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Stop using non-words like Gobsmacked

I dislike the recent increased British media use of the non-word “gobsmacked,” which means “stunned”. This not so recently invented word comes from another slang word “gob” which is a derogatory term for mouth. The idea I get from it is that one who is gobsmacked has had his or her filthy pie-hole hit with… Read More »

AFP: India hands evidence on Mumbai attacks to Pakistan

India on Monday handed to Pakistan what it said was evidence linking the country to the Islamic militants who attacked Mumbai in November, India’s foreign minister announced. The government also said it was launching a major diplomatic offensive to maintain international pressure on Islamabad, which has so far rejected New Delhi’s demands to extradite a… Read More »

New Year’s Eve – My 24 day sore throat

Enjoying your last day of 2008? I’m sick with a raw painful sore throat. Not posting much, just sleeping all day.€  See you next year. Update: It has been 24 days and I still have a sore throat with white spots, and a bit of a cough. The strep test came back negative. Very odd.


Resemblance, originally uploaded by xeno735. The woman who cut my hair today looks like a model on a poster in the store where she works. The photo doesn’t show the resemblance as much, but in person I thought it was an even closer match. Interesting, eh? No, it’s not her.€  Really.€  Just a coincidence.

Photo: Back yard reptilians

You have new Picture Mail!, originally uploaded by xeno735. They do climb trees, but I was glad to hear that they rarely leap from the trees upon people.

Please excuse my French

I’ve learned that “Les Slip De Vol” (the name of the show I’m working on) actually translates to “The slipway of flight” or perhaps “the men’s underwear of flight”. This is not the intended meaning. To get closer to this intended meaning ( “The panties are flying!” ) in actual French, I think the title… Read More »

Xeno's Excellent San Francisco adventure

I had a blast this weekend visiting with my friend “Trixie” from Florida. I was surprised at how much Trix looks in person (to me anyway) exactly like three people I know very well combined: two of my ex-girlfriends plus Amy Anne, my music wife. Anyway… The first night, we went on the night tour… Read More »

Embeded Audio Test

Yes! I finally got Firefox 2.0 to pay attention to the autoplay=false tag by changing FALSE to 0 in the code. What this means is you can load this page without hearing the audio until you press PLAY. (PS. Try the Media Player Connectivity plug in for Firefox.) IE 7 also works as expected if… Read More »

Unusual Doe With Antlers Shot ( Alien Animal Experiments? )

A Missouri hunter shoots a 28-point deer that just happens to be a doe. “This doe jumped the fence, and I knew it didn’t look exactly right,” Becker said. “I thought about not shooting it, but then thought, ‘We don’t need it in the gene pool.’” …The doe Howard Becker of Sarcoxie, Mo., shot is… Read More »

Dog Headed People

The condition of cynocephaly, having the head of a dog ? or of a jackal? is familiar to anyone who has looked at Egyptian inscriptions. Cynocephalus is a Greek word, literally meaning “dog-head”, for a sacred Egyptian baboon with the face of a dog. (The binomial name for the Yellow Baboon is Papio cynocephalus, while… Read More »

Satellite Spots 'Glowing' Ocean

For hundreds of years, ship captains in the Indian Ocean have been writing of nighttime voyages through eerie stretches of water — areas where the surface of the ocean glowed so brightly that sailors could read books on deck at midnight. These milky waters were said to cover thousands of square miles. Marine biologists used… Read More »