Elephant helps give broken safari jeep push start

By | May 1, 2010

275x250.jpg275x250.jpgA frustrated zoo keeper at a UK safari park was given unusual assistance when his jeep broke down… an elephant gave him a push start

Lawrence Bates was all set to call for assistance to the animal reserve when his jeep broke down, until Five the elephant decided to give him a helping (hand) trunk.

The keeper couldn’t believe his eyes as the 18-year-old d African Elephant run behind the jeep and started pushing.

In a matter of seconds the trusty nelly had pushed the car out of trouble and out of the enclosure‚Ķ and given the AA an idea about replacement staff. But Five wasn’t finished there, she then proved better than most breakdown services as she took the time to give the truck a spring clean with her trusty trunk as part of the free service.

Director of Wildlife at West Midlands Safari Park, Bob Lawrence, said: “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life – it was absolutely incredible.

“Five and her keeper are a real team. It’s said that an Elephant never forgets, thankfully we don’t experience many vehicle breakdowns, but next time Five will know exactly what to do.”

via Elephant helps give broken safari jeep push start – Odd News | newslite.tv.

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