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The U87 Microphone that got away

I have lately been building a vocal booth in my home studio and I’m taking recording engineering lessons from a Grammy award winning engineer to get past some roadblocks. After reading a slew of threads on and then testing a bunch of microphones myself I’ve decided that I want a Neumann U87 mic and… Read More »

Our brains are wired to see doing harm as worse than allowing harm

People typically say they are invoking an ethical principle when they judge acts that cause harm more harshly than willful inaction that allows that same harm to occur. That difference is even codified in criminal law. A new study based on brain scans, however, shows that people make that moral distinction automatically. Researchers found that… Read More »

Jason Mraz in concert

It was interesting to see a show with a full band but with no bass player. It still sounded great. Jason’s jokes about what happened to his bass player rocked.€  Jason at one point told the audience that he usually puts up a picture of his friend Barack Obama and said that audience reactions were… Read More »

Scoop: Local bands to play at Sacramento Kings games

This pic is from the dinner / info meeting we attended last night Local bands at sacramento kings games, originally uploaded by xeno735. Left: Amy Anne of Xenophilia. Quiz: Can you name the local artist with Amy Anne? Inside scoop: The Arco Arena, to attract new people to sporting events, and to generate new opportunities… Read More »

New: the Xenophilia (band) Wikipedia Entry

I wonder how long this Wikipedia Entry will stay up? I did a search and found that Xenophilia had some description of Japanese cartoon tentacle pornography. Man, that’s so gross. SO, I updated it and now you people can learn a few new things, things never before told even on this web site … ooh,… Read More »