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Video: Solar Freakin’ Roadways

00 Not a good idea from an engineering point of view, but fun! For practical reasons we would be much better off building huge solar arrays across the Sahara desert, not to mention harnessing the tides. Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power. Among sources of renewable energy, tidal power has traditionally… Read More »

Drilling surprise opens door to magma-powered electricity

00 … Can enormous heat deep in the Earth be harnessed to provide energy for us on the surface? A promising report from a geothermal borehole project that accidentally struck magma–the same fiery, molten rock that spews from volcanoes–suggests it could. The Icelandic Deep Drilling Project, IDDP, has been drilling shafts up to 5km deep… Read More »

Every Streetlight in NYC to go LED

00 When many people think of New York City, beyond the crowds their image of the city is the lights. Soon, the lit-up skyline will be much whiter because all 250,000 street lights are being switched to LEDs in the biggest retrofit project in the nation. The switch-over is part of PlaNYC, the city’s climate… Read More »

“Continuous” nuclear fusion comes one step closer

00 Researchers at a California lab have got one step closer in achieving self-sustaining nuclear fusion. If successfully harnessed, fusion – the process which powers the sun – could become an unlimited, and crucially, cheap source of energy. In order to become a viable, sustainable form of energy, power plants driven with fusion would need… Read More »

US set to be top oil, gas producer in 2013: EIA

00 The United States could push past Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest single producer of oil and of natural gas this year, a US government agency said Friday. While the US was roughly even with Russia as the top producer in 2012 of the two hydrocarbon fuels combined, it still lagged the… Read More »

New pathway can increase biofuel yields by 50 percent

00 A new synthetic metabolic pathway developed by chemical engineering researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, can break down sugars quickly and efficiently. The researchers believe that the rate in which this new pathway allows for the breakdown of glucose could lead to a 50 percent increase in the production of biofuels. The… Read More »

British IKEA selling solar panels for free energy after 7 years

00 Swedish flatpack pioneers IKEA are providing eco-friendly British shoppers with their own solar panels. As well as their Billy bookcases, tea light candles and meatballs with lingonberry,IKEA customers can now get add the energy-boosting panels to their shopping trolley. The Skandinavian superstore rolled out the solar panels in their Southampton store yesterday and will… Read More »

Studies Suggest Combining Renewables Can Fully Cover Energy Needs by 2030

00 The permanent closure of San Onofre also marked the 2,000-megawatt milestone for utility-scale solar power in California, doubled from 1,000-megawatts last September. Solar power has expanded rapidly in California as a result of high insolation and community support. As a result of programs such as Governor Schwarzenegger’s Million Solar Roofs initiative and the California… Read More »

Germany Breaks Its Own Record For Solar Power Generation

00 Germany just broke its monthly solar power generation record once again. In July, the grey-skied country logged 5.1 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity from solar power, slightly better than the 5 TWh of electricity generated by wind turbines it produced in January. As Inhabitat points out, “The accomplishment proves once again that a lack… Read More »

See-Through Solar Film Gets Big Efficiency Boost

00 A novel, transparent, two-layer solar film — possessing an impressive efficiency conversion of 7.3% — has been created by researchers at the University of California–Los Angeles. This is about double the transparent solar cell efficiency the researchers had previously achieved. The solar film can be placed on windows, buildings, sunroofs, electronics displays, etc; harvesting… Read More »

New material holds big energy hope

00 A new material that can store large amounts of energy with very little energy loss has been developed by researchers at the Australian National University. The material has practical applications in renewable energy storage, electric cars and defence and space technologies. “Dielectric materials are used to make fundamental electrical components called capacitors, which store… Read More »

Testing artificial photosynthesis

00   With the daily mean concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide having reached 400 parts-per-million for the first time in human history, the need for carbon-neutral alternatives to fossil fuel energy has never been more compelling. With enough energy in one hour’s worth of global sunlight to meet all human needs for a year, solar… Read More »

Solar plane sets distance record on US tour

00 The first manned aircraft that can fly day and night powered only by solar energy set a new distance record Thursday when it landed after the second leg of a cross-country US tour. The Solar Impulse project, founded and led by two Swiss pilots, aims to showcase what can be accomplished without fossil fuels,… Read More »

Compressing air for renewable energy storage

00   Enough Northwest wind energy to power about 85,000 homes each month could be stored in porous rocks deep underground for later use, according to a new, comprehensive study. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Bonneville Power Administration identified two unique methods for this energy storage approach and two… Read More »

‘Artificial leaf’ gains the ability to self-heal damage and produce energy from dirty water

00 Another innovative feature has been added to the world’s first practical “artificial leaf,” making the device even more suitable for providing people in developing countries and remote areas with electricity, scientists reported here today. It gives the leaf the ability to self-heal damage that occurs during production of energy. Daniel G. Nocera, Ph.D., described… Read More »

Power Your Car With Pee

00 … A scientist at Ohio University has developed a catalyst capable of extracting hydrogen from urine. That’s right. Urine. Now you can fill one tank while draining another. Gerardine Botte claims the device uses significantly less energy than is needed to extract hydrogen from water and says it could power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles… Read More »

Microalgae produce more oil faster for energy, food or products

00 Scientists have described technology that accelerates microalgae’s ability to produce many different types of renewable oils for fuels, chemicals, foods and personal-care products within days using standard industrial fermentation. The presentation was part of the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) on April 7. Walter Rakitsky, Ph.D, explained that… Read More »

Man hurt in fuel-making explosion

00 A man blew up his garage attempting to make biodiesel from cooking oil at his Northamptonshire home. The victim received 20% burns when his makeshift garage factory, in Middleton Cheney, exploded on Saturday afternoon. He was airlifted to the specialist burns unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire, where he is now being treated. Fire… Read More »

Vehicles: Trick a Prius into getting 300 MPG?

00 A Californian outfit, Energy CS, in Monrovia, CA has converted two Priuses to get up to 276mpg on lithium ion [ Saphion which are safer ] batteries. … He was inspired to alter his car, he said, after learning that Asian Prius models had a “stealth” button enabling them to be switched to electric-only… Read More »

Vehicles: Baywatch cop busted in bid to save electric cars.

00 (woai) ‘Baywatch’ cop busted in bid to save electric cars. GM is shipping EV1s to be crushed. “Baywatch” actress Alexandra Paul and another woman were arrested Monday after blocking the path of trucks hauling GM’s pioneering EV1 electric cars to Arizona to be destroyed, police said. “The company said the cars never became popular… Read More »

Vehicles: Super Electric Vespa (Due 2006)

00 A visitor to the site writes: “Xenophilia: I was wondering if you could help get the word out about a revolutionary new EV that will be released in 2006. It cruises at over 60mph and goes up to 70 miles on a single charge would be the national average electricity cost. Of course, no… Read More »

Vehicles: Electric cars

00 Here is a link to info on electric vehicles. Electric vehicles first appeared in the mid-19th century. An electric vehicle held the vehicular land speed record until around 1900. The high cost, low top speed, and short range of battery electric vehicles, compared to later internal combustion engine vehicles, led to a worldwide decline… Read More »