Ghostbusters: Website Tells You Who Died In Your House

By | October 23, 2013

diedinhouseIf you’ve been watching a little too muchAmerican Horror Story and want to make sure you don’t move into a house that’s haunted, will take care of that for you.

Since the website’s launch in June, CEO Roy Condrey said that they’ve been swamped with requests, according to The Houston Chronicle. For a fee of $11.99, the service will let you know if anyone’s died in your house and send you a “certified report.” They have the capability to search all 50 states.

His biggest customers hail from California and Florida. He chalks it up to Californians’ obsession with the macabre and the number of famous deaths that have occurred. (He even gets contacted by ghost hunters looking for tips on haunted homes.) In California, sellers are required to give full disclosure to buyers if someone has passed away in the home in the past three years; however, Civil Code Section 1710.2 states that nobody can successfully sue if the death occurred more than three years ago.

“It would bother me if I knew someone died in my house,” Condrey told The Houston Chronicle. “For instance, I couldn’t live in a house where there was a murder-suicide.”

However, some are skeptical about the service. Others think he’s preying on people’s superstitions. CNET reported the disclaimer on the website said, “Died in House does not guarantee to have all deaths that have occurred in or at a specific address; it is an informational use only type of service.”

Not sure I want to know … but think about this, if you go back far enough, did dinosars die in your house?

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