Video: Claim: Forensic evidence a US First Lady was male

By | November 30, 2016

Well, this is the strangest thing I heard/saw today: Some are certain that Obama is secretly gay and that the First Lady is secretly a transsexual man.

The above video claims that based on finger lengths, shoulder width, arm muscles, height, Adam’s apple, head to body ratio, and a photos of what appears to be a manly crotch bulge, that Michelle Obama is indeed a man. Other videos say she was originally Michael LaVaughn Robinson who accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers. Woah.

It wouldn’t make any difference as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of genetic gender, he or she has supported good causes such as Cancer, Children, Conservation, Creative Arts, Education, Environment, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Literacy, Miscellaneous, Peace, Philanthropy, Poverty, Sports, Veteran/Service Member Support, and Women. Link

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole on this, there is a video where Obama slips€ and says “Micheal and I” instead of “Michelle and I,” but even the text of the speech on says the same thing:

"Secretary Panetta, thank you for your introduction and for your extraordinary leadership. Members of Congress, Vice President Biden, members of the Joint Chiefs, service secretaries, distinguished guests, and men and women of the finest military in the world. Most of all, Admiral Mullen, Deborah, Michael, and I also want to also acknowledge your son Jack, who's deployed today. All of you have performed extraordinary service to our country." Looking at the comma in the speech, this is perhaps Obama just talking to Admiral Mullen whose first name is Michael. Interesting how that one comma could turn the First Lady into a man if it is missing.

Then, much more unambiguously, € there is Joan Rivers saying that Obama is gay and that Michelle is a transsexual, and everybody knows it.

Joan Rivers died unexpectedly a few months after making this statement.

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Madelyn Dunham, had a male first name.

This biography of Barack Obama seems stitched together from a few photographs:

Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Shields Robinson, appears to have an Adam’s apple in this photo.

Was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama born male? Perhaps. I’ve heard claims that US presidents were shape shifting reptilian aliens over the years so this one isn’t really crazy in comparison.

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