Famous Paintings Reproduced In Coffee

By | November 9, 2009

Famous Paintings Reproduced In CoffeeI visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this weekend.€  For $20, the photography of Richard Avedon was interesting, and when I included getting to see a real Picasso and a real Salvador Dali painting up so close that I could see the brush strokes, definitely worth it.€  Avedon photographed more famous people than you probably would have guessed.€  I enjoyed seeing photos of the Beatles I had not seen before. And god, what the heck happened to Andy Warhol? Oh, wow. Now I know.

So, I’m in an “Art Mood” this weekend and found this interesting:

Karen Eland, a former coffee maker has recreated famous paintings using only coffee as ink. According to Gizmodo, she “one day decided to dip a paint brush into her coffee cup instead of nibbling on biscotti. By gradually building layers of espresso she’s able to create a range of tones and what must be the tastiest smelling paintings ever.”

Here are my favorites. More on Gizmodo.

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