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Video: Swimming underwater is faster than swimming on the surface

It is a misconception that the higher you are in the water, the faster you can swim. On the contrary, the highest speeds are reached by swimming completely submerged, because this allows for more efficient transfer of momentum to the water (which creates forward thrust according to Newton’s third law), and because less energy is… Read More »

Gary Connery in world's first skydive without parachute

A stuntman is thought to have become the first person to jump out of a helicopter and land safely without deploying a parachute. Gary Connery, 42, used a “wingsuit” to make his descent from 2,400ft (730m) above Oxfordshire. The 42-year-old said he felt “elated” after landing on a pile of 18,600 cardboard boxes. He was… Read More »

Muscle soreness: rest or exercise?

It’s common for beginners to experience muscle soreness that lasts for a week or two, just as seasoned exercisers will be sore after a tough work out. Yes, you should keep working out even though you are sore, but there is more to it than that. Muscle soreness has two primary causes. The first soreness… Read More »

Video: How Usain Bolt can run faster — effortlessly

Usain Bolt can achieve faster running times with no extra effort on his part or improvement to his fitness, according to a study published today in Significance, the magazine of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association. Cambridge Professor of Mathematical Sciences John D. Barrow illustrates how, based on concrete mathematical evidence, Bolt… Read More »

101-year-old grandmother sets paragliding record

Mary Allen Hardison, a 101-year-old grandmother from Ogden, Utah, has officially been recognized as the "Oldest Female to Paraglide Tandem" — an achievement described Tuesday by Guinness World Records as a "celebration of the official start of spring and life rejuvenated." Hardison took up paragliding "on a whim," as she did not want to be… Read More »

Crews find balloonist who fell from 17,000 feet amid storm

A search-and-rescue team on Monday found the body of a missing hot air balloonist who had crashed in Georgia three days earlier. Acting on a tip from a witness who saw an object falling Friday, authorities dispatched a helicopter in the direction she described and quickly found the body of Ed Ristaino of North Carolina,… Read More »

Skydiver Leaps From Stratosphere in ‘Space Jump’ Practice

A daredevil aiming to set the record for world’s highest skydive moved one step closer to his goal today (March 15), completing a practice jump from more than 13 miles up in the stratosphere. Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner stepped out of a custom-built capsule at an altitude of 71,581 feet (21,818 meters), officials with Red… Read More »

Ghana coach says witchcraft is reason for team split

Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic has revealed deep divisions within the squad, saying some players used witchcraft against their own team-mates. The Serbian made his claim in a leaked report on the Black Stars’ failure at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations, where they were beaten by eventual winners Zambia in the semi-finals. “We all need… Read More »

A five-state ban for ‘Piggyback Bandit’

The stocky man showed up in a basketball uniform for a game at Century High School in North Dakota. Players and coaches assumed he was a fan who had come with another team, so nobody objected when he began to pitch in around the bench. “He helped lay out uniforms, got water. He even gave… Read More »

UC Davis pays $1.35M to settle Title IX case

The University of California, Davis has agreed to pay more than $1.3 million to attorneys representing three women who had filed gender discrimination claims because the campus did not offer a women’s wrestling team, officials said Thursday. The settlement came after a federal judge in Sacramento ruled on a broader question in August and found… Read More »

Swiss Build the World's First Solar-Powered Ski Lift

In the tiny mountain village of Tenna, a farming village in eastern Switzerland not far from resorts such as St. Moritz and Davos, big green ideas have been introduced. Although larger, well-known ski resorts overshadow it, when their aging ski lift needed replacing, locals raised enough money to update it and then went a step… Read More »

Video: Iran training an army of female Ninjas?

Iranian Ninjas-Iran-01-29-2012 – YouTube. There are over a billion American female Ninjas but they hide so well that no one knows they even exist. They don’t even get counted by the Census. There is one hiding in your sofa right now. Wanna bet?

Video: 18-month old plays Ping Pong on Youtube

Talented Jamie Myskova-Buddell sits on a full-size table and waits for his dad to hit the ball to him before he smashes it back with a scary level of accuracy. The pint-sized prodigy, who is yet to talk, has now become a global star after his ping pong antics went viral. Ping Pong Baby, So… Read More »

Volcano boarding, adventure-seekers’ latest thrill

photo credit: John Otis Nicaragua's Cerro Negro volcano has erupted 23 times in the past 100 years, burying homes, crops and people in lava and ashes. But recently the menacing black mountain has become a tourist draw, thanks to a newly invented extreme sport: volcano boarding. Thousands of thrill-seekers have climbed to the top of… Read More »

Video: Surfer rides ‘biggest wave of all time’

Professional surfer McNamara, 44, was riding large waves with Andrew Cotton and Al Mennie as part of a study with the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute to understand why the waves in the deep-water canyon off Nazare reach such gigantic heights.Three mammoth waves appeared and Cotton towed McNamara onto the shoulder of one.”Everything seemed to be perfect,… Read More »