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Link between gluten and Alzheimer’s

00 Dr. Mercola writes: Alzheimer’s disease is at epidemic proportions, with 5.4 million Americans–including one in eight people aged 65 and over–living with the disease. In the next 20 years, it is projected that Alzheimer’s will affect one in four Americans, rivaling the current prevalence of obesity and diabetes. There is still no known accepted… Read More »

Fukushima Could Be 15,000x Worse Than Hiroshima

00 A Yale Professor is compelling the world to wake up from its nuclear slumber and face some cold-hard facts, “All of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years” if the Fukushima Unit 4 pool can’t be kept cool. Your worries about eating cesium-contaminated fish from the Pacific Ocean are grounded in fact, but… Read More »

Sleep Through Your Alarm

00 You may think you’re doing nothing at night, but to your brain, sleep means finally having some spare time to take stock of the day’s events. Freed from the distractions of recording new experiences, a deeply sleeping brain can organize and strengthen memories, especially emotional ones. For Katherina Hauner, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University… Read More »

LTE Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity in Cell Phone Users + Starlink to Kill the Earth?

00 Brain images pre- and post-LTE exposure The first study on the short-term effects of Long Term Evolution (LTE), the fourth generation cell phone technology, has been published online in the peer-reviewed journal, Clinical Neurophysiology. (1) In a controlled experiment, researchers exposed the right ear of 18 participants to LTE cellphone radiation for 30 minutes.… Read More »

Pregnant weightlifter provokes online storm

00   Keeping fit during pregnancy is usually limited to a bracing walk or maybe a gentle swim. So when keen bodybuilder Lea-Ann Ellison — just two weeks away from giving birth — posted pictures of her pumping iron, it caused an outcry. The 35-year-old said: ‘After the birth of my second child, I knew… Read More »

NASA Will Pay $18,000 To Watch You Rest In Bed

00 You could file this one under bizarre, but totally legit. NASA is currently looking for volunteers to lie in bed for 70 days. That’s right, you could get paid a total of around $18,000 for lying in bed, playing games on your phone, reading books, skyping with your friends and family, taking online classes… Read More »

Health kick ‘reverses cell ageing’

00 Going on a health kick reverses ageing at the cellular level, researchers say. The University of California team says it has found the first evidence a strict regime of exercise, diet and meditation can have such an effect. But experts say although the study in Lancet Oncology is intriguing, it is too early to… Read More »

Arkansas legalizes sale of raw milk directly from farms

00 Steadfast efforts to end the senseless prohibition of raw milk sales in Arkansas have finally been successful, at least in a somewhat limited sense. Residents living in the Natural State will now be able to purchase raw milk directly from the farms where it is produced, thanks to the recent passage of House Bill… Read More »

Research renaissance offers new ways out of depression

00 As Susan sits chatting to a nurse in a London clinic, a light tapping sound by her head signals that parts of her brain are being zapped by thousands of tiny electro-magnetic pulses from a machine plugged into the wall. The 50 year-old doctor is among growing ranks of people with so-called treatment-resistant depression,… Read More »

Massaging Vest Combats Stress While You Wear It

00 Grabbing a massage as you walk around town has never been so easy. A group of Cornell students recently invented an electric vest embedded with tiny motors intended to knead and massage the user’s back and shoulders. The vest, which was created in hopes of relieving stress linked to negative health effects, was even… Read More »

South Korea bans Japanese fish

00 … South Korea announced on Friday that it was banning all fish imports from along Japan’s northeastern coast because of what officials called growing public worry over radioactive water leaking into the Pacific Ocean near the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Fisheries in Fukushima prefecture are nearly all closed, and fish caught in… Read More »

Lyme Disease in the US — 10 Times Higher Than Reported

00 If you have symptoms of Lyme disease (eg. random fast twitches) treated it with a protocol of daily exercise (for oxygen), heat, healthy organic foods and non-antibiotic antimicrobials. If you do this faithfully for about six months, the symptoms should go away. … It’s worth noting that while many still attribute Lyme transmission exclusively… Read More »

A Potential Cause of Autism? Key Enzymes Are Found to Have a “Profound Effect” Across Dozens of Genes Linked to Autism

00 Problems with a key group of enzymes called topoisomerases can have profound effects on the genetic machinery behind brain development and potentially lead to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to research announced today in the journal Nature. Scientists at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine have described a finding that represents a… Read More »

Why Does Popcorn Pop?

00 A popcorn kernel is a cereal grain seed. It is made up of four major physical structures: 1 The Pericarp seed coat or outer hull: a hard outer thin covering. 2 The Endosperm: starchy part that forms the bulk of the kernel and consists almost entirely of starch along with smaller amounts of protein,… Read More »

Nonstick chemicals may trigger heart attack

00 Nonstick and stain-repelling chemicals are convenient, but in terms of health, they might not be worth it. Previously linked to infertility, high cholesterol, and ADHD, a September 2012 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine also shows a connection between perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) chemicals and heart disease. Regardless of age, body mass, or… Read More »

Are Tainted Chinese Herbs Harming, Not Healing

00 Chinese herbal medicine, an ancient tradition that is supposed to heal, may be doing the opposite: is it also harming people’s health and polluting the environment with pesticides, as a Greenpeace study released Monday suggests? The study, “Chinese Herbs: Elixir of Health or Pesticide Cocktail?” tested 65 popular Chinese herbs from nine pharmacies in… Read More »

Snoring “cured by singing exercise”

00 A study carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has proved that snoring can be reduced simply by singing. For three months, the patients in the clinical trial have been doing singing exercises to improve the tone of their throat muscles. Choir director Alise Ojay is the inventor of Singing for Snorers… Read More »

Wolf found in Netherlands is no joke, scientists say

00 … The first wolf found in the Netherlands in over 140 years walked there freely from eastern Europe, scientists said Wednesday, dismissing allegations its body had been dumped as joke. The female wolf has mystified the Netherlands since its body was found by the roadside near the tiny village of Luttelgeest in the north… Read More »

Easy genetic screening could save your life

00 Here’s a crowd funding project for your donations. The idea is to help identify your individual genetic differences and tell you about medications that could be dangerous or even deadly for you. The time for individualized care is now. (Dr Jeffrey Rosenfeld) recently started a company named Genome Liberty that will use genetic information… Read More »

Self-Expiring Medicine Packaging Could Change The World

00 For most of us, the blister packs our medicines come in are just temporary barriers to be scratched open with our fingernails or popped open like Chiclets. We usually don’t even pay attention to the tiny, vaguely printed expiration dates tattooed on the silver skin of our aspirin or cough medicine’s packaging; we take… Read More »

Self-monitoring lowers blood pressure in hypertension

00 According to the CDC around one in three million U.S. adults have high blood pressure which increases the risk for heart disease and stroke. Clinical guidelines recommend that adults with hypertension self-monitor their blood pressure control in order to improve health outcomes for patients with hypertension. Self-measured blood pressuring monitoring (SMBP) is one such… Read More »

Acetaminophen Linked to Fatal Skin Reactions

00 … Acetaminophen is one of the most widely used medicines for fever and pain, commonly found in drugs like in Tylenol. On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that acetaminophen is causing rare, but dangerous skin reactions in some people. The popular pain-killing medication is linked to three skin diseases with symptoms… Read More »

Gum Disease may be linked to Dementia

00 A new study published today states that poor dental health and gum disease may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. According to the website, the study, which is from the University of Central Lancashire School of Medicine and Dentistry, is the first to pinpoint a specific gum disease bacteria in the brain.… Read More »

Experts Call for Redefinition of “Cancer”

00 A panel of experts commissioned by the U.S. National Cancer Institute says that the word “cancer” may need to be redefined to prevent overdiagnosis and overtreatment of conditions that are often not lethal. Writing in the July 29 online edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the experts say that widespread cancer… Read More »

Say no to “excess” water with meals?

00 … Research shows that sipping a little water during meals isn’t a cause for concern but drinking a glass or two may interfere with digestion. It is best to drink fluids before and two hours after meals as this helps in absorption of nutrients, researchers have found. Elaborating on what exactly happens inside you… Read More »

Sleep aid from the pumpkin patch? Ontario doctor creates all-natural solution

00 … one psychiatrist, inundated with patients with insomnia… [has] an entrepreneurial medical story with worldwide appeal. Stratford Ont.-based psychiatrist Dr. Craig Hudson said he started noticing about 10 years ago that many of his patients were complaining about their inability to sleep or stay asleep. Many of them were taking sleep medications or over-the-counter… Read More »

NIH Begins Gene Therapy Trial for Parkinson’s Disease

00 All eyes were on Perry Cohen when he froze at the microphone. His voice failed him. He couldn’t read his notes. Eventually, the once-powerful Parkinson’s disease speaker had to be helped off the stage halfway through his speech. That was in February 2012, but the memory of that day is emblazoned in his mind.… Read More »

Full Moon ‘disturbs a good night’s sleep’

00 A full Moon can disturb a good night’s sleep, scientists believe. Researchers found evidence of a “lunar influence” in a study of 33 volunteers sleeping in tightly controlled laboratory conditions. When the Moon was round, the volunteers took longer to nod off and had poorer quality sleep, despite being shut in a darkened room,… Read More »

How to Trick Your Brain to Create a New Healthy Habit

00 Have you ever started a diet or exercise program but didn’t stick with it? If you’re like millions of other people, you’ve set out with the best intentions but failed to keep the momentum going. Here’s why relying on motivation and willpower doesn’t work (and what works instead). When you begin any new self-improvement… Read More »

Those Fish Oil Supplements Might Cause Cancer

00 There’s a Forbes article that says fish oils may cause cancer The article below explains why this is probably not true. On July 10, 2013, the media jumped on news that too much fish oil might boost prostate cancer risk. As someone who has studied the many benefits of fish oil for many… Read More »

Scientists: Stem Cells May Soon Help the Blind See

00 An animal study in the journal Nature Biotechnology showed the part of the eye which actually detects light can be repaired using stem cells. The team at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London say human trials are now, for the first time, a realistic prospect. Experts described it as a “significant breakthrough” and… Read More »

Strawberries Can Reverse Precancerous Progression

00 Because of the well-defined, stepwise progression of esophageal (cancer), researchers jumped on it as a way to test the ability of berries – the healthiest fruits – to reverse the progression… A randomized phase 2 clinical trial of strawberries for patients with precancerous lesions of the esophagus was undertaken. Six months of eating the… Read More »

Pioneering adult stem cell trial approved by Japan

00 The first trial of stem cells produced from a patient’s own body has been approved by the Japanese government. Stem cells can become any other part of the body – from nerve to bone to skin – and are touted as the future of medicine. Researchers in Japan will use the cells to attempt… Read More »

Dubai offers gold to fight obesity epidemic

00 Dubai’s government will pay residents in gold for losing those extra pounds as part of a government campaign to fight growing obesity in the Gulf Arab emirate. … The 30-day weight-loss challenge was launched on Friday to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when the faithful refrain from eating and drinking during… Read More »

Vitamin C helps control gene activity in stem cells

00 Vitamin C affects whether genes are switched on or off inside mouse stem cells, and may thereby play a previously unknown and fundamental role in helping to guide normal development in mice, humans and other animals, a scientific team led by UC San Francisco researchers has discovered.The researchers found that vitamin C assists enzymes… Read More »

Raw Milk Confirmed as Low Risk

00 Three quantitative microbial risk assessments (QMRAs) recently published in the Journal of Food Protection have demonstrated that unpasteurized milk is a low-risk food, contrary to previous, inappropriately-evidenced claims suggesting a high-risk profile.€  These scholarly papers, along with dozens of others, were reviewed on May 16, 2013 at the Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver,… Read More »