Mars Rover “Draws” Very Naughty Image

By | April 25, 2013

20130425-001917.jpgNASA’s high-tech Curiosity rover may be getting a little cheeky over there on Mars.

In a photo of Curiosity’s track patterns, published on the robotics section of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory site, the Mars rover appears to have traced out a very phallic design on the Red Planet’s dusty surface.

The rover’s picture went viral after being posted to Reddit’s r/funny subreddit page Tuesday, earning close to 40,000 “upvotes” in a matter of a few hours. According to The Huffington Post UK, NASA’s website crashed due to increased traffic as word of the “drawing” spread.

The car-sized rover landed on Mars last August with a mandate to explore the planet and analyze whether or not Mars could have supported life forms. Curiosity is controlled by a team of NASA engineers, who send two sets of instructions to the exploratory craft each day, according to

Some of the tracks made by Curiosity’s six wheels can be seen from space and were documented by the HiRise camera of NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in January.

Oh grow up.

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