Video: Did Humans and Dinosaurs Co-Exist?

By | March 17, 2009

Could it be possible that in some remote locations of the world, a number of dinosaurs escaped the mysterious, mass extinction?

Scientists believe that the modern chicken and other birdlife evolved from dinosaurs (an interesting experiment to reverse engineer a dinosaur from a chicken is currently underway LINK) suggesting therefore that dinosaurs, on some evolutionary scale have walked alongside humans.

In 2000, incredibly, divers first caught sight of a living dinosaur – the coelacanth – a species of fish that was thought to have become extinct 70 million years ago LINK , survival for 360 million years on the earth (interestingly, with very little evolutionary progression).


Dinosaurs are thought to have become extinct approximately 65.5 million years ago.

The first genus of primitive ape ancestor is thought to have emerged about 23 million years ago – homo erectus emerging around 1.6 – 1.8 million years ago LINK – and homo sapiens (with modern human features) bursting onto the scene around a mere 130,000 years ago. The time lines are subject to change – based upon new discoveries (as the above link demonstrates).

The first modern human civilization is said to have emerged in ancient Sumer (the cradle of civilization) 8000 years ago.

And yet… there are a few artifacts which suggest that humans and dinosaurs did co-exist.

Case 1

Deep within the Cambodian jungle, looking like a set from Tomb Raider is the amazing Ta Prohm temple – built around 1185 AD. Carved into the stone – is what appears to be a stegosaurus ! Many argue that this is a merely a rhino with the sun, or foliage behind it – this leaves the whole debate open to personal interpretation.

Another interesting case is the Ica Stones of Peru. See my Ica Stones article.

Case 2

In the 1930’s, a large number of stones were discovered, tomb markers in Ica Peru – these are known as the Ica Burial Stones. Bearing no organic material, they are difficult to date – they are however believed to be between 500 and 1500 years old. Many of the stones show scenes of everyday life – however some had images of anatomically recognisable dinosaurs, Triceratops and Stegosaurus (shown below)

The article on scienceray by s hayes also cites the Acambaro figurines.  Image from

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9 thoughts on “Video: Did Humans and Dinosaurs Co-Exist?

  1. josh

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I have truly believed that man and dino. co-exsisted with each other, thank you for offering me some form of prof that this is fact!!!! if you have anymore information on this subject please feel free to email me. thank you so much

    sincerely Josh

  2. ProdigalKnot

    The fact that all notable civilzations have a long history of believing in dragons and flying serpents cannot just be a figment of people’s imaginations. If dinosaurs were extinct before man even came on the scene, where would even a genetic memory come from?

    Reading Job 41-42 convinces me that mankind and dinosaurs (behemoth and leviathan are ancient examples) coexisted at some point. Why, even if you are foolish enugh to think Job is just a story, would the subject of such creatures come up as proof of God’s power and might if such things were myths themselves?

    Carbon dating is an inexact science at best, built upon theory that doesn’t bear up in real world testing. Radiological dating is more precise, yet we cannot, by any means, calculate all the many permutations that affect a calculation that depends, again, on human presumptions that every kind of aging is predictable and occurs at the same rate over millions of years. There simply is no way to prove that dating methods are accurate. So, one is left having faith in either human science (which is imprecise and based on human perception of our world – which alone is impossible to reproduce throgh science) or faith in a Creator, a Grand Designer, which is much more sensible than the idea that random mistakes somehow becoming a cohesive and orderly whole like the world we know.

    1. Pimpin' Lando

      You’re wrong.

      You’re just flat out wrong. If you want to believe ridiculous religious lies, that’s fine, that’s your business, but please don’t go around telling people that dating techniques are flawed when in fact a number of dating systems put together actually makes dating most objects relatively accurate. Accuracy is an important part of science and while we can never prove anything 100%, we can get very, very close these days. Don’t talk about things you clearly have very little knowledge of.

    2. Sam

      I wish it were law that all the dummies that think this “creator” mess is truth and this “science” mess is just made up would be forever forbidden to use or benefit from all that science has produced. No more medical care, no more air-conditioning. It’s about like people on welfare complaining about taxes.

      By the way, carbon-dating and radiometric dating are actually only part of the dating process. The Law of Superposition tells us exactly where fossils date in relation to each other.

    3. Xeno Post author

      I don’t deny the fossil record or much doubt our dating methods, and I do NOT think that the Ica Stones are proof that the bible is correct …. but what of these facts: If 50,000 to 100,000 carved stones are a collection some of which were first recorded in the region by “a Jesuit missionary Padre Sim√≥n, who accompanied Pizarro to Per√∫ in 1525 and examples were sent to Spain in 1562”, then this was 260 years before we’d even started to believe that dinosaurs existed.

      “In 1822 Gideon Mantell, a doctor from Lewes, East Sussex, described a fossil tooth which his wife had found by the side of the road in Cuckfield, West Sussex. This tooth was the first dinosaur fossil in the world ever to be identified. For the very first time people began to realise that creatures as large as dinosaurs had once existed. ” – link

      To people in 1500’s these were strange monsters, but today, any school kid could instantly identify these as very specific types of dinosaurs.

      Of course, it is fair to ask: Where is the historic evidence for the Padre and Pizarro statement?

      If that checks out, however, I’m at a loss as to how these things can exist without changing our beliefs. The Dr. said they were humans who were advanced and left the planet due to a coming comet. I love the idea that there is an undiscovered cave with 50,000 carved stones, the library of a lost civilization waiting to be discovered Peru. Perhaps they came from Mars after making the face there. 😉

      Look at the detail. How in the world would an uneducated hoaxter know that a Brachiosaurus had 5 toes on each of its four feet?

      I was just watching the video again… At the very end, Dr. C says a lab took samples stones from the cave (I thought it was never disclosed?) and determined that they were over 99,000 years old. What lab? What dating method? Hmm.

  3. marc ross

    Ok you guys are simpletons, Much like we adore vampires in todays folklore, these people did the same with dinosaurs and dragons. I am sure someone came across a fossil site and let their imaginations run wild. 2+2=5? LOL

    1. Xeno Post author

      If you believe the Book of Job (the tale of the Trapper of Uz) describes dinosaurs instead of dragons, could you tell us which dinosaur breathed or belched fire?

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