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US phones to lock out drivers

Too many people are still using apps while driving. Phone manufacturers are always looking for new features to build into their devices. According to a report from the New York Times, the federal government has a suggestion: a "driver mode" that prevents the phone from being a distraction. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put… Read More »

Teleportation of consciousness rediscovered

Chew on this for a few years… Recent experiments by researchers at the Karolinksa Institutet in Sweden show that it is possible to rather easily trick the mind’s sense of self into leaving the body. Given visual cues and physical sensations of the right timing your brain will ‘teleport’ what you experience as ‘you’ into space, into a complete… Read More »

Grasshopper’s Journey Hints at New Era in Spaceflight

In 1997 McDonnell Douglas was the prime contractor in the Delta Clipper-Experimental project, commonly known as DC-X. During the years of 1993-1996, DC-X achieved several successful tests in the quest to become the first single stage to orbit reusable launch vehicle, ascending vertically, moving laterally, and then descending to the ground. Originally a project of… Read More »

Virgin Galactic ship shakes its space-flight feathers

… The first vehicle purpose-built for carrying tourists into space has now tested not just its wings, but also its feathers. Although it still hasn’t reached space, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo flew slightly longer and higher than it did on its first powered flight in April – and this time it also deployed a safety mechanism… Read More »

Real-time flight tracking

This is fun: watch planes in real time all over the world, as long as they have ADS-B transponders. Click image for site: The above image is from the free version of the app. The web site is more detailed. I’ve seen JetBlue Airways, American Airlines, FedEx, Virgin American, UPS Airlines, United Airlines around SF.… Read More »

A day at the beach

I’m one of my favorite photographers. 😉 Taken last weekend at Limantour Beach. Point Reyes National Seashore Point Reyes Station, California 94956 with an iPhone 4S.

Meet the NASA scientist devising a starship warp drive

To pave the way for rapid interstellar travel, NASA propulsion researcherHarold “Sonny” White plans to manipulate space-time in the lab The idea that nothing can exceed the speed of light limits our interstellar ambitions. How do we get round this?Within general relativity, there are two loopholes that allow you to go somewhere very quickly, overcoming… Read More »

Report: Train derails in Spain, killing 69

A high-speed passenger train derailed as it hurtled around a curve in northwestern Spain on Wednesday, killing dozens and injuring more than 100, a regional official said.By Thursday morning, the death toll had reached 69, Galicia regional government official Samuel Juarez told the Spanish newspaper El Pais. Pictures of the scene showed a train car… Read More »

U.S. begins flying deportees to Mexico City

U.S. immigration authorities have begun flying deportees deep into Mexico in an effort to discourage them from trying to return. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the first of twice-weekly flights from El Paso, Texas, to Mexico City left Thursday with 133 deportees aboard, all men. ICE spokeswoman Nicole Navas says the flights will accommodate… Read More »

Plane Crash at Alaska Airport Kills All 10 on Board, AP Reports

An air taxi that crashed at an Alaska airport killed all 10 people aboard, the Associated Press said. Nine passengers and the pilot died when the de Havilland DHC-3 Otter crashed in Soldotna, about 75 miles southwest of Anchorage, the AP reported, citing Clint Johnson, an investigator with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. The… Read More »

Xeno is out

I’m taking a break. Not many new posts for a while. Photos (by Xeno 2013 w/ iPhone 4S) below are from my current expedition: Search for the Seven Secrets of Renewable Rejuvenation. Create your own light. Reflect at the end of the day. Challenge yourself with something big. Enjoy the beauty of something small. Throw… Read More »

Radiation on Mars trip would have unknown health effects

Mars-bound pioneers will be exposed to radiation levels that could effectively retire astronauts under NASA’s current standards, scientists reported Thursday. The radiation astronauts would face on a round trip would be comparable to getting an abdominal CT scan “about once every five days,” Cary Zeitlin, principal scientist for the NASA-led Martian Radiation Environment Experiment, told… Read More »

Solar plane sets distance record on US tour

The first manned aircraft that can fly day and night powered only by solar energy set a new distance record Thursday when it landed after the second leg of a cross-country US tour. The Solar Impulse project, founded and led by two Swiss pilots, aims to showcase what can be accomplished without fossil fuels, and… Read More »