How many people per day are eaten by aliens?

By | April 26, 2012

20120426-082614.jpgScientist Louis Pasteur collected samples of alien biological material. From his samples it was determined by other scientists that the aliens can survive in a dormant state (without eating) for 70 years

I’ve spent the last hour in bed finally writing this mind bending blog entry and my iPhone crashed 3 times and wiped it out. Very strange!

This has not happened for any other topics I’ve posted. First the google app crashed, then the photo editing app, then the entire iPhone crashed and restarted, wiping out all but the title of this entry in my WordPress app.

It seems someone does not want me to tell you what I’ve learned about aliens eating people. I will post more… if I’m permitted.

For now, I’ll just say that we are, in a way, like cattle for ancient (mostly) unseen aliens.

I don’t expect anyone to believe this at first glance, but I think I can explain my research in enough detail that many people will accept what I’ve found. Yes, it is disturbing in some ways, but I think people should know the truth.

No, sorry, this is not a late April fools joke. The evidence I’ve found includes data from NASA and serious researchers going back to the 1800’s.

They are real. People have seen them, scientists, including Nobel prize winners. They have been here much longer than we have. I can safely say that there are more of them on earth than us right now. Many of them live underground. I can back all of this up with proof.

I’m getting putting the puzzle together piece by piece. Here are the facts I have so far, for which I have evidence.

Sorry if you don’t like these facts. This is just the way it is. People would like them to care about us, but they do not. They don’t communicate with us telepathically, that’s Hollywood crap, but they can directly access our brain cells if they get past our protective barriers. This is often fatal, but some people have survived the experience.

Consider this a riddle, a challenge even. If you get this, you can avoid being eaten by aliens.

  • The aliens on Earth outnumber us
  • Mostly, they ignore us
  • They were on Earth billions of years before we were
  • Their ships were likely giant snowballs of ice and dust filled with food and water
  • They can survive in radioactive environments, if necessary
  • Radioactive Palladium-107 (6 mil yr half-life) would give them heat for a 30 million year journey
  • I would not say that they are smarter than us, but they hide much better
  • The can live in many places we could not
  • The can and do kill and eat people
  • Researchers claim they kill an amazing 2 million people a year in sub-Saharan Africa
  • There have been gruesome cases where they eat a person who is alive
  • Most of the time they won’t eat someone unless the person is dead
  • They can and do kill people, but it is usually our fault when they do
  • They don’t like us or dislike us. They don’t have human emotions
  • One kind was taken by NASA into space and survived 550 days in space, *outside* of the ship
  • They can survive in near zero pressures and temperatures
  • They don’t have lungs. They can extract oxygen from metals
  • They can perform photosynthesis like plants, but they are not plants
  • They can live in complete darkness.
  • An astounding number of them live underground, here on earth
  • Scientists discovered them living half a mile *under* the sea floor.
  • Well known scientists have seen them, including Nobel prize winners
  • Secret government scientists have worked with them in weapons laboratories
  • They help us every day by cleaning up our toxic messes as they go about their business
  • They help us inadvertently. They don’t care if we survive as a species or not
  • They do have a sort of sex: They share genetic memories and innovations by exchanging DNA through very thin walled tubes
  • Under the right conditions, they can glow by producing luciferin. They do this when they interact with squids in the ocean
  • They have evolved for billions of years, but they still communicate chemically
  • Samples taken in the 1800’s by Louis Pasteur showed that they can live without eating for 70 years
  • One kind was revived after being in a dormant stage for 25 million years
  • They can be transparent but one type is visible without any special equipment
  • Unless you are in a specially secured room, there is at least one in the room with you (totally ignoring you)
  • No, they are not in a “parallel dimension.” They are in the same dimension we are
  • Our scientists have captured and experimented on a large number of them and we know how to kill them
  • Certain chemicals will kill them, but they adapt and become resistant
  • They can survive extreme pressures up to 71 tons per square inch
  • One of the only things that kills them reliably is extreme heat
  • One kind is a fast predator that moves at over 100 times its length per second
  • This predator feeds on types that harm us, but they don’t do it for us
  • You probably could not kill even the slowest kind with a gun, unless you got amazingly lucky
  • If you shoot at one, it won’t stick around to let you know if you hit it, which you probably didn’t

The planet Nibiru mentioned in ancient Sumerian legend could be the icy ship that first brought the aliens to earth. NASA is not hiding the existence of a planet. “Planet X” long ago collided with the Earth and the aliens that arrived contributed their DNA to make us. Not on purpose, it just happened while they were doing other things. They didn’t care then and they still don’t care about us.

10 thoughts on “How many people per day are eaten by aliens?

  1. llullaillacool

    Wtf? Well, let’s see the evidence.
    But wait, last week I got an email from PETA telling me something about in vitro meat, I guess that’s an invention made by them and obvioulsy they like that in vitro stuff more, otherwise there wouldn’t be this exponential increase in population in the last four decades (with the disturbing shit side effects of hungry and thursty (clean water) children all over the place (called Earth). Anyway…strange stuff.

    1. Xeno Post author

      I’m working on the evidence and will write more soon, if they let me. What I’m learning now is really amazing. I’ve obtained reliable information that NASA has flown them up into space and they can survive in *outside of a space ship* for over 550 days! Apparently their DNA has amazing self-repairing abilities. I guess they don’t breathe, or don’t have to. No idea what they eat in space… Perhaps they go into a dormant phase with some kind of biological shell around them?

      UPDATE: I just found out that they use photosynthesis. They do not breathe. No lungs. They can move special proteins to the surface of their skin extract oxygen from metals (metal-oxide) break down the metal. Some researchers were very interested to see if they could break down radioactive metals such as uranium and byproducts of plutonium like technetium and chromium.

      They can and do kill and eat people every day, but they could also help us more than they already do.

      1. Robert Myrland

        Hi, about 10000+ people are killed and eaten yearly in the states by the reptile race. Btw also the gov in the states has agreed to that they can do that…

        1. Xeno Post author

          That may be. Killed, yes, but I don’t know about eaten… In all I’ve been writing I was not talking about reptilians. I don’t know of any reptilian aliens that can survive in space or not be killed by a gun. The group I’m talking about kills and eats way more of us and they vastly outnumber the reptilians as well.

  2. Jeff hoover

    I 2 saw a ufo in bristol tenn with my brother over pasture while in woods we heard termendous power didnt c what it was tillwe got out of woods as we came out power stoped we looked up saw box like craft not making any noise not aballon we have nothing that big and power mark was ten me 7 both shot at box with dads 22 and my bb gun and ran into house box was over 4o ft long 20ft tall had marks on it saw it in 64 mark is dead

  3. Jeffhoover

    Did anyone else c this big craft it floated over cow pasture . No sound at all wasnt anything anything like this in tenn then or now just wondering who or what it was and did anyone c it in bristol we saw it about 60 ft above us to r left floating after hearing its termendous power in woods it cut off power and floated but not balloon none this big or that sound it had in woods i think it was searching fur things to take and we got out before it got to us this wasnt nothing man made then or now we laughed as we got into house but fur somereason never said nothing bout it

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