Live pigs blown up in government terrorism experiments

By | January 26, 2010

Live pigs blown up in government terrorism experiments

Live pigs are being blown up as part of a series of government terrorism experiments at Porton Down, the government’s secret military research laboratory.

Eighteen pigs wrapped in protective Kevlar blankets were blasted in a bid to help scientists understand more about the effects of bomb blasts on victims.

The animals were placed less than three yards from an explosive. Before being blown up, tubes were inserted into their blood vessels and bladders, and their spleens were removed.

A wire was also put into a major abdominal blood vessel to ensure the vessel became lacerated in the explosion.

The Kevlar blankets were used to protect the animals from minor bomb debris and the animals were anaesthetised throughout.

Scientists wanted to find out how long the animals survived when more than a third of their blood had drained from their bodies.

Medics hope the experiments will help British soldiers in Afghanistan as well as casualties of terror attacks like the July 2005 bombing of the London Underground and a double-decker bus.

In particular these results should help them understand how to control haemorrhaging in bomb blast victims.

But Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, questioned the use of live animals in military experiments.

Talking to the Sunday Times he said: "These are revolting and unnecessary experiments. Sadly, we are too familiar with the effects of terrorism. It is perfectly possible to find out things we don't know without blowing up pigs to find out." …

No pigs survived the experiments.

via Live pigs blown up in government terrorism experiments – Telegraph.

Pigs are smarter than dogs. That’s why I stopped eating them years ago, despite loving the taste of bacon and smoked ham. If we could grow authentic healthy pig meat in a lab without it being part of an animal, I’d probably eat it once a week. Anyway, pigs are very smart:

In the current issue of Animal Behaviour, researchers present evidence that domestic pigs can quickly learn how mirrors work and will use their understanding of reflected images to scope out their surroundings and find their food. The researchers cannot yet say whether the animals realize that the eyes in the mirror are their own, or whether pigs might rank with apes, dolphins and other species that have passed the famed "mirror self-recognition test" thought to be a marker of self-awareness and advanced intelligence.€  … – NYTimes

This is unbelievably cruel and unnecessary. Is there no ethics committee?

If the researchers at Porton Down would instead blow themselves up, they’d learn from the experience and they’d definitely save lives. I’m kidding about that, but there ARE plenty of human casualties right now that could be studied. If the Downers choose not to blow themselves up, they might instead just go examine some unfortunate soldiers who can be found with these types of major injuries in military hospitals.

5 thoughts on “Live pigs blown up in government terrorism experiments

  1. Cole

    Well, better pigs than humans. Man, people today really need to get their priorities straightened out.

    1. Ni

      Okay, we’ll start with straightening you out :P. Start boycotting mass produced meat farms. The animal farms here cause more global warming than anything.

      Personally, I’d rather have these scientists blown up. We can test them for blood loss characteristics and terrorism studies.

  2. Ann

    Yeah, get your priorities STRAIGHT! They were testing bombs that are meant kill PEOPLE!!!!!

    Oh yeah, now tell me, it was for TERRORISTS!!

    Oh, like we can REALLY BELIEVE THAT!!!!

    If anyone tells you WHY we’re in Iraq in the VERY FIRST PLACE …

    Or, can you tell you WHY Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorists in the VERY FIRST PLACE …

    then they’re really gullible, foolish or a liar …. unless …. they emphasize CORPORATE interests. (NOT TERRORIST!!!)

    GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT, WE’RE ALL SUCKERS and MADE FOOLS OF by the INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX (if anyone doesn’t believe that 50 years (!!!) after REPUBLICAN President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about it on a nationwide television broadcast (!!!) … then let America sink ’cause I give up.)

  3. Ann

    In case anyone in the world is interested, this is just one example of what former Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was talking about:

    A dangerous rise in US-China tensions

    5 February 2010

    First paragraph:
    “The US announcement of a $6.4 billion arms sale [please note who is the seller is] to Taiwan last Friday has provoked sharp opposition from China and a marked increase in tensions between the two major powers. The determination of both sides to take a tougher stance, regardless of the consequences, raises the spectre of an open rift in diplomatic and political relations.

    Ok, so a lot of people somewhere getting paid for the production of weapons … but does that justify a transaction will ultimately kill other people? Of course, WE HOPE the intention is deterrence of war, but this is not the COLD WAR. And, is no longer COMMUNIST. Does it make any difference to know that the US is the largest weapons producer in the world?

  4. Ann

    Oh, that’s right …

    …. we have a president in office now who said, in so many words during his campaign, the WAR in the Middle East was going to END (or at least in Iraq), so we don’t have to worry about the industrial-military-complex taking charge. …. or do we?

    The article below show the response of America’s weapons industry after Obama’s State of the Union message:

    US: Obama’s Budget Calls for Billions in New Spending for Drones

    by Jason Leopold,

    February 2nd, 2010

    “This is how major US defense contractors reacted to the unveiling of President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2011 spending plan for the Pentagon, part of the president’s overall $3.8 trillion budget proposal.

    Shares of General Dynamics, a maker of military aircraft, submarines and munitions, rose 3.9 percent and closed at $69.43 in trading on the New York Stock Exchange, …

    Northrop Grumman Corp., which builds unmanned spy planes and ships, rose 2.3 percent to close at $57.92.

    Boeing Co., a manufacturer of aircraft carriers, shares increased by 1.8 and closed at $61.70.

    Lockheed Martin’s shares rose 37 cents to close at $74.89.

    Raytheon Co., a missile supplier, was up by a percentage point to close at $52.96,

    … shares of L-3 Communications Holdings, a firm that supplies intelligence gathering and monitoring equipment, was up 1.6 percent to close at $84.64.

    And shares of Harris Corp soared 4.2 percent to close at $44.74. Harris manufactures tactical radios utilizes encryption technology.

    …. maybe instead of putting our hands over hearts during the pledge of allegiance, we all should salute the American flag.


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