Video: Colorado Shooter Drugged

By | July 24, 2012

Woah. This guy is seriously drugged. He looks like a zombie in the video. Who drugged him and why? What you see here is as a destroyed shell. He is alive, but without a mind. The person(s) who drugged him may have also done his hair. He most likely does not remember a thing and has no idea what is going on. This could be done to anyone.

According to

Scopolamine … Used in high doses of 5-7 milligrams it can render a victim into a zombie state and at 10 milligrams produce coma then death. … This same mind control technique is being used to get victims to commit crimes, sometimes against themselves such as assisting in a robbery or their own murder. While the crimes may be caught by video tape and look like the person committing the crime is using free will, they are actually being controlled to commit the crime, and will have no memory of it afterward. Used in this high dose illegal manner, any criminal, corrupt law enforcement or government could use the drug as a means of setting up a person to commit a crime. The victim of the dosage would have no memory at all of having committed the crime, but there would no doubt be plenty of evidence for conviction.

Also, where did an unemployed medical student get the $20,000 (Mike Adams for naturalNews) for the expensive equipment?

… Some readers have questioned the $20,000 figure estimate… , saying this gear could have been acquired for only $10,000 or so. I doubt that, as all the extras that you need to effectively run these guns cost a lot of money: training courses, spare magazines, etc. Just a decent AR-15 battle sight (a holographic red dot sight) can run $1,000 – $2,000. Search “ACOG” if you don’t believe me. It is also reported that Holmes bought 6,000 rounds of ammo, which definitely isn’t cheap either, especially given that we now know half of those rounds were rifle rounds. It’s clear this guy was spending big bucks. Whether it’s $10k or $20k isn’t really that much of a point.

Strange stuff.

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