Some IP addresses Trying to hack on 5/14/2018.

By | May 15, 2018

Hi would-be hackers. Here are the IPs of a 115 node distributed attack on this web site just today 5/14/2018. The first number is the computer the attack is coming from. I’ve made some clickable so you can see where they come from. In case they hit you too, I’ve included the admin abuse email for a few of them. Mostly likely these are all comptuers that got hacked and need security patches and password changes.

The other parts are the usernames they have tried to hack. One lockout is three bad guesses. With a bunch of computers, they can try more passwords, you see. Unfortunately, it will take a while. A 9 character password complete with letters, uppercase, numbers and symbols supposedly takes 44,530 years to crack and my random password is very much longer than that.

It did get my attention and make me realize I still have some articles on here I’d like to revise or remove. Working on that.