Top U.S. Doctors Condemn “Medical Ethics-Free Zone” at Guantanamo

By | June 14, 2013

Top U.S. Doctors Condemn

A group of top U.S. doctors are calling on their colleagues in the military to boycott the mass force-feeding of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. In an article for the prominent New England Journal of Medicine, three medical professors from Boston University wrote: “Physicians at Guantanamo cannot permit the military to use them and their medical skills for political purposes and still comply with their ethical obligations. Force-feeding a competent person is not the practice of medicine; it is aggravated assault. … As [Guantanamo] increasingly … becomes a medical ethics-free zone, we believe it's time for the medical profession to take constructive action,” they wrote. The majority of Guantanamo's 166 prisoners are on hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention; 43 are now being force-fed through tubes. The Pentagon has sent dozens of medical personnel to Guantanamo to assist with force-feeding. …

Force feeding by tube is horribly painful. Close this illegal, immoral and inhumane torture camp. It endangers every captured US solider. The USA must become a world human rights leader.

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