Ghost Of Abe Lincoln Stalks The White House

By | January 25, 2009

Such obviously high journalistic standards in this reporting 😉 Still a fun read.

President Obama has a spooky spirit living in his new digs: The ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

According to paranormal researcher Richard Crowe, the White House is a hotspot of ghostly activity, and the ghoul most seen stalking the place is Honest Abe, a fact confirmed by a stripper.

Crowe explains, "Abe Lincoln is the most popularly reported ghost in the White House. A famous stripper named Blaze Starr spent the night in the Lincoln bedroom in the '60s and said she saw a lifesize statue of Abraham Lincoln in the corner when she was in bed, but in the morning the statue wasn't there."

Not only did the stripper see Lincoln's spirit, apparently she claims that Abe's naughty ghost "likes to watch."

Though the White House is an eerie place, Crowe thinks Sasha and Malia Obama will love their new haunted house because they'll be able to have "impromptu ghost hunts all the time."

via Ghost Of Abe Lincoln Stalks The White House.

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  1. toma

    g wheres the video of Abraham Lincoln the ghost if there was ill be watching all day and prove to my friends that Abraham Lincoln

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