Video: 'Flash Mob' of Christmas Carolers Force Evacuation of California Mall

By | December 22, 2010

'Flash Mob' of Christmas Carolers Force Evacuation of California Mall

Mara Gay- A holiday “flash mob” of merry Christmas carolers forced the evacuation of a California mall when shoppers reported that the floor had begun to buckle.

Nearly 5,000 people showed up Monday night at the Sacramento-area mall to spread holiday cheer in an event organized on Twitter and Facebook by a local choral society. But the scene turned from joy to fright when spectators said the floor of the food court at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville started to shift beneath them as the group began its rendition of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus. “Police kicked the carolers out and evacuated the mall amid fears that the structure was unsafe.

“Somebody reported hearing two pops that sounded like the floor was giving way and another said the floor was shifting,” Tom Dodaro of the Roseville Fire Department told The Sacramento Bee.

The defiant carolers sang Christmas songs as officials ushered them out of the shopping center and a police helicopter sent to the scene roared overhead, according to the Sacramento Press, a local blog.

The “random act of musical kindness” promoted by the Sacramento Choral Society didn’t last long, but no injuries were reported.

So-called “flash mobs” are impromptu performances of song and dance organized through social media and word of mouth.

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Song and dance? Yeah, not so much, Mara.€  Check out flash mob on wikipedia.€  The idea is usually that you just show up somewhere and do something random.€  I organized the first flash mob in Sacramento and got on the news a few years ago.€  We got a bunch of random people to all show up at the Crest Theater wearing tinfoil hats. Then we marched to the park .. and then vanished into the night€  … no reason.

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