Video: Jacques Vallee, Contact Learning from Outer Space

By | March 8, 2011

Jacques Vallee , Contact Learning from Outer Space

I pay attention to Vallee because it was in a book of his that I first heard the idea of unmanned drones killing people by remote control, flown out of Area 51. This was about a decade before the rest of the world learned that predator drones were real.

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  1. Art Campbell

    Please forward to Jacques Vallee
    Would like to know the disposition of this… Thanks

    Stanton Friedman said;
    Art Campbell has done an incredible job of researching the recovery of a 1947 crashed flying saucer on the Plains of San Augustin,in the Roswell timeline.

    Hello Mr Vallee
    We were in contact briefly in the mid 90s. Up until 2005 I had been working at the site Friedman mentions, since 1995. I sent you some photos of some of the material before we lost contact. Believe it or not the site is some 16 miles south of the VLA near Datil N M. So while the search for Extraterrestrial life goes into the Cosmos at one end of the Plains, we were picking up apparent UFO wreckage at the other end.

    I invite you to to see a rather comprehensive layout of Items found that may have an extraterrestrial origin. I personally own all of the material ( some samples sent to Labs ) The book advertised is under revision and not available now. If you look farther into my bio etc. you will see that we go back to Truman and Keyhoe.

    What do I need? Simply put an advisor. The UFOlogy world has gotten so complex I can not get answers to simple questions. As I try to move through the morass, of politics and personalities who have a myriad of motivations to be in the UFO field I find it more and more difficult to make decisions without good information.

    I would not have more than an occasional question. A referral to an appropiate source would be of great help

    Art Campbell
    Medford Or ( Retired Educator )

    I do not need a pen pal but I would like to pursue my original goal of bringing UFO reality to ordinary people

    1. Xeno Post author

      Hi Art,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Jacques Vallee can be contacted this way:

      Jacques Vallee
      P.O. Box 641650
      San Francisco, CA 9416

      I typically remove links where people are selling things, but I’ll make an exception in the case of your book because it sounds like something I would read if I had time.

      I liked this quote from your web site about Eisenhower’s Journey to Holloman AFB:

      “Overheard: Someone who appeared to be the President left Air Force One, walked to the UFO and entered it.”

      Feel free to post questions or interesting observations here if you have anything that can be made public without negative impact to your research.

      Some of my 5,000 readers each day are secret government agents with inside information who might toss us some clues. 😉


  2. Art Campbell

    Hello Xeno

    We are a little slow responding for your contact information on Jacques Vallee. I will write him in a day or so. A few years ago I was in contact with him and learned he had set up a remote 16mm movie camera taking one frame a second in a hot UFO valley near where I used to coach. I was into films in those days and would have been glad to help him change film etc. Unfortunately we missed each other by several years. Thank you so much for your help.

    Hope to be in contact if we get anything accomplished,

    Thanks again
    Art Campbell


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