Confusing Twitter hashtag leave Cher fans in mourning

By | April 8, 2013

20130408-135828.jpg… Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away today.She was admired and derided in almost equal measure. Some adored how she assaulted entrenched British institutions with her handbag. Others thought she was a petty and divisive shopkeeper’s daughter.

One Web site that espoused the latter view is called Is Thatcher Dead Yet? It rather looked forward to her passing to the Safeway in the sky.

So when her death was announced, it immediately created the hashtag #nowthatchersdead.

This gained some traction in Twitterworld. Sadly, though, some fans of the underrated actress and all-around shiny being read the hashtag a little too quickly.

Yes, they believed that Cher was dead.

Grief glittered the Twitterscape.

“RIP Cher, you were an amazing singer. Do you believe in life after love was one of the all time greats. #nowthatchersdead,” tweeped Ryan Coburn.

Someone with the apposite handle @sexyghosts offered: “RIP CHER. Just saw the hashtag. Never was a fan myself but you’ve gotta respect her influence.”

The hashtag #nowthatchersdead creates tears and wailing for the wrong female icon. It is former British Prime Minister Margaret

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