Light turns itself on in my house

By | July 30, 2012

Remember a few days ago when I had a key fly off the wall and land on my kitchen floor when there was no wind and the key had been on its hook for about a week without being touched? … And it turned out the guy who installed the lock and gave us the key had died in a car crash a few days before?

Well, just now, the light in my living room came on by itself. It has never done this before.

The light is about one foot out of arms reach for me as I’m sitting here on the couch, not moving. The light came on, and has stayed on, with no sound at all. I moved around and shook the couch to see if my movement accidentally turned it on. Nope. I have no pets.

Examining the light switch (a knob) shows that it is possible to turn the light on and have it remain off. In that state it takes only a small twist for the light to come on… But I haven’t seen it come on by itself again after many tests.

3 thoughts on “Light turns itself on in my house

  1. Fred Killer

    Regardless of the possible causes, I’d shut off the main power switch and remove the switch plate to check the connections.

    If the light can remain off when turned on, the switch is either faulty or badly designed. If it’s arcing, (contacting badly), it could potentially cause a fire.

    I would recommend a visit by an electrician and a visit to a psychic medium to ask if the previous gentleman has a message for you.

    He’s probably trying to make contact. Was his death suspicious or traumatic? He may be attempting to relay information that could lead to the arrest of a suspect etc. and you’re the kind of person that might take him seriously.

  2. Val D

    Same thing with the same kind of light happened to me in a hotel room in Montreal. Right when i turned the light off and lied down for a minute , light came back on but no possible way this could of happened without turning the knob, and that knob was kind of hard to turn too….

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