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Hopping out glowing green bunnies for science

00 There’s a long history of scientists creating glowing animals, ranging from fish to mice to cats. Now, a team of scientists from the University of Hawaii and two universities in Turkey have genetically engineered some adorable, fuzzy, glowing baby bunnies. Out of a herd of eight baby bunnies, two glow under blacklight. The glowing… Read More »

Man hospitalized in duck attack

00 A 91-year-old man who was attacked by a Muscovy duck at a local park last week was hospitalized over the weekend, according to his daughter. Wilmer Neumann was injured Aug. 5 when the duck flew after him as he walked down a concrete path at Ferry Park. The duck flew onto his back, but… Read More »

Babies given away live on air in Pakistani talk show

00 Pakistani television is screening what many call its most controversial content yet in a ruthless quest for ratings: a talk-show host who gives away babies live on air. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a bespectacled 41-year-old with a neatly trimmed beard, gave away two abandoned infant girls to childless families last month and plans to give… Read More »

TV For the Dogs, First Channel for Canines

00 Lonely, bored dogs left at home all day while their owners are at work could soon be getting some digital company – a TV channel with programming just for pooches. Via Reuters: Oddly Enough DOGTV, a 24/7 channel designed specifically for man’s best friend, will air nationally next month on the U.S. satellite operator… Read More »

Washington’s corpse flower ends its stinky reign

00 For weeks, gawkers lined up at the U.S. Botanic Garden, hoping to be among the lucky ones to catch the show when a giant-sized corpse flower bloomed for the first time in seven years. Via Reuters: Oddly Enough Even without the smell, a flower that blooms every seven years is interesting. Here’s a much… Read More »

Could snail slime be France’s next miracle beauty cure?

00 The French have long appreciated snails on a plate with butter and garlic. But one rural snail farmer believes the humble molluscs have more to offer alive than dead. … Louis-Marie Guedon says the mucus secreted by snails are full of collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics and other compounds that regenerate skin cells and heal… Read More »

Dubai offers gold to fight obesity epidemic

00 Dubai’s government will pay residents in gold for losing those extra pounds as part of a government campaign to fight growing obesity in the Gulf Arab emirate. … The 30-day weight-loss challenge was launched on Friday to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when the faithful refrain from eating and drinking during… Read More »

Colorado town mulls issuing licenses to shoot down drones

00 The farming and ranching town of Deer Trail, Colorado, which boasts that it held the world’s first rodeo in 1869, is now considering starting a 21st century tradition – paying bounties to anyone who shoots down an unmanned drone. Via Reuters: Oddly Enough Some people dislike drones, but when used for making music videos,… Read More »

‘Intelligent’ surgical knife can sniff out cancer tissue

00 Scientists have created an “intelligent” surgical knife that can detect in seconds whether tissue being cut is cancerous, promising more effective and accurate surgery in future. Via Reuters: Oddly Enough Some day we may just learn to help the body by identifying and getting rid of whatever causes the inflammation that leads to cancer.

Mysterious Stinking Foam Errupts from Road in China

00 Stinking white foam leaked from Wende Road after the pavement cracked in Pukou District in Nanjing, east China’s Jiangsu province on May 11, 2013. According to the World Bank in 2007, 16 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities are in China. (AFP/Getty Images) via Photos: Strange and Mysterious Happenings in China | Photos… Read More »

19 Foot Python Falls From Ceiling, Captured in Store

00 A 5.7m (19ft) python has been seized after it fell from the ceiling of a charity shop in Australia. The python, weighing 17kg, was recovered by a snake-handler after police investigated a suspected break-in at the shop in Ingham, Queensland. “Its head was the size of a small dog,” said police spokesman Sgt Don… Read More »

Video: Whale knocks surfer unconscious at Bondi Beach

00 A surfer recovers in hospital after being knocked unconscious by a 15-metre humpback whale that flicked him off his board at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. The whale was swimming among surfers about 70 metres offshore on Sunday morning. Bishan Rajapakse lost consciousness for about 10 seconds and other surfers managed to help him back… Read More »

Ohio Sinkhole Swallows Car And Driver

00 A giant sinkhole has swallowed a car and its driver as she travelled along a street in northwest Ohio. Pamela Knox was briefly trapped in the huge chasm that emerged on the road in Toledo, which police say may have been caused by a broken water mains pipe. Police say the stricken driver managed… Read More »

The Radioactive and Explosive Stones That Come From Sea

00 At Piriapolis city, in Punta Negra’s beach, the retired military, fisherman in his spare time, 78 years – Juan Carlos B√zon, was walking on the seaside when he noticed a small stone, just over 3 inches wide. He noted that it had a strong color in a fluorescent green hue, flecked with dark spots,… Read More »

Woman Arrested For Kissing Cop On The Nose

00 When 62-year-old Peggy Hill reportedly laid a wet one on a police officer, she basically kissed her freedom goodbye. The Florida woman was arrested for allegedly kissing a cop on the nose Saturday evening and jailed on charges of felony battery of a law enforcement officer. Authorities were responding to a report of an… Read More »

Boy, 6, Saved From Drowning In Road Sinkhole

00 Landon Reese of Jackson, Miss., thought he was bicycling through a puddle, his mother said. It turned out to be a sinkhole as deep as some swimming pools. The 6-year-old “nosedived” into the hole Saturday and nearly drowned, the Clarion-Ledger reports. Tai Shelby, a neighbor, saw the boy’s flailing arms and grabbed him. Landon’s… Read More »

One of the worst patents ever just got upheld in court

00 A firm called Ultramercial claims to have invented the concept of showing a customer an ad instead of charging for content. The company has sought royalties from a number of Web sites, including Hulu and YouTube. Ultramercial’s patent isn’t limited to any specific software algorithm, server configuration or user interface design. If you build… Read More »

Whitby councillor claims to have fathered alien child

00 A LABOUR politician has defended his beliefs in extra-terrestrial life – after claiming to have fathered a child with an alien. Married father-of-three Simon Parkes, who represents Stakesby on Whitby Town Council, said his wife had rowed with him after revealing he had a child called Zarka with an alien he refers to as… Read More »

University creates sperm bank for honeybees

00 There’s a lot of buzz at Washington State University over work to develop the first sperm bank for honeybees. Entomologist Steve Sheppard and his crew are using liquid nitrogen to preserve semen extracted from the industrious insects that pollinate much of the nation’s food supply but face environmental threats. The goal is to preserve… Read More »

Video: Stealth motorcycle for special forces being tested

00 Zero Motorcycles has created a stealth motorcycle for use by U.S. Special Operations Forces: The MMX. The all-electric off-roader features a nearly silent powertrain, full blackout capability, wiring for infrared lighting systems and a keyless ignition for quick starts. “It was a very rewarding experience for the Zero team to go through such… Read More »

Mother Has Third Set Of Twins At 500,000:1

00 A mother has defied odds of 500,000 to one by giving birth to her third set of twins – baby girls Rowan and Isla. Karen Rodger, 41, and husband Colin, 44, from Langbank in Renfrewshire were “over the moon” at the new arrivals to their family on May 29 at the Southern General Hospital… Read More »

Centuries-old frozen plants revived

00 Plants that were frozen during the “Little Ice Age” centuries ago have been observed sprouting new growth, scientists say. Samples of 400-year-old plants known as bryophytes have flourished under laboratory conditions. Researchers say this back-from-the-dead trick has implications for how ecosystems recover from the planet’s cyclic long periods of ice coverage. The findings appear… Read More »

Video: Doctor perform lifesaving surgery on Roona

00 Well-wishers around the world contribute towards £34,000 cost of life-saving surgery to save hydrocephalic baby’s life. A toddler whose head swelled up to three times its normal size has undergone surgery which could save her life. Roona Begum caught the world’s attention when images of her plight were published in a last-ditch bid to… Read More »

Stolen Newborn Sold on Facebook

00 A man in India sold his grandchild on Facebook for 70,000 rupees (US$1,278). After his daughter Noor gave birth to his grandson, Feroze Khan, with the help of some hospital staff, he took the baby and was able to give him to his buyer, Amir Kumar. After seeing pictures of Feroze’s grandson via Facebook,… Read More »

Human brain cells alive in mouse brains.

00 Into brains of newborn mice, researchers implanted human “progenitor cells.” These mature into a type of brain cell called astrocytes… They grew into human astrocytes, crowding out mouse astrocytes. The mouse brains became chimeras of human and mouse, with the workhorse mouse brain cells – neurons – nurtured by billions of human astrocytes. Neuroscience… Read More »