Ice Blocks Still Falling From the Sky

By | April 13, 2006

Ice Blocks Still Falling From the Sky

?We have reported in the past on how mysterious blocks of ice are falling from the sky all over the world?smashing through roofs and at times narrowly missing people. In every case, the first suspicion has been that this ice came from airplanes emptying their toilets in the air?something they do NOT do. It’s actually a phenomenon caused by global warming. It’s recently happened in Oakland, California. KCBS-TV reports that a huge, solid block of ice fell from the sky. It was so large that it left a three-foot hole in the grass where it landed. The impact was so forceful that it knocked pieces of turf into the air that landed twenty feet away. Firefighters arrived at the scene quickly enough to be able to pull the block of ice out of the hole it made before it melted. They reported that the ice block measured three feet by three feet by half a foot. It was tested for toxicity and found to be made of pure water (if it had come from an airplane toilet, it would have contained chemicals and would probably have been blue in color).

This phenomenon takes place because of the increasing difference between the troposphere?or lower atmosphere? and the upper atmosphere, or stratosphere, due to global warming. The ultra-cold stratosphere causes large ice blocks to form out of jet contrails or ice that forms on airplane wings, and sometimes from water in rain clouds. These are the ice blocks that fall to earth. People who live underneath flight paths are most often the ones affected, which is why they assume the ice comes from airplane toilets. ” – more

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