Free Software

Here are my personal picks for the best free software (PC and Mac):

Free Software Mangement

For the latest software in packages with updates, try these awesome sites. They will let you keep your software, including most of my favorites below and more, updated.

  • Ninite (works on Windows and Server versions)
  • MacApps (like ninite for Mac)

Web Browser


For Musicians


  • LibreOffice – Free version of Microsoft Office. Recommended by me over OpenOffice which keeps crashing.




  • 7-zip – expand and compact files, put multiple files into one container for emailing.
  • Sumatra PDF – Small open source PDF reader.
  • FoxIt Reader – read PDFs without all the Adobe spyware. Are they starting to charge? Is this a trial version? If so, I’ll look for some other free reader.

The above are or were some of my favorites. Some great software gets worse over time, ads spam, stops working, etc. Be sure to scan for malware. €  Here are a few lists you can check for other great free software.



6 thoughts on “Free Software

  1. Matt

    Audacity is pretty good indeed, although Reaper is apparently even better with only a minimum charge for the licence – $60. Not much compared to, say, Cubase.

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