Ivanka Trump: monetary policy of the US will result in “massive inflation.” + Tip: Buy Palladium.

By | August 28, 2009

fIvanka Trump predicted that the monetary policy of the US will result in “massive inflation.”

“It’s hard for me to imagine that with this much money being dumped into the economy that we’re not going to expand into massive inflation,” Trump told CNBC’s Becky Quick.

via Developing: Ivanka On Squawk Box.

Warren Buffett has quietly been divesting himself of the dollar for years, and the latest Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) annual report contains a stark warning about our fiscal future. Whether or not these gloomy predictions will in fact come to fruition is impossible to predict with certainty, of course, but diversifying out of the dollar, a prudent move in any environment, appears to be an absolute necessity, now. There are a number of ways to prepare for, and even profit from, a period of high inflation. Among the best are to invest in real property, commodities, and foreign currencies. – seeking

I purchased a few Palladium coins.

Palladium is a natural white pure precious metal…. It enahances the beauty of diamonds (similar to platinum), is hypo-allergenic, nickel free and needs no rhodium plating (which makes it slightly more desireable than white gold, albeit more expensive as well). Palladium is 30 times more rare than gold, while sharing a similar patina and luster as precious platinum. Palladium is also a very strong and durable metal and will last a lifetime. It is less expensive than platinum, but more expensive than gold. – dv

Yeah, this is not true currently, because gold is around $950/oz.€  You see, this is what makes palladium such a good buy. Buy low, sell high. Gold will keep going up for a while, so it is a good investment too, but I’m thinking you could have more growth potential with palladium because you can buy more of it.

I figure with the coming inflation, I’ll only have to wait a few years for the price to be driven up to $750 an ounce and I’ll double my money (including commission, shipping, safety deposit box, etc.).€  The 5 year high is $579/oz, but these are extraordinary times.€  There are layoffs in places which haven’t had layoffs for 35 years. People want stability. Precious metals are doing well.€  In 2001 palladium hit an all time high of $1,075/oz in US dollars.€  I’m hoping the use in fuel cells will cause a new surge of interest in this metal.

… palladium has several integral roles in a hydrogen economy. Palladium can be used to generate hydrogen, to purify hydrogen, to store hydrogen and to detect hydrogen. Since the fuel cell is dependent on hydrogen, palladium will be important to this technology. If, as some say, that the world's oil supply peaks in the year 2010 then this technology is not that far off. – swpalladium

Palladium Price Per Ounce in Dollarshttps://xenophilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/pd1825nyb.gif

  • Platinum is 15 times rarer than gold… and palladium is nearly as scarce as platinum.
  • Both platinum and palladium are used primarily to control emissions in automobile catalytic converters, and secondarily in jewellery.
  • These sister metals are only mined in about 12 regions worldwide, primarily in Russia and South Africa, and to a lesser extent in the United States and Canada.
  • The Russian Federation accounts for approximately two-thirds of the world's palladium supply.
  • Russian palladium supplies come from three sources — the Norilsk Nickel mine, Gokhran (Russia's gems and precious metals reserve) and the Russian Central Bank.
  • Almazyuveliexport is a state-owned monopoly that controls all palladium exports to the world. …

Soaring Chinese demand for palladium jewellery

With platinum prices at four times that of palladium, the cheaper sister is looking more and more attractive. This is true in other sectors where the sibling metals are consumed as well. Of note is the jewellery industry.

When supply and demand statistics are released for 2005, most experts anticipate that we will have seen a 70% increase in Chinese consumption of palladium for jewellery. The reason for this considerable increase in consumption is, once again, the high Platinum price.

In the past, palladium had been primarily used with gold to create white gold. Now, for jewellery purposes, consumers are looking to purchase palladium jewellery. It is a pure, white metal with similar properties to platinum… but the price tag is a heck of a lot lower!

– fleetinvest

These coins and this metal is rare. Not impossible to imagine that the value will increase again… I just don’t know when.

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