Infidelity could be hereditary, says study

By | June 16, 2011

He was clearly born with a significant amount of sporting prowess but was Tiger Woods also born to be unfaithful to his wife?

The inclination towards infidelity could be in your genes, a study suggests.

Researchers examining female zebra finches believe they cheat on their mates due to variations in DNA handed down by male ancestors.

Genetic analysis revealed promiscuous males tend to sire promiscuous daughters – and this explanation for ‘playing away’ may also apply to humans, believe scientists.

The shamed golfer Tiger Woods is believed never to have forgiven his father Earl for cheating on his mother and last year anthropologists identified a gene mutation linked to the feel-good brain chemical dopamine that is liable to make people more likely to sleep around. …

via Infidelity could be hereditary, says study | Mail Online.

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  1. bobbie

    Thought-provoking. Some people can’t help it? Some would never be tempted. ‚ÄòTruth Games‚Äô explores issues of infidelity in 1970s London UK, when the freedoms of the swinging 60s began to run into trouble. It‚Äôs the two blazing hot summers of 75 and 76, and a group of friends are getting way out of their depth in infidelity. Each brings different attitudes to it, but is it their programming…?

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