It seems I’m Descended from Kings of England

By | February 22, 2010

Interesting surprise:€  If not for King Henry I of England 32 generations ago, I would not exist.€  I do partly have his nose … and his chin according to the Illustration of King Henry I from Cassell’s History of England.

I have a new interest in history now.€  My line to him is through “Elizabeth, Princess of England” whose father was King Henry I of England, whose father was also a king. I like the fact that King Henry I had scholarly interests and that he managed to curb abuses of power.

Henry I (c. 1068/1069 — 1 December 1135) was the fourth son of William I the Conqueror. He succeeded his elder brother William II as King of England in 1100 and defeated his eldest brother, Robert Curthose, to become Duke of Normandy in 1106. He was called Beauclerc for his scholarly interests and Lion of Justice for refinements which he brought about in the administrative and legislative machinery of the time.

Henry’s reign is noted for its political opportunism. His succession was confirmed while his brother Robert was away on the First Crusade and the beginning of his reign was occupied by wars with Robert for control of England and Normandy. He successfully reunited the two realms again after their separation on his father’s death in 1087. Upon his succession he granted the baronage a Charter of Liberties, which formed a basis for subsequent challenges to rights of kings and presaged Magna Carta, which subjected the King to law.

The rest of Henry’s reign was filled with judicial and financial reforms. He established the biannual Exchequer to reform the treasury. He used itinerant officials to curb abuses of power at the local and regional level, garnering the praise of the people. The differences between the English and Norman populations began to break down during his reign and he himself married a daughter of the old English royal house. He made peace with the church after the disputes of his brother’s reign, but he could not smooth out his succession after the disastrous loss of his eldest son William in the wreck of the White Ship. His will stipulated that he was to be succeeded by his daughter, the Empress Matilda, but his stern rule was followed by a period of civil war known as the Anarchy.


I’m also related to the last person to ever to conquer England (Henry I’s father).

“To press his claim to the English crown, William invaded England in 1066, leading an army of Normans, Bretons, Flemish people, and Frenchmen (from Paris and Île-de-France) to victory over the English forces of King Harold Godwinson (who died in the conflict) at the Battle of Hastings, and suppressed subsequent English revolts in what has become known as the Norman Conquest.[2]

….William’s invasion was the last time that England was successfully conquered by a foreign power.”

I wonder if my late grandfather, a 33rd Degree Freemason, ever knew he was descended from kings. He may have known, but he never mentioned it. He also never mentioned being a Freemason. Not once. I only found out after he passed away.€  The only thing he ever said was, “If a man tells you the Freemasons asked him to join them, he is lying. If you have to ask join them, you have to go to them.” I wasn’t even sure why he said it at the time, but it made sense years later.

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  1. Krystal

    Just found out that I am also related to King Henry I from his child Reginald Dunstanville Fitzroy who’s mother was Sibyl Corbet! Pretty cool stuff.

    1. alan


  2. Bruce

    I was named after King Robert I of Scotland He is my direct descendant, my 23rd Great Grandfather if i went to scotland would i be royalty?

    1. Xeno Post author

      Yes, King Bruce, I think, if I’m not mistaken, however, that you would be his descendant. And yes, they are obligated to give you a castle and a magic sword.


      King Xeno.

    2. Mary

      I recently discovered I am 24th great granddaughter of Robert Hoo. Lord of Luton Hoo,,,going back farther there is a Scottish princess who marries into the family, her husbamd Alexander Hoo. crusader, knight and her ffather, Alexander King of Scots

  3. Thomas

    I’ve also found out William was my 30 something great grandfather via the De Warrens thru to the Talbots and Stanleys of lancashire war of the roses fame,i don’t think people should be too surprised half the people in england can claim a royal bloodline.

  4. carmen

    My ggggggrandfather is king william by his son one of them came to america after the battlel of hastings I realy don’t know which one but I am into this tho am might even go normandy find out more information

    1. Xeno Post author

      Let me know when you are planning a trip to Normandy. I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if I’d have a “ah, home” feeling when visiting Mont-Saint-Michel.

  5. Della Mackie

    My older brother and sister have been working hard to find our roots, we always knew we had royalty in our blood but now we found out so much information, Lady Gadiva was my 32 grandmother and Henry the first was my (I think 33 grandfather) I dont have the info in front of me but so many kings were my great great (etc) grand parents,) so if I am that closely related, how do we go about proving we are close royal decendants?

    1. Xeno Post author

      My feeling is that if you are related to royalty you will have naturally kingly or queenly behaviors and perhaps a particular kind of nose. Do you exhibit any of these traits? Sounds like we are related!

  6. Lawrence

    Hi, I was looking for more info about my new found heritage because it would seem that I am also an ancestor of Henry 1?!? To my surprise, and yours too I’m sure, it seems that my grandfather of 25 generations ago was Sir Richard DeHarcourt. I was wondering if they’re was anyway to verify this and what possible implications may come of it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  7. melissaruckman

    hi! so i’m new to this. I just discovered that I have an extensive royal bloodline dating back to the founder of the merovingians. I have Norse Kings and Queens, Princesses (france) Dukes, Lords, Knights….. Rollo the viking is one of my great grandfathers….. …. Does this do anything for me?/ lol any new titles for me at all? hahaha not that it matters, but its amazing to find all of this out. I never DREAMED of anything like this.

  8. Me

    It has realy inspired my son as he begins his training. As i always say train it like ya wana break it haaa haaaa

  9. Sky notter

    Technically if your part of the viking Norsemen royalty on both sides of your family you can bestow titles, this includes on yourself so you can give yourself a royal title. You can also create titles. I am 55 percent norse I have this on both sides of my family, and yes, Ido have a title, I gave myself the title of princess and my brother ( he can’t give himself a title because he is mentally disabled and can’t communicate in any way so I gave it to him for him) the title of prince. My friend wants me to call him a knight. I told him I would if he wrestled with me. didn’t have to win tho I’d still give it to him. But to be super honest, we are all high class berserkers being called different things, but whatever losers, who cares it’s freaking fun. If you find this stupid post cringy then I literally do not care. If you like it, good I’m glad, if you dont care,good I can respect that I don’t care either. I’m just posting this cus it’s really late at night and I’m bored but I wanna stay up til the stupid sun rises so I can go fishing with my friend. Easier to get up at sunrise if your already awake.

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