Hallucinations lead to bust

By | May 18, 2006

Hallucinations lead to bust

Terrified drug dealers committed a serious error by calling police for help with their hallucinations.A group of friends were partying on drugs when they saw a group of tiny, white men coming up out of the fjord. This terrified them so much they rang police to ask for protection, newspaper Bergensavisen reports.

Police responded to the call from a cabin in Fusa. They found no little white men, but rather three confused Bergen residents and a pile of drugs.

Police also found the three-year-old daughter of the woman present at the Fusa party, so child services was called and the cabin and the homes of two of the callers searched, Bergensavisen reports.

In total police found 23.7 kilos (52 lbs) of hashish, 314 grams of amphetamines and about 9,000 flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) tablets … – more

One little problem here. There is no such thing as a group hallucination. If more than one person (even on drugs) saw the same thing “tiny, white men coming up out of the fjord.” then something like that must have really happened! Freaky. In fact, this is not the first report of tiny white men. These things may be ancient:

“Although the Cherokee have lived in this area for a long time, longer than any of the European immigrants, they say that they were not the first ones here. They tell strange tales of tiny white men with ‘almond shaped eyes’ living in this area long ago. These tales seem to be buttressed by the word the Native American Crow as well as early adventurers such as trappers and members of military survey expeditions through this area. Other accounts tell of accidently discovered graveyards consisting entirely of tiny graves.” – buncomb

2 thoughts on “Hallucinations lead to bust

  1. TheAdlerian

    In the DSM-IV you have Shared Psychotic Disorder: code 297.3
    And that is without the use of drugs!

    Love the site, and sorry about the love life, on another note there. Every failure will be welcomed when you finally find a person that shares your values, trust me.

  2. xeno735

    Thanks for the love comment. I do hope you are correct. 🙂 Okay, about the DSM: I think Shared Psychotic Disorder covers shared beliefs but not shared hallucinations. So, I stand by may observation that there are no known group halluciations where the experiencers saw the same specific thing. Certainly there is group hysteria where everyone hears and sees something different because they are all freaking out… but this story seemed different. Here is a link on Shared Psychotic Disorder:


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