Scoop: Local bands to play at Sacramento Kings games

By | October 1, 2008
This pic is from the dinner / info meeting we attended last night
Left: Amy Anne of Xenophilia. Quiz: Can you name the local artist with Amy Anne?
Inside scoop: The Arco Arena, to attract new people to sporting events, and to generate new opportunities for local musicians, is enlisting local Sacramento area bands to help sell tickets. The bands will play for one hour outside of the sporting events before certain games, weather permitting. Perks for the band include having a song broadcast inside the Arena, reaching potentially 17,000 people.

Xenophilia played a Monarchs Women’s Basketball game at Arco and last night attended an info meeting about playing outside for one hour at Sacramento Kings Games (and selling b-ball tickets to music fans).

Bands in attendance included The Grumpy and The Generals. We also spotted Dig Music representing Walking Spanish (fronted by Jackie Greene‘s brother) among others.

If you are a Sacramento area band interested in playing the Arco Arena, contact me, and I’ll pass your information to the organizer. – Xeno

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