that you know the intrinsc behavior of the lottery. It’s do-able but difficult and time-consuming. I have yet to see anyone do it though. I guess I would have to see it to believe it. Send me a copy if you may.

      1. Xeno Post author

        Dr. J says, “I don’t have it anymore so you’ll need to work out the formula yourself. Just factor in the new data from Pluto as far as gravity influencing the probabilities of you winning and you’ll get it.” At least I think that’s what he said. He was sort of hard to hear from up in the hot air balloon when he flew over last night. – Xeno

  15. stephen

    sir, I am making a program to try to run the variables, I would love to see your system and compare it. my email is

    I’m a lsu student making it partly for class and partly to see if I can win. I would be using it on the Louisiana lottery if that helps at all. thank you for your time.

  16. carmen

    A game like “Numbers” (NY), with only 3 digits to guess, has much less possible combinations, why don’t you use your method on these ?

  17. Nick

    Dear Dr. Jordan. Please can I have a copy of your numbers for the UK lottery. I’m not a mathematician, I have no axe to grind and I’ll give any method a try. Thank you in anticipation of your reply

  18. martin

    i will loved to know more about your method. I am hoping to surprise the lottery industry to help the poor children in Ghana.

    1. Martin

      I have not yet received a copy of your method. Ghanaian national lottery operates on 5/90 numbers. I am very hopeful your method will do it all.

  19. martin

    i believe you and will loved to know more about your method. I am hoping to surprise the national lottery industry in Ghana to help the poor children in Ghana.

  20. Bob

    And incidentally, I am giving my numbers free of charge. Anyone writing me will get numbers free of charge. So again, there is no scam.
    A true scientist will not only give the numbers but the method to derive them also.

    Give the method or else there is no point in all these, scientifically speaking. And i’m only interested in mathematics/science.

    And last but not least what you say about randomness does not make any sense at all. In a random game of chance there is no fway to predict anything concrete to increase your probabilities of winning(when money is not an issue-this is important). Period.

    Yet there are methods of decreasing the vigorish for you, for example by playing a good wheel system. Of course the probabilities for that system remain the same(contrary to the bullshit wheel generator authors will say)! But you just save more money and keeping the same efficiency(probability to win) by using the wheel systems.

    Returning to my second paragraph when i said there is no way to predict anything concrete to a random game of chance, and what you said about that did not make any sense, so yet again this previous fact does not mean your method can’t work. Because the lottery system your method is applied to, may not be (truly) random and may have a deficiency and be non-random(semi random) and you then can actually predict what you say you can predict.
    But if it was random then NO. You can’t predict anything from what you say.

  21. Mustafa

    Dear Jordan,

    I am from singapore and its quite close to gettin the winnng number of 6 out of 45…your explaions makes sense to me although somethng is missing somewhere

    Pease ontact me i can work out something wit you…at

    take care and god Bless

  22. Kresimir

    Hello Dr. Jordan,
    I find werry interesting what you have written, I my self have done some reshearch on lottery, because i want to prove that jackpot can be won with use of math..I started with my research 4 years ago, even tho i am not a passionate player, i had wery good results with 5 hits out of 7 , or in 6/45 game 4 out of 6 for 2 months in row, that means every time i put bet i get double in return, ofc, that is not enough for living but it is enough to play the game for free.. So i am wery interested in your research, and if you would be kind enough to show peace of it to me on e mail i would be greatfull, thank you in advance.


  23. Paul


    very interesting comments and theorum.
    There is both truth in arguememt for predictability and simple chance/luck.

    Randomness is a fairer gamble than a rigged game, and if you have the finance and ‘balls’ to play big combination lists, you will eventually have wins… but for every extra person who plays the same system or numbers… top prize pools are reduced. Meaning that you are less likely to get your return of outlay.

    Saying that-

    a sole individual could play a system which in effect will probably recoup losses from time to time… similar to a roulette player… it is reasonably fair ‘gamble’… except the ’00’ offsets the likely eventual return. So over an infinate period you would lose further and further. this is why the casinos and lottery organisers are not in recession! house always win eventually.

    If you play 14 million combinations.. you would win but the jackpot and small prize wins needs to total your outlay… thats a huge risk, hoping that no one else will play the winning numbers and share the now reduced prize.

    The best way to spend your time and money in my opinion, is to save and invest in yourself. Just as Xeno mentioned., think of a service or product that you could provide, which is in demand… get passionate about offering it- offer at a better rate, providing the best service, and be prepared to work … you will then win!

    1. Xeno Post author

      The lottery is random and no math formula can improve your odds. Really. That’s really the real answer. Pleading will not change that reality. The rest of this is just a “story”:

      Okay, just kidding. I do know the secret formula but I will not use it or tell anyone for ethical reasons. The same reasons I will not tell everything I know about UFOs. Some information would only be abused if it went public.

      If there was a secret formula, the people at the NSA would know about it because they tap, store and analyze all electronic communications. No one has a real formula except the people in cryptography who will not use it. It took a quantum computer to work out the motion of the balls starting from a snapshot of their initial position. There are only a few quantum computers in the world. They are all secret. The NSA has one, the Russians… I’ve already said too much. Anyway, I’ve wondered if it has leaked out because it seems these people found it too. No way they could have done it without the quantum computer. They had help.

      A woman and her accountant husband who claims he’s developed a formula for lottery picks have each claimed $350,000 jackpots ‚Äî twice.

      Verlyn and Judith Adamson claimed two $350,000 jackpots on Monday because each held a winning ticket in the state SuperCash drawing last Saturday. They didn’t mention at the time that they also held two more of the winning tickets.

      They claimed those jackpots Thursday. All four were purchased at different locations, but with the same numbers and for the same drawing. Their winnings now amount to $1.4 million, or about $955,000 after taxes.

      The Adamsons left a voice message on their phone saying they wouldn’t have any public comment and referring any questions to their lawyer Scott Thompson.

      Verlyn Adamson said earlier in the week that he’s a big fan of math puzzles. He claims he developed a formula for lottery picks, but his winnings have been small until now.

      Thompson said the Adamsons are “exploring patent protection” for the equation.

      But Steven Post, a mathematics professor at Edgewood College in Madison, wasn’t buying it. He said there is no way to devise a strategy for finding the winning numbers in a game that uses randomly generated numbers to determine the winning combination.

      The only strategy would be to “buy all the tickets,” he said. – via foxnews

      To summarize, there really is no formula. Forget about it.

    1. Xeno Post author

      R Elliott, Just like a casino, “Dr. Jordan” is manipulating you based on your greed at wanting something for nothing and your inability to understand probabilities. There is no method. His claims are a scam. He is actually saying that if you buy millions of lottery tickets, his “method” you will give you a better chance than you should have of getting the jackpot. Great, isn’t it? All you have to do is come up with several million dollars to buy the tickets and then you can see if he was right or if you just lost several million dollars.

      Try this, and this, and this, and…

  24. larry harris

    Dr.Jordan please send me the numbers 4 the new jersey lottery 6/49 4 Monday January 31/2010 i love the lottery game please e-mail me back.

  25. grudney

    what a bozo ! no method can predict a single random event -we do not see sequential winning results because there are many many more random combinations. the only thing that can be said is ha including numbers above 31 slightly reduces the chance of having to share the prize. also he european lotteries are lump sum and tax free.

  26. Probably John

    Dear Dr. Jordan,
    Interested on the furmula you developed. Using mathmatics relating to probability has been around for a long time. Counting cards in “blackjack” uses a plus minus system that narrows the range of cards and increses your “probable chance” of hitting the right numbers. I am wondering if your system uses similar techniques for the lotto.

  27. Kenneth

    Dear Dr. Jordan,
    I just googled and found this page of yours. I am very interested in your numbers for the New York State Lotto and for Mega Millions. Do I have to give you the drawing dates. New York Lotto is help on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and as you already know, Mega’s days are Tuesday and Fridays. Thanks

  28. Chris Sc.

    Is anyone listening to Xeno? He has told you all and explained it to you more than once. This “formula” sounds like one big scam if you ask me and to put it in the words of Xeno “…if you get heads 20 times in a row, what is the probability you will get a tails on the next flip?
    It is still 50%. Really. 1000 heads in a row does NOT increase your odds of getting tails on the next flip. Not one bit. Sorry, I know you think it seems like it should, but it doesn‚Äôt.” Does that not clearly say that this formula is fake?

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks Chris. I do hope a few people reading this will get it, but some won’t because probability is so counter intuitive. People don’t believe in randomness because our brains are, in a sense, anti-randomness generators. Also, I think we are genetically programmed to ignore reality in cases where being overly optimistic gives us hope and comfort.

      1. Tiger

        I would love to clear my mind of such order and structure. Please let me know of an acceptable way to convey this…Intellectual knowledge is invaluable

  29. Ann

    Could it be that “the lottery” isn’t a “chance” event? May the lottery not have a certain logic to it? The winners did find a method after several years using a formula and a computer, if I should believe the winners weren’t all lying and article is a complete falsehood. Perhaps “chance” is more an ideal circumstance than we like to think? After all, isn’t the “lottery” as it is conducted in the real world computerized or mechanized in some way? In fact, doesn’t chaos theory say randomness is patterned?

    Whatever, I’m not really interested in this anyway! What nutty person wants to win a whole lot of money, except the unfortunates who think it’ll make’m happier. Silly people!

    1. Xeno Post author

      No, unless there is cheating, the motion of the balls, and thus the draw, is random. Our brains hallucinate order when confronted with chaos. Order (a normal distribution, for eg) does emerge in reality when you look at a whole system ( insurance and gambling industries make use of this) but you still can’t reliably predict anything about any given individual under the curve.

  30. Francis Obeng

    please can you help me win lotto 5/90 Ghana .IF YES then give me guidelines.thank you Francis Obeng

  31. Ale

    This is a interesting topic we all would like the opportunity to access such a system that enhance your chances of winning. So how is that formula able to work for the average person? Since you put a lot into getting the group of numbers daily.

    1. Xeno Post author

      We all would like to be given a large sum of free money, wouldn’t we?

      I suggest you re-read the article.

      All you have to do is put your finger in your left ear, hop on your right foot and say, “Xeno Xeno, what does he know?” before you purchase a lottery ticket. If you do this, you will have the same improvement in your odds as if you used the math formula.

  32. ernesto

    please can you help me win lotto 5/90 Ghana . IF YES then please kindly give me numbers to win, because I am in need.
    thank you Ernest.

    please below find some past results to figure out which number could be appear in the next draw. and the date is every Saturday.

  33. Lee

    Call me crazy but is it not as simple as taking all the possible number combinations and then simply use the process of elimination.

    6/54 system there is like 25 million combinations
    Eliminate all in line numbers combinations like 1-2-3-4-5-6
    Eliminate all odd combinations like 1-3-5-7-9-11
    Eliminate all even combinations like 2-4-6-8-10-12
    Then, eliminate all combinations that have been picked in the past

    That would simply bring your odds of winning alot higher!!!

    I believe you could take it further and eliminate combinations that are 5 in a row
    Seriously what would that change your odds to???

    1. Xeno Post author

      You can’t eliminate any combinations. All are equally possible. Sequences and past winning combos are no more or less likely to happen. Random. It is random.

  34. joker831

    The lottery is not truly random. If it were, then you would see combinations comming up several times in a row. The way the numbers are drawn are psuedo-random. A facsimile of randomness. Not true randomness. True randomness is found in nature and the intricate workings of the sub atomic universe. Therefore, by the lottery drawings not being truly random, one can, over the course of time, see patterns and cycles of how the numbers really move. You have to understand randomness for what it is to grasp the concept of it. You can’t put odds on true randomness. Nature won’t let you.

  35. jj

    hi mr.jordan, could you pls send me the method for euromillions (uk)which uses 6/49 and two lucky number method.

  36. sani

    heyy dr jordan..

    im from singapore.. i have been following the statistic given by the toto website. however each time i buy the number, the numbers that hit mostly was 3 or barely 4. i was hoping that myabe you can help me to tell how can i closed up the gap so that i can hit atleast 5 number or more by using your method/formula as u metioned above.. i do hope you could help me out with this.. pls dr john.. thanks..


  37. andry

    Randomness, what do we know about it?
    Process of eliminations, very good.
    Really you need to invest millions to win millions.

    I’m curious to see what this formula like
    pm andry-at-tokyo-dot-com

    cheers mate

    1. Xeno Post author

      Can you put fruit in a blender, blend it up, then reverse the direction of the blender blade rotation and have the fruit reconstructed good as new?

    2. Xeno Post author

      May you live in a different universe where there is no such thing as randomness, no such thing as entropy, where matter and anti matter are found in equal proportions, where you can choose to move forward or backward in time?

    1. Xeno Post author

      s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t})

      I'm sick of this, there have been a zillion requests for the formula, so here is the formula. Just plug in the variables. I'm warning you, however, once you have all the money, you will be no happier. You will simply set your sights higher and you will want more.

      1. Vijaya

        Please s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t})
        explain how can use above formula for choosing 1 to 49 ( Only six numbers)

      2. Kojo


        Please where do you plug the numbers when you have 6 numbers from 49?
        Is it the last winning numbers and if so, where. I could have made a great donation to your site if I should win.

        Thank you Xeno

      3. Rodrigo

        After working a “few period of time” on all ww lotteries, I have concluded that k ln W (physics entropy, where w is the multiplicity of states) does not work as good as shannon’s entropy (known also as information entropy) (-SUM P(xi) * Log P(xi)) , Log in base 2. Anyways, my equation gives me a set of probable numbers. mostly of the time that set of numbers contains all the winner ones. it’s more a when than an if though.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Haha, if you say so. There is no better formula than this for winning every known lottery. But as I said, it is much better to work on finding happiness inside of you rather than pretending this free money can make you happy.

        1. Xeno Post author

          Okay, you’ve won the money, paid the searchers, ( lets say a team of 1,000 experts since it was a lot of money… ) they studied you for 3 years along with everything ever known about happiness from history, philosophy, religion, biology, psychology, sociology, every angle…and now you get the results. The answer to your happiness is …

        2. Cheng

          Blimey! 3000 man years to work out what makes me happy. No wonder so many people die never finding it. Anyway, it appears the answer to true happiness is to keep playing the Lotto. Who’d have thought it. 🙂

        3. Xeno Post author

          Survey says… The Pursuit! Number one answer. Do things that give you an anticipation of possible future happiness.

    1. Xeno Post author

      I gave the formula, but if you need me to explain it, then you aren’t ready for the power of it. You need to have a good head for numbers to deal in a responsible way with all of the money you will have, otherwise, you will be quickly cheated out of it. Here is what I recommend: To prepare yourself to handle the wealth this formula brings, get a degree in computer science. This will help you understand the formula enough to handle all that money. If computers aren’t your thing, Anesthesiologists also have to learn things that would help you understand the formula. (Other paths are found here if those two aren’t to your liking.) Getting into college takes some effort, but just keep in mind how happy you will be when you finally have what you wanted!

      1. zdupy

        Hmm, I ask some explains for the formula and I find myself talking with a Psychologist. Anyway I’m starting to think that the formula isn’t working like it’s suppose to work, and because of that no one start to explaine what the variables stand for. Anyway if no one will do de explanation here, maybe will do it in private.

        thx again.

        1. Xeno Post author

          If the formula is not working, how are all of those people winning the lottery? You don’t think it is totally random luck, do you? What I’m trying to point out with this discussion is that people who don’t believe in randomness think that if we only have enough knowledge about the present and past, we can predict the future with a formula. (See “determinism”.) If you accept a non-deterministic or random universe, then we humans are an accident and there is no formula that can tell you the order a bunch of jumbled identical balls with numbers on them will fall. Those balls are like molecules or building blocks of DNA. Is an intelligent designer selecting the sequence of numbers? Is there a hidden pattern, a hidden order? Or is it the case that our shrinking brains do not comprehend “random” and so we fantasize that there MUST be an order that can be predicted.

      2. zdupy

        The formula work for others who know the variables and still don’t want/know, are affraid/greedy to explain them for the other ones for who the formula don’t work.
        Anyway the formula will work for me after being applied and got 6 winning numbers.

      3. Xeno Post author

        Wow, you solved it pretty fast. I underestimated you. Glad to hear you got 6 winning numbers using my formula. Just be careful with all that money.

  38. Ack

    Thanks for the formula, I cant believe it actually worked! I had never won anything in my life before now. I am however concerned that sharing such a powerful tool can lead to chaos. There are so many people who are not ready for this. What are you thoughts?

    1. Xeno Post author

      Congrats on joining the club! Well, you are right, and as I’m sure you understand, I considered the chaos effect within the formula itself. I am not worried that I will end up creating a world full of millionaires, however, because, to be blunt, most people don’t have the superior mind it takes to plug in the right values. At worst I suspect I will end up encouraging people to go to college in computer science, math, physics, medicine, etc, to get the knowledge needed. Those who try (and who have “the right stuff” ) can cash in on this, as you did. I hope you will give back to your community and encourage people to better themselves with your new resources.


  39. kheoli

    Thanks for the your formula !

    I believe it actually worked!

    Please s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t})

    explain how can use above formula for choosing 1 to 45 ( 6 numbers +1 bonus ball)

  40. Nick

    I’ve been trying to figure the formula out know for weeks and
    the only thing I can come up with is Boltzmann’s Entrophy Formula.
    In your earlier posts you said to just plug in the formula and insert
    the variables. Would you be able to help me with entering the right
    variables to come up with the right formula.? Does it work with
    Lottery Numbers 1-56?

    1. Xeno Post author

      I do not recommend spending any time trying to “figure out” the formula. It will only drive you mad. Your time will be more profitably spent collecting and selling discarded cans. Or study the job market, such as which companies are hiring in your area and how to obtain the skills to land a job or even create your own.

      Hint: Do you really understand entropy? What makes a discarded can fall exactly where it does? What makes an atom decay exactly when it does? What makes a single lottery number what it is and not something else? Why can’t you roll two dice and get exactly the same result 1000 times in a row? When you can remove the randomness, cancel out the chaos and predict the future of any of these events every time, you will be able to use this formula to win the lottery.

      For any game, any lottery numbers, the formula it is equally effective, because 0 = 0, and 0.0000000001 != 0.

  41. Eyo Eyo

    I want to say that this type of formula is interesting at all.
    But I need assistance on another type of LOTTO game.
    The LOTTO game has 90 numbers. There are only 5 possible out of 90. Each 5 sets of drawn numbers is recorded for references.

    How can or do you determine (forecast) the next possible 5 sets of draws using existing drawn numbers?

    What causes the movement of the different numbers?

    Example: on 5 Feb. 2011, draws were:::
    44 – 68 – 90 – 64 – 66 and 12 Feb. 2011, draws were:::
    89 – 27 – 12 – 49 – 40
    Each draw has a corresponding machine number.
    For instance, the machine numbers for the 5 Feb. 2011 were:::
    87 – 50 – 58 – 55 – 3 and for 12 Feb. 2011, they were::
    71 – 46 – 75 – 41 – 82.

    Putting all together,
    Week 1 – 5 Feb. 2011,
    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    44 – 68 – 90 – 64 – 66 87 – 50 – 58 – 55 – 3

    Week 2 – 12 Feb. 2011
    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    89 – 27 – 12 – 49 – 40 71 – 46 – 75 – 41 – 82.

    How do these numbers move?
    What causes the random movement of each?

    N/B: a number can repeat itself another week.
    For instance, on the 22 Jan. 2011, winning draws were::

    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    4 – 7 – 27 – 76 – 47 22 – 6 – 70 – 52 – 85
    and on the 29 Jan. 2011, the winning draws were

    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    12 – 47 – 14 – 69 50 46 – 87 – 83 – 40 -15
    Here, 47 repeated itself on the second week.

    How does this work?
    Thank you.

    1. Cheng

      You have 43949268 permutations to work through. Choose a line of numbers and play every week. Your line should come up every 845178 years or so. That could be next week of course! Good Luck.

    2. Xeno Post author

      Think of it this way: Right now, you know the numbers which have already been selected, right? What about one second before you heard the answer? You did not know then. What about one second after you heard the answer? You knew then. What if you stand there looking at the balls as they fall? You would have known even sooner. What if you were watching them with a high speed camera? How close can you get to when you knew and to when did not know?

      Solution: If you can divide time into points, you can predict the future. See Zeno’s arrow.

      Zeno’s paradoxes are a set of problems generally thought to have been devised by Zeno of Elea to support Parmenides’s doctrine that “all is one” and that, contrary to the evidence of our senses, the belief in plurality and change is mistaken, and in particular that motion is nothing but an illusion. …

      Several of Zeno’s nine surviving paradoxes (preserved in Aristotle’s Physics and Simplicius’s commentary thereon) are essentially equivalent to one another; and most of them were regarded, even in ancient times, as very easy to refute. Three of the strongest and most famous‚Äîthat of Achilles and the tortoise, the Dichotomy argument, and that of an arrow in flight‚Äîare presented in detail below.

      Zeno’s arguments are perhaps the first examples of a method of proof called reductio ad absurdum also known as proof by contradiction. …

      … In the arrow paradox (also known as the fletcher’s paradox), Zeno states that for motion to occur, an object must change the position which it occupies. He gives an example of an arrow in flight. He states that in any one instant of time, for the arrow to be moving it must either move to where it is, or it must move to where it is not. However, it cannot move to where it is not, because this is a single instant, and it cannot move to where it is because it is already there. In other words, in any instant of time there is no motion occurring, because an instant is a snapshot. Therefore, if it cannot move in a single instant it cannot move in any instant, making any motion impossible.

      Whereas the first two paradoxes presented divide space, this paradox starts by dividing time—and not into segments, but into points.


      Now that you know this, I hope you will do something good for the world with your millions.

      1. Cheng

        Is this assuming a finite distance or period of time, can be divided into an infinite number of smaller amounts?
        Perhaps this leads to a quantum theory of space and time. Perhaps neither can be infinitely divided. Perhaps there is an infinitesimally small and indivisible fraction of a second.

        Quick, someone call Stephen Hawkings!

  42. Eyo Eyo

    Thanks for your comments and also, thanks to everyone that has commented.
    Whereas, all of you seem to be saying ONLY one thing conclusively – RANDOMIZATION is involved in picking the balls of a LOTTO/LOTTERY.

    My quest is:::
    Random number or RANDOMIZATION was programmed by someone. And there is a sequence in which it follows.
    What is this sequence? How does it work?

    For example:
    On my computer, in My Music Folder, I have 90 songs, I decide to play the songs with the RANDOM function switched ON.
    The songs that playing from the say, Track, jumps to track 16, jumps to 72, jumps to 4 and so on.

    What determines the jumping of the RANDOM movement?
    This is my quest – Remember, everything (called problem) has a solution.

    Thanks to y’all

    1. Cheng

      How are the numbers for your Lotto generated?
      If it’s from a computer “randomised” number generator, then you will need to know the “randomising” algorithm used to predict the next sequence.
      If it’s a machine pulling balls out of a tub, then you’re going to need all sorts of obscure information about the randomising effects of the machine to get anywhere close to predicting the numbers. The weight of the paint on the balls for the different numbers, the density of the air within the tub, the microscopic differences in the diameter of the balls, the wear in the machine parts, the precise time the machine operator releases the balls etc. etc. Then you will have to devise a formula that can make sense of all that information.
      If you believe in some fatalistic process that causes the numbers to be drawn in a specific sequence over time, then perhaps a little prayer to your god will help.
      Good luck with that.

      1. Kojo

        Hi Cheng,

        I really love your responds to questions on-board.
        I am also seeking to find out the mystery of the 5/90 game asked by Eyo.

        The last five machine numbers “could” represent the time of mixing balls,density of balls,temperature etc. So it is a vital information for the next winning numbers.Try them in a formula and lets check it out, To check past draws, go to Lets me hear you.

  43. eric kim

    Thanks for the your formula !
    Please s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t})

    explain how can use above formula for choosing 1 to 45 ( 6 numbers +1 bonus ball)

    1. Xeno Post author

      If I have to explain it, then you do not have enough discernment to benefit from it. The formula is a simple test of how well your mind understands the word “random”. Why do you want to win a lot of money?

      1. eric kim

        There are no plans right now, so too stuffy
        If I win the lottery my mother to pay my college tuition bills and want to open
        It is all

    2. eric kim

      I live in South Korea
      i’m Going to study at the University of Real Estate
      I’m sorry if I bother you
      Thank you for listening to me

      1. Xeno Post author

        Nice to meet you. I don’t think we have universities here offering degrees in Real Estate, but perhaps we should. I don’t give away free money, but I do like to help people work out solutions. In your case, however, I’m afraid I know too little about your country to offer anything meaningful. I don’t know how most people make a living in South Korea, and I know nothing about the culture. Perhaps someone else reading this will be able to offer some help. Good luck!

    3. Rodrigo

      K Boltzmann’s constant (1.38065×10^-23); W multiplicity of states; time; arrange of numbers;…..)

  44. kheoli

    Thanks for the your formula !

    Please s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t})

    Please show me the formula's hint or solution!

    explain how can use above formula for choosing 1 to 45 ( 6 numbers +1 bonus ball)

    I would like to be winner in lotto by your formula.
    If I win the lottery, I will work my myself business with the seed money.
    And More I will contribute for my society.

    Please help me.

  45. Benn

    This formula is as random as the lotto. More probable to guess the lotto than use this formula to work it out.

    I call your bluff.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Rats, you’ve out smarted me. I never figured on someone calling my bluff. But wait, if the lottery is random, that means life, which is part of the same universe as the lotto, is also random. Do you accept this: We had no creator, we have no purpose, we are the result of randomness over time self organizing into ways that repeat with increasing efficiency in a changing environment. You can’t have it both ways. So, how big is the bluff you are actually calling?

  46. eric kim

    hi..remember me?
    I was trying to solve the lottery formula
    But too difficult
    explain how can use above formula for choosing 1 to 45
    Please help me …..or Korea Lotto 6 Records Only 3 bags, the expected number

    1. Xeno Post author

      If the formula is too difficult, being a millionaire is also too difficult. You lack the discernment needed to avoid being fleeced.

  47. Stanley Toohey III

    I have a formula that does work. It requires only the simple math of the mind. A little common sense and determination.

    Buy all the combinations.

    Told you it was simple.

    I guarantee if you do this you will win.

    Don’t have the money to do that? Oh well then you best pick some numbers and stick to them till they hit. If they never hit at least someone got your dollar and you contributed to something. You could all send me one dollar and I will save it all up till I reach 2 million. Then I will pick one person from you all and give them 1 million keeping 1 for myself. Why would you do that? Well because I just gave you way better odds of winning then the lotto gives that’s why.

    1. Xeno Post author

      This would give better odds if there were only 2 million combinations. In a typical 6/49 lotto where the order of the numbers is not important, there are 13,983,816 different combinations. Also tickets are $2 and the winning pay out is from $3,000,000 up. So, who wants to spend $27,967,632 to win $3,000,000? Well, the largest jackpot ever was $54,294,712 and it took in $99.4 million in ticket sales. A good deal for the people running the Lotto. And if you had $28 million to spend to get every combination, not to mention the time it would take (you’d have to hire people to help you– if you could choose 300 combinations per day, you’d need 46,612 people helping you to do it in one day) you would have made $26.3 million, right? Minus 8hrs * $8.00/hr min wage ($64 per person per day), which would be roughly $2,983,168 in temporary labor costs. So you’d still make over $22.5 mil.

      1. Stanley Toohey III

        Odds for the California Super Lotto are 1 in 41,416,353 and the tickets only cost a dollar. You have a much better chance of winning 1 million from me with odds of 1 in 2,000,000. Buying every combination would be next to impossible given that the time between drawings is only a few days. The Super Lotto also has a record highest jackpot of 193,000,000 that was split between 3 people in 2002. It is still risky if you buy all the combinations because of that very fact. Invest millions only to find out you have to split the jackpot with 5 other people. There goes that plan. Much safer to send me a dollar and hope I am honest 😉

  48. ay

    Xeno u are too much and Guys here are great, pls kindly help me to with email address, i am from same area of d guy requesting for 5 of 90 formular, pls kindly help out, challenges in areas are much, there is need 2 accrue d necessary knowledge in education and its very expensive 2 an orphan, just need to study now but financial supprt is among major need and mother and younger ones are there for care, pls help out may this formular is useful for 5 of 90 lotto in ghana and nigeria and pls will love to u helping out with effective recommedation

  49. ay

    yes, thanks great man, U have replied my message can I scan the paper with number and send it to u! its like the one here below please help out so I can solve some of this setback challenges!Example: on 5 Feb. 2011, draws were:::
    44 – 68 – 90 – 64 – 66 and 12 Feb. 2011, draws were:::
    89 – 27 – 12 – 49 – 40
    Each draw has a corresponding machine number.
    For instance, the machine numbers for the 5 Feb. 2011 were:::
    87 – 50 – 58 – 55 – 3 and for 12 Feb. 2011, they were::
    71 – 46 – 75 – 41 – 82.

    Putting all together,
    Week 1 – 5 Feb. 2011,
    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    44 – 68 – 90 – 64 – 66 87 – 50 – 58 – 55 – 3

    Week 2 – 12 Feb. 2011
    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    89 – 27 – 12 – 49 – 40 71 – 46 – 75 – 41 – 82.

    How do these numbers move?
    What causes the random movement of each?

    N/B: a number can repeat itself another week.
    For instance, on the 22 Jan. 2011, winning draws were::

    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    4 – 7 – 27 – 76 – 47 22 – 6 – 70 – 52 – 85
    and on the 29 Jan. 2011, the winning draws were

    Winning Draws and Machine Draws
    12 – 47 – 14 – 69 50 46 – 87 – 83 – 40 -15
    Here, 47 repeated itself on the second week.

    How does this work?
    Thank you.

    1. Xeno Post author

      The results of past draws are not important. They do not change the future draws. By what physical or electronic mechanism are the numbers selected? You need to find that out.

  50. Kojo

    Hi Xeno

    Thanks for your help to the Public.
    Xeno, can your formula deal with Fixed Odds 5/90 Lotto Game?

    Or if you can help me with other formula for Fixed Odds 5/90

    Thanks Xeno. May the Good Lord open your mind more to see the hidden truth of the Games.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Yes, Eris may open your mind to understand the lottery if you offer sacrifices of well worn dice on any Thursday when the moon is a waxing gibbous. This formula will work equally well on all lottery games on this planet.

      1. Kojo

        Hi Xeno

        I really love your responds to questions on-board.
        I am also seeking to find out the mystery of the 5/90 game asked by Eyo.

        The last five machine numbers “could” represent the time of mixing balls,density of balls,temperature etc. So it is a vital information for the next winning numbers.Try them your formula and lets check it out, To check past draws, go to Thanks Xeno.

        1. Xeno Post author

          Yes, the results are influenced by variables. Let’s simplify: To start, can you tell me the exact location of any one atom? Just one. Next, we will. Calculate only the path of one atom, an atom on a microscopic speck of grease from a machine part made in India which is adhering to the bottom of the ink that makes the number “5” on one of the balls.

      2. Kojo

        Hi Xeno

        I really could not locate even 1 atom. That could be difficult for the public now.

        Xeno, our 6/49 last winning numbers are 15-43-16-27-4-48 and its corresponding machine numbers are 1-2-3-9-5-6 . In your formula, how do I put in the numbers or variables to produce next winning numbers.

        Please teach me.

        1. Xeno Post author

          I don’t understand what you mean by the corresponding machine numbers. What are machine numbers?

      3. Kojo

        Hi Xeno

        The machine numbers are another sets of numbers drawn immediately after the winning numbers in both lotto 5/90 and lotto 6/49 in Ghana,west Africa.

        Xeno,Please I want to be part of those who are giving Testimonies of your formular to prove to others that, yes it does work.
        Please explain to me your formular s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t}) for lotto 6/49. Please.

        Thank you

      4. Xeno Post author

        I don’t give away free money. Read what I have already written about the formula. If you can’t figure it out after one hour of reading everything I’ve said here, you lack proper discernment and you must go to school. Educate yourself, work, save, spend less than you make and over time, you will prosper.

  51. ay

    Xeno great scientist pls help me,firstly the electronic machine is place in covered cupboard where no one can see the type of electronic devices or name,but there is wire to get power supply.morealso there is a transparent box at the top of that covered box,that covered box has hole here air comes out to the 90 balls in the transparent box and the balls move brownian motion like molecules ,the balls are poured very fast one after d other in the transparent box on top of covered box with almost same size of space, and from balls 1 to 90,when the balls start moving, observer are called out to press a path in tranparent box open so a ball in the motion comes out, and number and balls is read out to the observers, another observer is called until they finished picking those 5 balls from 90 without replacement,,those 5 numbers are called winning number,. Now remaining 85 balls .80 balls are allowed out through opening of path where previous winning balls came out, i think the air in transparent box is increased that those 80 balls came out fast, the last 5 balls of 90 are allowed to come as the same air pressure one after the order as machine balls.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Great job. Now a few more questions: First, is brownian motion predictable if you know the starting position of every atom in a closed system?

  52. ay

    and there is no formal anouncement of equipmeent’or atmosperic volume density of balls but i am suprised of how numbers repeat in weekly draws some people win 5 the balls sometime with looking at arranged winnings numbers on left and machine number on right,. But 80 percent people loosin the game but 15 percent win becuase they permutate 10 numbers and if two number is in the winning result, they are given token, unlike those 5 percent that played just 2 to 5 nunbers with big money and they seem to be sure that from their 5 number 3 must drop. The balls are like table tennis egg, very light but they dont allow oserver to hold it

    1. Cheng

      Ay, the next set of winning numbers will be 2, 3, 25, 59 & 71.
      The machine numbers will be 18, 31, 37, 38 & 53.

      Please donate 10% of your winnings to Gamblers Anonymous.

  53. ay

    Great one help me, its predictable and the balls are at the floor of transparent box but have hole that bring in airfrom covered machine underneath in a cupboard starting time is when the atom or balls are set into movement the machine covered is on and balls in motion for few seconds before observer are called to open d pathways up in transparent box for any balls to come out but please help with a formular i can be using to get those 5 numbers or 3 correct numbers from those 5 winning numbers and hint that will help me easily cos i need to solve those challenges timely, Thanks great one 4 always been there 4 me!

  54. ay

    thanks i will try scientist cheng nos and reply here, thanks very much both nice brother xeon and cheng

      1. Ann

        Cheng, I chased after “noxe” and this is what I found:

        If you had written “NOxe,” it would mean “concentration of oxides of nitrogen,” but you didn’t. And, it wouldn’t make sense. Any way, concentration of NO would be more simply written [NO].

        Then, I found that “Noxe de Travesura” is a song by Hector (“El Bambino”) and Divino. But, this is a misspelling. It’s supposed to be “Esta noche es de travesuras” or “This night of antics/mischievousness” etc. Somehow “esta noche” (“this night”) became “noxe.”

        Then, there’s the lyrics by “Comeme El Xoxo” or “Eat me El Xoxo”: “Me comes el xoxo kda noxe.” This translates to “you eat my xoxo [hugs and kisses?] every night [I think, because I don’t think “kda” would refer to “Kendell Airlines” of Australia – more like: “cada” or each/every]” The song is in the album “Comemelo Bien” or “Eat it well.”

        Then, I found that in Italian “noxe” is sometimes used to refer to the Latin: “noxa” or “noxae”, which means harmful.

        Finally, I think I found what you meant. In Zeneize (or Genoese) “noxe” means “walnut” or “nut.”

        I would take offense,
        if it weren’t fun, thanx.

      2. Cheng

        Noxe is an old Saxon word meaning no. The ‘x’ had a ‘y’ sound, but was actually silent when placed between two vowels. This infuriated the Romans because it was their no. 10 when in capital form, which is why they wasted all that effort occupying a damp little island in the north.

        They removed the x from the Saxon alphabet and used it from then to mark things as incorrect. X went underground and didn’t reappear until the Romans had been driven out. Sadly, it never made it’s way back into the British ‘no’ though. It was re-adopted by some Australians thumbing their nose at the Brit establishment when they were deported. You may still hear some of them mis-pronounce it ‘noy’.

      3. Ann

        Thanks. Little did I know. Speaking of which (or witch) did the word “wicca,” as I understand was pronounced “witcha,” mean knowledge? I also read that “witan” in Old English meant “to know.”

  55. ay

    Among those numbers only 25 drop, if its not preditable 25 will not drop, but I try those numbers on other GHana and Nigeria game this week! I pray 2 or 3 can drop yesterday enugun game played29 19 47 25 24, so I number cant give anything. So all other 5 of 90 lotto,in this week I will try those forcasted 5 numbers on them, but since only 25 drop, that shows its predictable so please Is it that same formular or other formular exist for 5 of 90 lotto. thanks!

    1. Cheng

      What was the air temperature and humidity at the time the first ball was selected?
      On what date was the machine last serviced and what grade and batch number of lubrication was used?
      Is the transparent sphere polished with a non-abrasive cleaner and if so, what?
      Who makes the balls and what tolerance criteria do they use?
      Is there likely to be any volcanic dust in the local atmosphere, and if so, what is the average particle size and density?
      Was the power supply frequency stable to at least 3 decimal places?
      Is it possible the balls were handled by someone without gloves?
      What was the make and type of the gloves used and if none were used, when did the handler last wash his hands and what did he touch between washing and handling the balls?

      That completes questions from section A of part 1 of the first volume!

      1. ay

        The transparent box is colored,there could be tiny dust in the box, and no wearing of gloves by the person in charge and the balls are like small sizes of table tennis egg, but I am okay if this formular s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t}) is useful for 5 of 90 game. Please give me tiny hints on how to apply the variables, please mail me. Thanks God Bless U more!

        1. Xeno Post author

          Ay, Is the god you mention who is doing a blessing, is that god also influencing the result? If so, please indicate the god’s mass (in grams) at the time the first number is selected.

      2. Cheng

        I think we’ve been more than generous with the hints so far Ay.
        I can only think that God has other plans for you and that great wealth is not a part of those plans. So sorry.

    2. Xeno Post author

      If I give you 90 coins and stop you when you have flipped 25 of them, can you tell me the order of heads and tails you will get?

  56. ay

    Please I wants to ask if its still that same formular 6 of 49 for 5 of 90, so I can finds way of using it!

    1. Cheng

      Ay, I can guarantee that the formula will be as good at predicting numbers on a 6 from 49 lotto, as it is at a 5 from 90 game.

      1. Xeno Post author

        Right. If R is the result and F is the formula, then F * 6 * 49 = R and also F * 5 * 90 = R where F = R = 0.

  57. Eyo Eyo

    Hi guys, you are all clowns….you made me almost laugh my ass out of order. Anyway, you guys need not worry. I forgot about the formular of a thing…. I went on to develop a method in which I could do possible forecasting to getting 5 numbers from 90. This method can work also for 6 of 49 lottery. Although, the method is solely for 5 of 90. But you can modify it for 6 of 49 lottery.
    When am done, I will post it for you guys.

    But you can try it on your own….Using Spread Sheet.
    write 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    1, 2, 3, 4, 6 etc up till 1, 2, 3, 4, 90
    Then repeat and replicate until you have 1, 87, 88, 89, 90
    The possible combinations will be about 41 Million…. (approx.)

    If u need more info, kindly drop a mail in my inbox… or facebook me on::: Eyo Honesty
    That’s cool, uh?

      1. ay

        Please who can help ou with explanation ofthis variables, I just need to hit this game once to three times and its over for lottery!

        s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t})

        an entropy formula, can still manage to get throu but other terms here I need to know, pls help!

        1. Xeno Post author

          Sorry to be so harsh, but if you can’t figure it out, then you don’t have the education you need to handle the money in a responsible way.

  58. ay

    pls its painful i cant play the sunday night game where 71 and single 2 droped, i played in afternoon game where only 25 droped, did not played sunday night game cos i am calculatin my transport cost on monday but hopeful in ghana game of last night, expecting it to drop in ghana as 3 numbers drop in nigeria but i am workin on the formular hope one day 2 get it right, but u guys are great, and pleaaaaaase u still be nice anytime i need hint on that formular, .

    1. Xeno Post author

      The word is spelled “formula” not “formular”, Ay. Please spell it the right way. My advice: save up the money and use it to purchase something you can sell for a little more money. Then repeat that process until you are rich. Do not throw your money away on the lottery.

  59. Eyo Eyo

    Hi arjay001, you are too fast and your making a lot of mistakes….. It took me almost a month, yet I have not finished 1’s (1 series…). If you do it like this:::
    1-2-3-89-90, Continue with

    1-2-4-89-90 and then with

    1-2-5-89-90, just like that consistently, it will take you days to finish just the 1 series. After you have finished the 1 series, you can begin to do the 2 series…like:::

    2-3-4-89-90 then continue with


    So, do not be in haste… take your time and do it. It’s very painful doing it. But if you overcome it, you now sit down and go through past records, see which lines of 5’s played, mark them out. You know what I mean?
    Mind you, you need to have past records for a particular game. You can get past record papers on book stores in Ghana and Nigeria.

    Happy working something out.
    Take k.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Eyo, This is a pointless waste of time. First, write a script that will do this for you. Second, don’t bother even doing that because the past numbers do not influence the future numbers. You are wrong if you think the same lottery numbers can’t come up again. They can.

    2. arjay001

      ahh got it, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5…86 – 87 – 88 – 89 – 90 I see every winning number will be covered, but how do I pick the numbers to play? Back to square one?

      If anyone could pick a winning number using some system that works – would not that person be winning all the time? Be in the news?

      I can see the headlines now:
      “Xeno wins 20th lotto in 6 months $483,362,298.00 total winnings”
      “State bans Xeno from playing lotto after 20th win”
      “Xeno shares his formula online – 673 Powerball players share a 4.5 million Jackpot”

      1. Xeno Post author

        Unless I thought of that and built in a recursive disabler to keep any one person from winning so much that it would arouse suspicion. 😉

  60. ay

    lottery numbers / g!^¥ + ([x:86:23]<€{fn t}) these terms look like strings of character in computer programming,however I dont know anything now in programming for now!

  61. kojo

    Hi Xeno,

    I really do not understand your claim that your formula does work for lotteries.
    If you or those who claim that the formula works and are refusing to explain it to those of us, but expecting us to only believe the testimony,then how and when do we understand. I don’t think your Almighty Formular is taught in schools.But remember,a “teacher will tech his student to pass not to fail,and even if they fail,he will teach untill(Bringing out the secret) the student understand to prove that yes indeed, he can do it.”

    Xeno,if not on this forum, why not on private emails?.

    Thanks Xeno

    1. Xeno Post author

      You people are driving me crazy. There is NO SUCH WORD as “FORMULAR”! Unless you are Danish, and I’m not. Please, everyone must completely stop typing “formular” on my web site. The next time I read it, I will have a spaz attack and my spleen will crawl out of my body. It will hail a cab and hunt you down. It will corner you in a dark basement and spleen all about spelling to you. Do you understand? I can’t take it any more! Don’t tempt me or you will get more ex-spleen-ation than you want.

    1. Cheng

      Yes. You have to select 5 numbers from 90. Pay your dollar/pound/sheckle/dinar/pesos etc. and hope for the best.

  62. john wood

    thanks for ur reply…plz help me with this problem!Example: on 26 march. 2011, draws were:::48,13,60,24,6 this are the winning numbers and the machine numbers are 20,59,31,63,67 i really need ur help if anything let me no i hope to hear from u back….

    1. Xeno Post author

      What’s the problem with those numbers, John? They seem perfectly good to me. In fact, they look like real winners according to my formula.

    1. Xeno Post author

      There is nothing to teach. If you can’t understand what I have said here about the formula, you will need to go to school. Without an education, you will just lose all the money you get, so there is no point.

  63. john wood

    hello xeno i have this chart here Example: when 10 drop for first number u see this numbers there 1351,6428,4347 then u calculate this winning numbers example this are the winning numbers 10,50,1,87,65=222
    1351 +222 1573

    this are your two winning numbers for the week 15,73 i have lil problem and i lost all this if u can help to get new formula for this game again i will be very happy hope to hear from u back………

  64. john wood

    s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¬• + ([x:86:23]<‚Ǩ{fn t}) u mean this formula i dont no much about this plz can u teach me here or private…

    1. Xeno Post author

      No. I don’t want your money. I have enough. Like most things, the secret if obvious if you have the ability to understand.

  65. john wood

    ok…Example this week this are the winning numbers 48,13,60,24,6 how can used this formula for this numbers plz teach me or give me example lets me follow s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g!^¬• + ([x:86:23]<‚Ǩ{fn t})i hope to hear from u soon……….

    1. Xeno Post author

      First, use your Internet connection to learn the difference between the word “no” and the word “know”. After you understand that difference, please retype your question above.

      Once you get comfortable using Google to do searches, we can move on to the next step, labor market research in your area.

      Lazy people who want free money piss me off. I’ve worked over sixty hours per week for most of my adult life and even as a kid I had paper routes, did yard work, cleaned cars and entertained people with music. I work because I like helping people solve problems, because I like being productive and so I can save, sometimes for years, to help people I love when they need me and so I can buy a few toys.

      That’s the secret.

  66. john wood

    eyo eyo what are talking about this formula can u do it even it can takes u 10 years to finish lol….u ppl playing games here i see 1-2-3-4-5
    1-2-3-89-90, Continue with

    1-2-4-89-90 and then with


  67. Bena

    Well, I may have just wasted the last half hour of my life reading this but its awfully entertaining! Good work gents!

  68. LG300G

    Someone I have forgotton to add; my mind works in wonderfully frustrating ways which sometimes leave me confused with an answer, but no process. However, placing importance on the path of the hopscotch has always seemed much more important than is given credit. It really boggles my mind.

    Anywho, I sincerely hope this dartboard of a forum-like website has not met it’s end. That’d just be a shame :/. Also, what’s your idea on “magic bits” Xeno, Cheng? I had a funny in a good way feeling when I stumbled upon this website. Not for the lottery, money or the lulz. However, simply for the sake of information absorption into my funky brain. Show me what you think if you would.

    1. Xeno Post author

      The hidden story behind the pause in postings on this site is that I’m working 10 to 14 hour days including weekends trying to finish a project at work. I do want feedback on my song, but being stubborn about waiting until 20 different people leave some kind of comment is giving me extra time every day on that project. Anyway, put your 2 cents in about the song and when enough people have paid that toll, a bunch of new interesting blog entries will appear and blogging will resume daily.

  69. ay

    its really nice to hear this again that you composing song or working on a project and its good that your site is on again.

  70. kay

    Xeno, I really enjoyed reading every comments here but i need your help,please give me hints on this 5 of 90 lotto, please picking of my lotto numbers must come after 845178 years,i must remove the randomness and chaos to use the formula effectively, please my number must not be generated randomely, please help Special one with hints i am making mistakes

    1. Xeno Post author

      Hmm, okay. As an experiment I’ll see if I can find the men in the sky who are running this simulation we are in and see if they will have you win the lottery, just for kicks. The difficult part is finding them. I’ve only seen them once in my life in a dream when they accidentally left the sky open. If you see men in white lab coats with clipboards in your dream, ask them to have you win the lottery. I know this sounds totally crazy, but … try it.

  71. ay

    Cheng and Xeno can U please help,my result is without those Currency character, please other values are useful, please Will this alone s=k ln W * lottery numbers / g! be good. Please give little hint if I am wrong!

  72. kay

    Please I have tried getting some journal on bolzman and I understand the concept,but law thermody and relationship with gas,however,please can you help me with those x:86:23 and fn t,Euro and yen symbols, please dont judge me,just remember those challenges i told about,people I need to care for and goin to school to study medicine,cant do this cause nobody is there to support.Dad dead and mother old,young ones there please help with hint,will not be proud,please it wont cost you anything, u can mail my box please

    1. Xeno Post author

      Winning the lottery is not a plan anyone should have to provide what is needed for survival. The lottery is a game you play when you can afford to lose your money by playing it.

      My recommendation is that you take up a hobby, meet new friends, then barter an arrangement for caregiving while you go to school. Visualize your way to a better life. This has worked for many people. You have imagined the lottery getting you to a better place. Great, but don’t get stuck there. Get some more ideas and keep working on a way!

  73. kay

    okay, i will keep on trying may be one day i will get there but please never say my questions are much,does those values requires programming knowledge,all those yen euro symbols,x:86:23. If it is not compulsory then I believe I will get it one day but if its compulsory to be computer programmer I dont know how difficult it will take to pay for programming course, and one will atleast wants to make money in legitimate way if others are doing wrong things,I cant join because Good name is better than Gold

    1. Xeno Post author

      As I have said, if you have to spend any time “figuring out” the formula, then you are wasting your time. Do not try to figure it out. Spend time on things with a better possibility of helping you. The key to intelligence, I believe, is very simple. It is the ability to tell when things are the same or different. This is what I call discernment. It sounds simple, but people make SO many bad choices because they think two things are the same when they are actually different. I do not know your situation, but I recommend you consider all of your alternatives, then pick the one with the most realistic chance for success, then persist until a better plan appears. If you can not discern a good plan from a bad plan, get many different views and do not be quick to reach a decision. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  74. kay

    I know its not a plan one can use and effective means to regularly to achieve means for a week and do long investment that will pay up all bills in future, I have friends but I think most outside country and some here, you sometime afraid to relate with people them not drag you into trouble, sometimes people may think you and your friends are doing fraudulent activities together and you might not know the work people do before relating to them to do petty work for them, its just little hint, please I am sorry if I am too noisy here but you can somebody may be around to help with hint

  75. arjay001

    Hint: (look for the secret word in this post)

    The formula only works when it predicts the future. Preticting the future using math is a life long goal requirering years of study. If your able to master it you don’t need the lottery.

    This sums it up.

    ” The syndicate then set up a computer program to check the numbers every week.? It took four years and a total outlay of $8700, but on Saturday, the formula succeeded. ”

    Looks like way less then 0.5% to me. They had the education, resorces, time and money to make it happen. Did luck have anything to do with it?

    1. Xeno Post author

      There are different ways to utilize the formula. One way is to put in the winning numbers and it will predict if they will win 100% of the time.

  76. Dumb American

    how many 100s of other syndicates employed “maths” to win at the lottery? My guess is 14 million divided by 8,700. or about 1,600 synidcates. huh?

  77. Corné

    most people believe the lotto is simple game of luck . do you really think so if this 17 people didn’t tried this method than they wouldn’t had won . i tried a method of maths too with 10 balls .

    once i matched 5 and other time i matched six balls. So ask yourself do you relly thought this is luck . it’s your opinion if you believe it is luck . i don’t freaken care atleast i know it took me hard work to get there to match 5 balls and six balls. So i disprove luck with simple of maths .Goodbye friends.

  78. Jamuna

    I bought The Lotto Black Book Larry Blair … even he promise or guranteed the money back i have not win any and did not gave my money back.

    Stop buying lies from scam be smart guys don’t let anyone fool you.

  79. Twoceez

    I know a formular smack ur self a couple of time’s, the number of times it hurt’s “play those numbers”

  80. resultats des courses

    Very soon this web site will be famous among all blogging users, due to it’s fastidious posts

      1. Emmanuel

        Hi Xeno

        I always believe that, Every question has an answer. Though I still cannot figure out how to use Xeno’s formula for 5/90 and 8/56 lottery, I believe Xeno can do it. There is NOTHING Called “IMPOSSIBLE” in this world. Bravo Xeno.

        My mail:

  81. Big H (Young Lotto Winner)

    Lol that doesn’t even look like Britain, we use ¬£¬£ not $$ truth is no one can predict when they will win, it’s all coincidence.


    hi!,I really like your writing very much! proportion we be in contact extra about your article on AOL?
    I require an expert in this area to solve my problem.
    Maybe that’s you! Looking ahead to peer you.

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    1. Xeno Post author

      Dear blog spammer,
      Your algorithm to generate text for “comment spamming” blogs is so bad it is funny. So I left this one up. Such embarrassing inhumanity. This is like building ugly robots and sending them door to door to sell things. I don’t even want good looking robots at my door. The comments on this blog are for humans with thoughts about the content, not for getting a link to your web site injected into a high traffic blog. No soliciting. All day every day I enforce this policy by monitoring and deleting fake comments.

      I’ve removed your spam link [] and replaced it with duckduckgo, a search engine that claims to not track users.

  84. Eti

    Hi great Xeno, I found your formula too weird because I applied it in 5/90 games and got a near outcomes, would you permit me to work with you. Please reply.


  85. JOe B

    The lottery is not pure chance as some would suggest. Each ball is unique and because of this one is more likely to come out of the chute. Also, you can use past history of winning numbers provided the balls are never changed to get a better idea as to what numbers will come up. There are other behaviors to examine. For instance in the Powerball (united States) very seldom does the power ball match with any of the winning numbers. I believe developing a formula that incorporates recent history of three to six months and including other factors such as what group of numbers (1, 10s, 20s, 30s 40s, 50s) tend to win more often along with other behaviors would lead to more likelihood of a win. When I was young (10 – 12 years old) I used to go to the carnival and play the “Spin the Wheel” I was oftentimes a winner because I would track the way the man spun the wheel where it landed and where it landed on the next spin. In my mind I would determine based on distance where the wheel would land next time. I would watch for about 10 minutes before I would actually play, always examining where the spin landed while also taking note of a reverse spin or other odd behavior. Also, it was important that I remained inconspicuous as you don’t want to make the guy spinning the wheel to get nervous or change his routine.

  86. Emmanuel Anderson.

    Hi Xeno,

    Many thanks to you for such web site; can you please tell me the next five numbers after these 49-7-66-26-69 in 5/90 lotto?.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Of course. Will I? No. Money should be earned with hard work you do for the greatest possible good of your community, not just given away.

      1. Emmanuel Anderson

        The next winning numbers were drown some weeks ago; I just want to know how your system can truly work on that.To be frank,the next winning has already come up. I just want to compare.Please Xeno.

        1. Xeno Post author

          Oh, then it is even easier to use the formula: just solve for the numbers you already know using a true random function in reverse.

  87. Miguel Florentino

    I am Miguel Florentino from New Mexico do not follow the tips all the lottery winner tell you they use cause it a big lie, cause the secret is spiritual voodoo. I was introduced to this spiritual voodoo priest called Dr. Soula and i was told he can help win the lottery I never believe it cause the distance where he satay is very far, He is from Africa and i see no reason to believe that this really but my friend out of alot of debt i still have to do it so as to pay back and sort out bills. I contacted him and he assure me just three days i but a ticket from a shop and played after he has cast a spell on the number i sent him. I was in my house when i was watching the result and my name was among winners i have been doing this for years and i never won but Dr. Soula prove it to me the voodoo works. I won $30,000 but the problem i have was that you can only use the spell once if not i would have order another spell to play for millions. This is the secret to success do not be deceive by online tips is the only answer you need

  88. Foralaugh

    Xeno. The ability to discern when things are same or different. Very true. I have a winning formula and still it cuts down the changes of winning from in the 9 million odd or something to in the one hundred thousand odd. Must remember the result when flipping a coin
    People should serve their community and not be told things for free.
    I really enjoyed the hunt for a formula and it probably took me 24hrs all up to find it. I wonder if it’s a skill I could use to better serve my community? Do u know. PS Me thinks u have not got a formula at all!

  89. Mina

    Xeno are you Dr.John? both have the same image. Anyway I am not interested in a get rich quick method as many are(no offense to previous posts, it’s just my opinion that education is the way to go for stability). I am purely interested in physical science and theories of matter etc. I am curious if you are working on other projects and If I can aid in research as I am always interested in research as a hobby. I am also interested in building my skills with programs like Octave,Python,MAtlab etc. Currently I am using MIT opencourseware to learn python.via Intro to computer science and programming. happy to discuss my CV there is interest to work with you or other scientists.

    That being said I commend the fact that you managed to get people interested in Science and Math. People are frantically googling and learning about theories that are only second to Einstein and learning Linear Algebra. Well done!

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