Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

By | June 30, 2009

Is Michael Jackson Really Dead

Recent appearances of Michael Jackson have prompted rumours by many fans that Michael Jackson has employed a “look-alike†body double to carry the burden of the up-coming world tour.

The shock news that pop legend Michael Jackson has suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at the age of 50 has sent his fans reeling. The big question is, was it really Michael Jackson who died?

Many who watched the press announcement for the up-coming world tour were convinced that it was not the real Jacko…….but a body double that faced the eager press.

Many devoted fans watching world tour announcement and other recent appearances commented that his hands, face, stature and general demeanour and mannerisms were unfamiliar (beyond any consequences of physical surgery), leading to rumours of a body double.

For a 50 year old man who has been rumoured to have suffered from Skin Cancer, Skin Disease, a debilitating Spider Bite, requirement for a lung transplant, addiction to Vicodin, nervous exhaustion, cosmetic surgery complications, to name a few, the prospect of a strenuous world tour would be a virtual impossibility.

Music journalists reported on sky news on the night of the announcement of his death that Michael Jackson was only contracted to perform for a few minutes on stage for each of the tour dates, suggesting that a well trained “look-alike†may stand in, secretly, for the bulk of the performances.

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It is kind of a tradition, perhaps started by Elvis (or was it Hitler?), that if you get world famous (or infamous), there will be rumors that the news of your death has been greatly exaggerated.

27 thoughts on “Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

  1. sarah

    i dnt think hes dead i mean think about it its michael jackson…… think think …. there must of been a body double

  2. Sophie

    IM SOO CONFUSED! Theres so many storys going around. I hope he is still alive but i doubt he is. In OK! magazine they said hes been spotted in Mexico.

  3. Lynda

    I have been a fan my whole life. Bewildered but interested in the various transformations over the years.. Studied his face to see the changes and wondered why but reamined a fan. Recently in the video announcing His “This is it” tour I couldn’t help but notice. And I consider myself to be rather observant, That his smile was freakishly grim reeper like… his hair looked so much like a bad wig. Yet what is being touted as the final video footage of him taken during rehearsal in preparation for the tour, looked more like the Michael I remember. Looks like two entirely differant men to me. Makes ME wonder. Either way….I am saddened. I feel he was victimized by so many. He was genius, and will be missed.

    1. Shianne

      i agree. the person announcing the “this is it” tour looks COMPLETLY different. im confused about his death. on one website it said they found a death hoax book thingy Michael rote about a year ago explaining how he was gona “die”. and it said he was coming back Christmad or New Years and he’s gona have a back from the dead tour and its gona be a real Thriller…

  4. mercedes

    This whole was it him or not coud be solved in five minutes by comparing this guys upheld hand palm up..and MJ made in wax palm.You can even find it on line by searching Michael Jackson hand or palmistry.
    The hoopla goes on because no one really wants to know they just want to gossip and OHHH or AWWWW.

  5. Stephanie

    To be honest i understand the trust in the news reports about Jacksons death,but then how many of these reports suggest that Michael Jackson has committed so many offenses.Offenses that someone like him, so seemingly loving, talented,and powerful when it comes to his influence on music and his fans, I would have to say that it is doubtful that HE did do half of the things people ruined him by printing. Its a shame that he went Sooo far… and overcame soo much… yes… what if he did have a double… maybe that is the reason for all the “surgeries” so that it would be NEAR impossible for the general public to actually recognize who he really was… maybe the real Michael Jackson escaped our eye a LONG time ago. maybe he is in Mexico…but after having so much done to his reputation I see how a man of his stature would have left the game before the magazines and tabloids could have anymore fun destroying such a valuable person. The media ATE him up… who wouldn’t want to fake his own death after having his reputation ruined with all the big mouths and money grabbing parents that probably forced their kids to speak on command? the day he died his sister and family were seen leaving his house with LARGE boxes. a moving van full… what would have been Soo large in a time like that to make sure they got there so prepared and ready to take them out? if the family didn’t really kno…why the weird behavior.So is he dead… i don think so. i think his family took him out of the house. kids told what to say and WHY daddy needed to do that. when u get so big the world comes to bring u down….step outta that world…

  6. Karly

    I have searched alot about his death, and found some intresting results out, is MJ really dead? who knows? this “duoble” could be a fix, or maybe, MJ is really in mexico and faked his own death? watch this Youtube vid carefully. 🙂

    1. Nabiha hasan

      Well Karly……….ur video is scaring me very much!!!!De music is horrifyiying!!!!I agree with u!!!MJ iz not dead!!!He really is alive.Ur video has proof tht he iz alive!!!

  7. mercedes

    is bozo is not mj. Why would he fake his death then act so much like a parody of himself weeks later in Mexico knowing people would see him. The legal crap alone would be enough to jail him FOR REAL. No way hosea.

  8. Stephanie

    honestly i have no clue what the truth is
    i hear from some people he’s dead
    but otheres that he’s fakeing it for the money
    or he did it just to get out of the tour.
    i dont knowww.

  9. jayson rodriguez

    naaaaaaaaaa he aint dead the reason is he had to find away to retire- by the way he try it once by turning his skin color white he had to try a perfect way to retire without no one knowing….. think about it i wont blame him……………..

  10. Liz

    I really don’t know what to think. There is probubly a good chance he is dead but maybe he is somehow really alive. There have been so many things that have been said about his death. How do we know for sure what is the truth. I would love for him to really be alive I have been a fan for a long time. Dead or alive I will always love him. I never have had the chance to meet him or see him in concert and I would love to if he is still alive. I am still really confused over all of this. Not that I want him to be dead but I hope we find out the truth soon so we know for sure. I don’t really like wondering but at the same time I don’t want to believe that he could be dead because I have been really sad over the fact he could be.

  11. Nabiha hasan

    I don’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!R de fans trying to make a fool of us!!!!!Hw can a dead man come back to live!!!!Its amazingly strange and amazingly exciting too!!!MJ u come back n v promise v r going to shout at de top of our lungs.When de news came tht he died he made me cry bitterly.Nw if this news turned out to b wrong u r going to make me cry 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. minnu

    mj is realli not dead coz if he was then he would be put to froze in us museum soo ppl next think big and not small!!

  13. amy

    ur right girl coz if he was dead he would be put to frozzeee…..and there is a video on youtube called mj is not deadd!!

  14. agostinho cambinda

    This is a really story ,he only gave a time to reset or time to the nation.
    I believe that on the eastern europe where his know ,he will bring us more………..

  15. Dave

    Some of the grammar on here is atrocious.

    He’s dead, he was drug addled and it’s a wonder he survived to the age he did.

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