Ghost Encounters of the Kitchen Counter Kind

By | May 22, 2013

This morning, inches from where I last had a poltergeist move a bottle of dish soap while I was feet away, my blender started by itself. This was about 3 minutes after using it. It just came on. It has never done this before and I was unable to make it happen again, even strongly shaking and bumping the blender base after turning it off as lightly as possible.


– The off switch was not fully off and during those three minutes was slowly depressing due to completely natural forces until the electrical contact was made and the motor started.

– Someone rigged my blender with a remote control switch to mess with me

– A focused beam energy weapon deployed on a cloaked floating platform above my house was used. Someone saw the human heat signature in my kitchen through the roof and some joker at the controls at Area 51 decided to have some fun and prove just how advanced technology has become.

– A ghost is trying to send me a message of some kind. Candidates: a deceased grandparent, the deceased previous owner of the home, the deceased maintenance man who had the key made.

First a key falls to the floor from a nail on the wall, then the soap bottle rocks back and forth, now the blender comes on. All in the same kitchen. All weeks apart.

Key, Soap, Blender… KSB. Hmmm. Someones initials? The urban dictionary say it stands for “Kick Some Butt”.

3 thoughts on “Ghost Encounters of the Kitchen Counter Kind

    1. Xeno Post author

      GB 3 is still going to happen, I was reading yesterday.

      I thought about busting as a side job once … I’ll dig out my high tech digital ghost detecting thermometer to detect any unusual temperature drops next time something funky happens in my kitchen.

  1. JoanneBest

    What’s up with ghosts and kitchens? My Mom always heard chairs scraping across the floor and only in the kitchen; while the house was being rebuilt after Hurricane Irene knocked it down my parents rented a small apartment thru their Church, she would feel what she described as a warm hand on her back but it only happened in the kitchen.
    After the house was finally done, same thing with the scraping chairs only now the warm hand feeling followed ,again , only in the kitchen.
    My Mom passed away a month ago and that horrible morning we were gathered in the kitchen, I pulled out my cell phone and my screensaver had changed to a picture of what looked like a swirly starlit entrance to Heaven; thing is, my phone had nothing in it- no memory card, no pictures of any kind, no screensavers etc and the new pic that appeared I had never seen in my life.
    I like to think it was my Mom letting me know she was ok, and she did it in the kitchen.
    Great post! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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