China Debuts a Drone at Robotics Show –

By | August 19, 2011

Nathan Hodge – China made its debut this week at the world’s largest robotics trade show when a Shenzhen-based firm showcased its F50, a small drone with a high-definition video camera that a company brochure billed as a tool for monitoring protests, or responding to building fires.


The appearance of AEE Technology Co.’s relatively small, short-range drone–about the size of a pizza pan–in the drone market underscores the burgeoning international competition in the market for unmanned aerial vehicles and military robots.

State-run and private Chinese companies have invested heavily in recent years in developing drones both for export and for China’s military and …

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Pretty much a toy compared to at least one drone they had two years ago according to the China Defense Blog, Sunday, July 03, 2011:

The existing of a Chinese “Global Hawk” is nothing new as it has been featured in various trade-shows and with reported maiden flight conducted on November 7th 2009 (here).

However, until today there has been no confirmation to suggest that the PLAAF is adopting this high high-altitude UAV — this recent photo of Xianglong in PLAAF color suggests that the program is advancing to next stage of development.

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