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Teleportation of consciousness rediscovered

00 Experiments by researchers at the Karolinksa Institutet in Sweden show that it is possible to rather easily trick the mind’s sense of self into leaving the body. Given visual cues and physical sensations of the right timing your brain will ‘teleport’ what you experience as ‘you’ into space, into a complete stranger or even into a mannequin.  This… Read More »

JK Rowling to pen Harry Potter spin-off film

00 JK Rowling is to make her screenwriting debut in a new Harry Potter-themed film series, Warner Bros has announced.The first film of the series will be titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Warner Bros said the film series was part of an “expanded creative partnership” with the best-selling author. Warner Bros will… Read More »

Stark Love: Iron Man Three Grabs the Global Gold

00 The kids keep pestering Tony Stark about his last adventure, in The Avengers, but he doesn’t want to talk about it: he’s preoccupied with his brand-new world-saving mission. Tony needn’t have worried about the comparisons. Iron Man Three, starring Robert Downey Jr. as the brilliant, arrogant industrialist, earned $175.3 million at North American theaters,… Read More »

NASA meets Star Trek fans

00 Before you watch Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters this May, you may see some scenes from space that weren’t made in Hollywood. In just six days, a space industry lobbying group has successfully raised enough money on Indiegogo to get a 30-second ad trailer about NASA played on the silver screen. The trailer… Read More »

The Clear Face of Bigfoot? Screens from Secretive Sasquatch Project Leak

00 Is this the face of a bigfoot? Have frames from the infamously secretive Erickson Project video leaked, showing Bigfoot’s face in the most compelling evidence since the Patterson film? Maybe. A screen capture allegedly grabbed from the infamous Matilda footage claims to show Bigfoot s face A screen allegedly grabbed from the “Matilda” video… Read More »

Compare to Star Trek

00 The ship described at BuildTheEnterprise is at its core inspired by the Star Trek science fiction ship named the USS Enterprise with registry NCC-1701-x (where x can be left blank, or be A, or B, etc.). However, many changes are needed inside the Gen1 ship to make the ship compatible with the technologies of… Read More »