Fake Flying Saucers

By | August 2, 2008

A friend pointed out aerospaceweb.org’s fake flying saucers info via email and commented, “Why€ is someone€ faking US€ and Nazi built “flying saucer” photos?€  Are they€ in some way€ trying to obfuscate the truth of ET-built craft?”


The original:

The original

I’m impressed. Great image manipulation. The white plane was completely removed and replaced by clouds which did not exist in the original photo. Lots of work.

Source of the [Fake UFO] Photos

We’ve finally identified the origin of the modified photos described above as coming from the website usafflyingsaucers.com. The site purports to provide evidence that the US Air Force built and tested four different disk-shaped aircraft during the 1950s and 1960s. Illustrating the site are several computer generated drawings, models, and images of the flying discs superimposed into pictures of actual planes. Both the site and the illustrations appear to be the creation of Michael H. Schratt.

Schratt says that the information presented on the site comes from a writer named Jack D. Pickett. According to Pickett, he was asked to visit MacDill Air Force Base in Florida in 1967 to write an article on historic aircraft. Among the planes he says he saw stored at the base were these four saucer-shaped aircraft, and he also claims the base gave him access to hundreds of photos and videos of the craft. Despite this information, Pickett says the Air Force later decided to prevent him from publishing his article about the planes and they have remained a secret to this day.

While we cannot dismiss his story out of hand and the existence of these flying disks may be confirmed someday, there is presently no evidence to corroborate the tale. Perhaps more importantly, the pictures created to support these claims ought to be clearly marked as computer generated conceptual images…. The only disclaimer pointing out the conjectural nature of the site appears on one page in very small text that is easy to overlook. …

Note that the site usafflyingsaucers.com expired in January 2006 and is no longer available. An archive of the old site can be found at WayBackMachine.com. A brief overview of many of its claims including additional diagrams can also be seen here.
– answer by Greg Alexander, 30 December 2005

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  1. G.I. Joe

    We have birds that have been able to fly in and out of our Atmosphere (Safely) since the early 80’s. We have everything from Giant triangular vehicles which are part blimp and part something else, well you get the point. My point is just about everything strange people report seeing in the night skies are craft of Human Design (Human Flown and UAV). I have seen evidence of that however I have not seen evidence of ET Craft… but have heard plenty of stories while drinking in an Officer‚Äôs Club or two.

  2. Ann

    G.I. Joe, interesting, what kind of stories?

    There were sightings of “UFOs” in the late 1890s and early 1900s. They were called “airships” back then, although it was before airships and the like were even common. I think one of the earliest UFO photo was in the 1880s or so. Some people claim there were “UFOs” in Europe during the Middle Ages, although people back then didn’t call them that. Instead, they said they were “angels” or “ships” – like ocean-going ships.

    It seems each era calls their unknowns with the knowledge available at the time. Anyway, how else are we to describe what is truly a mystery, if not with what we know?

  3. John F

    I have watched Schratt’s videos on Aircraft. First of all he is NOT an Aircraft historian. He’s a babbler, and makes up stories as he goes along. Schratt’s imagination appear to be fueled by lots of sugar, lollipops and maybe too much Starbuck’s coffee. Is there tinfoil hiding under his shirt? Whatever, I believe he would probably be best off at a low security facility for the mentally unstable.

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