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Yellowstone’s Volcano Bigger Than Thought

00 Yellowstone’s underground volcanic plumbing is bigger and better connected than scientists thought, researchers reported here today (April 17) at the Seismological Society of America’s annual meeting. “We are getting a much better understanding of the volcanic system of Yellowstone,” said Jamie Farrell, a seismology graduate student at the University of Utah. “The magma reservoir… Read More »

Scientists discover dark lightning

00 … scientists recently discovered something mind-bending about lightning: Sometimes its flashes are invisible, just sudden pulses of unexpectedly powerful radiation. It’s what Joseph Dwyer, a lightning researcher at the Florida Institute of Technology, has termed dark lightning. Unknown to Franklin but now clear to a growing roster of lightning researchers and astronomers is that… Read More »

Long-lost continent found under the Indian Ocean

00 The drowned remnants of an ancient microcontinent may lie scattered beneath the waters between Madagascar and India, a new study suggests. Evidence for the long-lost land comes from Mauritius, a volcanic island about 900 kilometres east of Madagascar. The oldest basalts on the island date to about 8.9 million years ago, says Bj√∏rn Jamtveit,… Read More »

Lightning May Cause Headaches

00 According to new research, headaches may have more to do with electrical storms than anyone imagined. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found that lightning may in fact contribute to the onset of headaches and migraines. (Explore an interactive of the human body.) Lightning has been linked to headaches. Photograph by Shireen Nadir,… Read More »

Climate change speeding up water cycle

00 The greenhouse effect is accelerating the global water cycle almost twice the rate predicted by climate change models, say researchers. Oceanographer Dr Susan Wijffels of the CSIRO and colleagues report their findings today in the journal Science. “The models predict a 4 to 5 per cent amplification of the global water cycle per degree… Read More »