Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: Keep phones out of pockets/bras!

By | November 2, 2010

The long awaited World Health Organization Interphone study of more than 5,000 brain tumors that occurred between 2000-2004 and cell phone use failed to deliver a knock-out punch. This thirteen country report found what every study that has ever examined people who have used phones for a decades or more has determined– top users of cell phones had a doubled risk of malignant tumors of the brain. When looking at all those in their study who had used cell phones to make one call a week for six months or more, compared to those who used cell phones less no such risk was evident. This is unsurprising.

… Professor Joel Moskowitz of University of California Berkeley combined information from all other studies ever done on brain tumors and cell phones and found “consistent evidence that heavy cell phone use for a decade or longer increases brain tumor risk at least 30%.” My colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh also reported similarly elevated risks of tumors of the hearing nerve in long-term cell phone users just last year.No wonder the public is confused. Headlines of some U.K. papers proclaimed: Long term brain cancer risk increased in heavy cell phone users, while those of the National Cancer Institute’s in-house online zine noted — no general risk from cell phone use. In fact, both headlines are technically true, and there’s the rub. …

All scientists agree that more research is needed. The question is what do we do, while we wait for that research? Should taxpayers in America stand by while information on this issue from other countries is amassed? The United States of America did not participate in this largest study of brain cancer and cell phone use ever carried out and currently there is almost no public health research underway on the questions of cell phone use and autism, chronic neurologic disease or cancer.

Studies by physician-researcher Lennart Hardell of Sweden — regarded as some of the best efforts in the world on this challenging topic — concur with the Interphone and Moskowitz results — those who have used phones heavily for a decade have a doubled risk of brain tumors and teenagers who begin heavy cell phone use have between four to five times more brain tumors by their late twenties. In fact, the French are not waiting for further research on this matter, and are taking steps based on the notion that it is better to be safe than sorry–codifying advice from the European Environment Agency, the Finnish Nuclear Regulatory Safety Authority and the Israeli Health Ministry among others . Both chambers of the French legislature have recently passed legislation requiring a host of simple actions to reduce direct exposures to the brains from cell phones. For starters, all cell phones must be sold with an earpiece or headset to limit direct brain exposure to radiofrequency signals. Advertising to children below age fourteen is banned, as is giving cell phones to children under the age of six. In schools, the use of cell phones is forbidden during all teaching activities. Finally, phones must be sold with labels indicating potential risks from excessive use and the reported exposure in terms of the SAR (specific absorption rate).

In France, Professor Daniel Oberhausen–a leader in cell phone safety — advises, “The absence of definitive human evidence at this point in time should not be misconstrued as proof of cell phone safety.” …

via Devra Davis, Ph.D.: Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: The Real Story.

Crud. I’ve been zapped good for years, especially from WiFi on my laptop constantly. This may explain my memory problems.

Based on this latest research, I’ve stopped using my cell phone as much. I have been using it constantly as a web browser, close to my face.

What I find interesting is people’s reactions. They get very defensive. “Well, you could wear a tinfoil hat, too.” “I’m not going to waste my time worrying about it. Broccoli and mushrooms also cause cancer.”

I’m not going to stop using my cell phone entirely, but what I am saying is,€  listen to the research. Pay attention to the risk and wear a seat belt. There is something you can do: Wear the headphone instead of putting your phone next to your head. You don’t have to get the EMF blocking underpants, or build a Faraday cage around your bed, but you might get some silver mesh and make a pocket liner for your phone.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: Keep phones out of pockets/bras!

  1. Ann

    A few years ago, to a small gathering of people Noam Chomsky gave a presentation and someone asked him afterwords, about “apathy” or “hopelessness” (I think the words were) among the American people (- it’s on YouTube).

    Chomsky replied affirmatively, bringing up the notion that if 9-11 was really caused by Washington-based “mass murderers,” as some people believe (although Chomsky doubts it) why was there nothing done? Why do the people who really believed or believe 9-11 was caused by officials in Washington was there, are there no outright battles, of whatever kind, fought? American history is full of even bloody battles, such as between labor and owners and elite. And, hundreds of people died in these battles over the years. But, now, given the presumed far more serious situation? Nothing!

    Your friends comments:

    “Well, you could wear a tinfoil hat, too.”

    “I’m not going to waste my time worrying about it. Broccoli and mushrooms also cause cancer.”

    seem along the same line of thought, a kind helplessness, a kind, “Oh well, let’s go with the flow …” attitude.

    This is tragic when there any number of 200+ industrial chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic, flowing in our blood and/or stored in the fat cells of our body NOW, according to the CDC. This is tragic knowing that there are 80,000 some industrial chemicals, about which we know nothing, in our food, drink and air etc.

    That cell-phone cause cancer is par for life in a world controlled by organizations (with their Washington lobbyists) whose only interest is profit, and short-term profit at that. (To have them consider long-range goals that deal with climate change … are you kidding?)

    Anyway, what the hell should we expect from a country/a nation that endangers the lives of young men, majority of whom are from middle to lower socio-economic classes, to fight, what is now pretty clear, “endless wars.”

  2. Brian

    I think the graphic is right on. When we look back at footage of WWII through the 70s and see people smoking in cars, offices, homes, and newsrooms, we wonder what the hell people were thinking. I have a feeling that the same bewilderment will overcome future folks who look back at people (like myself) who literally bathe themselves in electromagnetic radiation all the time.

    Yeah, haha the defensiveness is telling isn’t it? There seems to be a mechanism in people that drives the violent opposition to the pointing out, no matter how polite it may be, of matters that imply that something beyond their control may be harming them. Ha, that’s a long sentence to articulate common frickin sense.

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