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Day of the Dead, 2012 in SF

A few days after Halloween I attended an event to remember the dead. Thousands were there in costume to join the parade and remember those who have gone before us. This was my first time. Here are a few pictures:

Citizen scientists: Help find life on Mars

Interested in helping NASA scientists pinpoint where to look for signs of life on Mars? If so, you can join a new citizen science website called MAPPER, launched in conjunction with the Pavilion Lake Research Project's 2011 field season. How can the MAPPER and Pavilion Lake Research projects help scientists look for off-Earth life? Since… Read More »

Vote: Toy of the Year Awards (FBI vs Barbie?)

Vote for Toy of the Year. Great place to get ideas for the kids this season. Up for a nomination is a controversial Barbie with a built in video camera. Seems like a fun techno gift for girls, no? Well, the FBI has some concerns about this particular toy… no, they aren’t afraid that terrorists… Read More »

Paul the Psychic Octopus Available as iPhone App

Paul the Psychic Octopus may be leaving the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, for the Madrid Zoo, but more importantly, he could also be headed right into your iPhone. Yes, the cephalopod soothsayer who became a media sensation during the World Cup by correctly predicting Germany’s seven victories and Spain’s win in the championship… Read More »

How to play chess anywhere

My girlfriend met someone recently who had met two IT guys from India who could play chess against each other in chess boards in their minds. They would be answering IT calls, helping people, and then suddenly one would turn and say “Nf3“.€  Her friend said that while this seems amazing to most of us,… Read More »

Best free tools for learning to read music

I’ve played music professionally for years without actually being able to read music.€  Many times, however, I’ve wished I was able to throw up a page of sheet music and play it on the guitar, piano, and trumpet. I’d also like to be able to sight sing with absolute pitch recall (not having to check… Read More »

Card counters’ days are numbered

GAMBLERS who adopt a well-known probability strategy to beat the house at blackjack beware – UK researchers have developed an automated system that will detect card counters before they can cash in. Card counting, a strategy made famous by the film Rain Man, involves remembering which cards have been played, and which might be likely… Read More »