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Video: Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 by 167 theremin nesting dolls

The theremin instrument was invented by L√©on Theremin in 1920. The sound is like that of the Tannerin, an electrotheremin which appeared in The Beach Boys hit Good Vibrations. In the musical performance below, the performers are playing an invention of Masami Takeuchi. € Takeuchi placed the frequency antenna of a theremin inside a Russian nesting… Read More »

Cubase 7.0.x Hiding and Finding Hidden Tracks

In 7.0.6 my arranger, tempo and signature tracks were not visible. Project -> Add Track -> Arranger = “This project already contains an arranger track!” Well, fine, show it to me then! Clicking the “find tracks” icon (hourglass) shows the tracks listed and they show up in the Inspector on the left, but there are… Read More »

Man can play back four symphonies in his head… At once!

Bob Milne is one of the best ragtime piano players in the world, but his talents go further than that – right into the land of amazing. Bob’s brain works a little differently to the rest of us, as he can compartmentalise various functions, which allows him to play complex piano pieces while carrying on… Read More »

VST Piano Plugin Sound Shoot out

Tonight I was looking for the best sounding piano plug-in for my songs. I’m currently using Piano One which is free. There is a great shootout here: and I decided that I like the Roland RD700GX Expressive Grand sound, but I don’t think there is a VST plug in. After more thought, I realized… Read More »

Video: 2014 Grammy Winner: Best Rock Song

Interesting. I wanted more chord changes. This doesn’t touch songs like “Live and Let Die” but they have a nice line up and the sound is great. This song needs a chorus or more contrast or interesting lyrics that are about something. Perhaps the lack of all that is what makes it a great rock… Read More »

DNA demonstrates how closely everyone on Earth is related

Just from some basic math you can see that everyone alive today is related.   New research by Peter Ralph of USC Dornsife has confirmed that everyone on Earth is related to everyone else on the planet. … The assistant professor of computational biology‘s background in math and statistics enables him to develop methods and… Read More »

The U87 Microphone that got away

I have lately been building a vocal booth in my home studio and I’m taking recording engineering lessons from a Grammy award winning engineer to get past some roadblocks. After reading a slew of threads on and then testing a bunch of microphones myself I’ve decided that I want a Neumann U87 mic and… Read More »

FBI spent 2 years searching a song for obscene lyrics

The FBI investigated the classic song ‘Louie Louie’ for two years, it has been revealed. The intelligence agency was tasked with analysing the song to see if it contained hidden obscene language as part of their work tackling obscenity, The Smithsonian reported. Composer: Singer-songwriter Richard Berry wrote controversial hit Louie, Louie The song, sung by… Read More »

David Bowie leads tributes to ‘master’ Lou Reed

Rock legend David Bowie has led the tributes to US singer and former Velvet Underground frontman , who died on Sunday aged 71.Bowie’s Facebook page said of his “old friend”, considered one of the most influential singers and songwriters in rock: “He was a master.” Reed’s second solo album Transformer, featuring Perfect Day and Walk… Read More »

Video: Poupee de son?

Catchy, and I like her voice… but what does it mean? More than the singer knew, which was part of what the song was about. See:,_poup%C3%A9e_de_son

Video: “Something” by the Beatles, just bass & drums

‚ñ∂ “Something” – bass & drums – YouTube. Only Ringo’s and Paul’s tracks. Recorded at the EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London in the summer of 1969. comment: Note how Ringo jumps a beat on the ride cymbal when the solo starts and the effect it delivers on launching the part… It takes your breath away…… Read More »

Longtime NPR jazz host Marian McPartland dead at 95

Marian McPartland, a British musician who hosted a jazz program on National Public Radio for more than four decades, has died at age 95, NPR said on its website. McPartland, the longtime host of Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz, died of natural causes at her Long Island home on Tuesday, NPR said. As host, the jazz… Read More »

Can you hear this fast?

You’ve probably heard the Stevie Wonder song “Superstition”. I’ve been tripping out on the horn part. I actually found the horns alone and I’m still not certain of the exact notes in the trill. (This is a real track from the actual song. The horns start about half way through.) Have a listen and… Read More »