The Secret Butt Finger Trick

Here’s some harmless 100% legal fun you can have. Tonight I hit upon a shocking anatomical secret which will disturb prudes and confuse censors worldwide. The secret is this: your fingers, if photographed in a certain close up way, (shown below) are practically indistinguishable from pictures of thighs and buttocks.

Its a finger! Caution: Web trends show that this page may spread at light speed, others may follow and the net could be brought down by floods of these finger pictures. J/K. With everything I’ve done over the years to try to raise awareness of science and health, I have a humorous premonition that this will be my biggest contribution, the thing for which this site becomes best known. Well, the world could use a good laugh right now, so have at it!

In return for this secret, which you may use to disgust your friends and relations, I ask that you browse, that you not assume the worst of people, and that you send me an email the next time you hear of something strange which belongs here. Never stop learning and exploring this strange world. Enjoy! – Xeno

Finger Trick Instructions

Step 1. Curl your index finger of either hand into the crotch of your thumb.

Step 2. Rotate your hand so your knuckle is pointing up.

Step 3. Take a close up cutting off the top of the knuckle as shown.

That’s it. I shared this strange trick with the world via and received finger photos from many countries and US states. Take a look (may take a minute to load, it’s an insanely popular page, for some unknown reason.)
This site,, had over two million visits in one day at one point from this preposterous collection of finger pictures.