Chupacabra killed by rancher?

By | August 11, 2004

(woia | update) Chupacabra killed by rancher?

“The animal has a blue-grey coloring, is almost hairless, has a short mane and large fangs.”

In Elmendorf, South Texas, more than thirty of rancher Devin McAnally’s chickens were slaughtered in broad daylight until he shot this strange creature. The Communion Foundation will exhume McAnally’s creature and send it out for DNA testing. “Amy Davis, News 4 WOAI

The mysterious creature killed in Elmendorf is creating curiosity among scientists all over the country. The rancher you saw first on WOAI is getting calls from as far away as Philadelphia. Researchers will now dig up the bizarre-looking beast in an attempt to identify what some are calling the famed Chupacabra.

The digging to collect the animal’s remains begins Tuesday. It could take four to six weeks to get the DNA test results back from the lab.”

There have actually been multiple eye-witness sightings in California. The California creature I heard about had a flat nose so it may be a different animal.

“John Gramieri, the Mammal Curator at the San Antonio Zoo, doesn’t think it’s the Chupacabra. It’s definitely unique, but he thinks it’s a mix between a dog and a coyote.”

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