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Dali Work Stolen And Then Returned By Mail

US authorities have charged a man with stealing a Salvador Dali painting from a Manhattan gallery — only to return it in the mail. The 29-year-old suspect, Phivos Istavrioglou of Greece, called his own attempt “stupid”, according to an account of a confession contained in court papers. He left fingerprints that helped authorities track him… Read More »

Superman-strength bacteria produces gold

Gold flecks produced by the art-science experiment "The Great Work of the Metal Lover," by Adam Brown, MSU associate professor of electronic art and intermedia. Photo by G.L. Kohuth. For a photo gallery, click here. At a time when the value of gold has reached an all-time high, Michigan State University researchers have discovered a… Read More »

Elderly woman ruins valuable artwork

An elderly Italian woman appears to have destroyed a valuable artwork after she took it upon herself to ‘restore’ the crumbling painting. The image, painted by 19th-century artist Elias Garcia Martinez, had reportedly been deteriorating for some time. The woman in her 80s, a neighbour of the church in which the fresco is located, attempted… Read More »

Rejected Italian Ad: A Womanly Last Supper

click to enlarge Complaint : This image offends the religious sensibilities of all citizens. It trivializes the intense and dramatic moment during the Last Supper in which Christ anticipates his crucifixion in order to liberate humanity from their sins by appropriating religious symbols – such as loaves and fish – for commercial purposes and by… Read More »

Radioactive art tackles fall-out for Japan

Click for more photos KEN and Julia Yonetani are adamant their radioactive artworks are safe. They even had scientists from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation measure the amount of radiation produced by the works in What the Birds Knew. Yet it’s hard not to feel apprehensive in the presence of installations that glow… Read More »

Lost da Vinci painting found in Scottish farmhouse?

For years it sat on a farmhouse wall gathering dust. And when Fiona McLaren redecorated, she didn’t even take the time to cover the apparently worthless painting in a protective sheet, so it got flicked in specks of paint. However, in an astounding twist it has emerged that the picture is likely to have been… Read More »

Mona Lisa’s Skeleton Found?

D’Aquino and colleagues had to dig through a foot of concrete before they unearthed a brick crypt containing the bones. The bone hunt, which began last year, aims to possibly reconstruct Lisa’s face in order to see if her facial features match that of the iconic painting hanging at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Indeed,… Read More »

Scots work out musical cypher at heart of Da Vinci masterpiece

THE father and son team who broke historic Rosslyn Chapel's musical Da Vinci Code have done it again with another of the artist's riddles. Stuart and Tommy Mitchell believe they have cracked another secret of the Renaissance genius, this time in Leonardo's famous portrait The Musician. Art historians have remained baffled for centuries over the… Read More »

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100,000 LED Spheres Flowing Down a Japanese River

As part of the recent Tokyo Hotaru Festival, 100,000 illuminated blue LEDs were released in the Sumida River. The massive installation of solar-powered spheres was meant to mimic a swarm of fireflies that twisted and bobbed along the river by moonlight. For those of you worried about pollution or safety, the lights were later caught… Read More »

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Museum discovers ‘new’ Van Gogh painting

A painting dismissed for years as the work of an unknown artist has been identified as a piece by Vincent Van Gogh, after x-rays revealed an image of two wrestlers fighting underneath the floral still life. “Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses” has hung in the Kroeller-Mueller Museum in the town of Otterlo, in… Read More »

Berndnaut Smilde creates a raincloud in a room, as art

You might think it would be bad luck for a raincloud to follow you around, and avoid being in one’s vicinity. But not for Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, who actively seeks to create them. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and Smilde's have made him famous, quite literally taking the art… Read More »

Explore the world, make art

There are so many great amateur photos out there. Try the “instagram” app for the iPhone, for example, and you can see photos other people have posted which become popular. Why take even more photos? Why write new songs, new books, and so on, when there are already so many? For the fun of creation!… Read More »