Extraterrestrial Images on the Step Pyramid Saqqara, Egypt?

By | August 26, 2005

Found on dudeman. Freaky image,isn’t it? Perhaps the Aliens have been among us from the beginning. Or it could be the hieroglyphic equivalent of a typo.


Sometimes these things are just the result of palimpsest, carving over an existing carving.


6 thoughts on “Extraterrestrial Images on the Step Pyramid Saqqara, Egypt?

  1. doug

    I’ve seen CLEAR pictures of this glyph & it is a VASE. I love juicy stuff as much as the next guy but if it isn’t real…..it isn’t REAL. So…this folks…isn’t a picture of an alien..it is a picture of a vase….look at other photos of this if you really want to clarify the issue for yourself.

    1. Xeno Post author

      It does look like a vase. Okay, that makes sense…now we just have to figure out what an alien head is doing coming out of a vase on an Egyptian hieroglyph. Perhaps aliens were the first genies. 😉

  2. Saturne Boy

    here i am, the circle in one eye, the three stairs step pyramid in the other, and the cross star on the skin, here i am and waiting to meet you, my love, in the reason why we are and shall never be again .

  3. Saturne Boy

    Have you seen how low we went, is that your fault or mine, i left you so long, and you become so alone, in the road of happyness, lonelyness is foolish.

    I won’t accept the way you treated, and as my blood, you will end to the nowhere land, until i found my love, how pure where your happyness.

    Give me back the guidance, and i give you back real love.

  4. Saturne Boy

    Humans are their mistakes, the future could be yours, let together give a heart to the snake, and a brain to humans, it is too ate, but do not foget, time is on hour hand.

  5. Saturne Boy

    My love, to just feel, is not contact but understanding we need, i hope this place will be the lasting for the love message, everybody has gone, but i am left alone, my suffering feels none without a reason, know that a welthy being, is a stooding one for love.


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