Happily Married Couple Discovers They Were Divorced 10 Years Ago

By | June 3, 2008

Happily Married Couple Discovers They Were Divorced 10 Years Ago

ou’ve seen the plot countless times in those old 60s and 70s sitcoms. But it’s always been fiction – until now. A happily married couple in India is horrified after finding out€ they’ve actually been divorced for the past ten years and never knew it.

Meena Verma made the surprising discovery this week, after she attempted to initiate legal action against her husband’s family for allegedly committing some acts of violence against her. But when the case got to court, the judge politely told her the records indicated the mother of two and her hubby had long since dissolved their union.

What happened?

Husband Virender Verma discovered his brother – a lawyer – took some rather proactive action 10 years ago and allegedly forged a divorce document when the couple considered making a similar complaint against them. And in the eyes of the law, it meant the duo hadn’t been legally man and wife all this time.

“It seems the divorce was doctored to defeat Meena’s possible complaint,” Virender explains. They’ve now accused the brother and four of his associates of forging the documents in question, although the sibling vehemently denies doing any such thing.

It’s not yet clear if the couple will have to be remarried or whether the alleged ‘secret divorce’ will be nullified by the revelations.

But you can only imagine what a future family reunion of this clan might be like. – cn

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